Hoi An Beach Resorts: Your Spot in the Sand

Vietnam’s beaches may not come up in the same conversation as Hawaii’s, Australia’s, Tahiti’s or even its neighbours Thailand and the Philippines. But, for those who dig a little deeper, there’s much to praise, especially around Hoi An and its accompanying beach resorts.

The quality of these resorts allows those of all tastes and budgets to enjoy a host of authentic local and international flavours and experiences steps from the sand and crystal clear tropical waters. In fact, you’ll find your money often goes a lot further at Hoi An beach resorts than at comparable resorts in Da Nang, Mui Ne, and Nha Trang.

The two main beaches closest to Hoi An are Cua Dai and An Bang. The former a tad nearer, and more southern of the two, being four kilometres from the Old Town. They are, essentially, the same beach with an arbitrary line in the sand, if you will, separating them. North of An Bang is Ha My Beach. Most beach resorts are situated on, or near, Cua Dai while An Bang at this stage is limited to smaller, boutique-type establishments which you can read about here. In this article Hidden concentrates on the Cua Dai properties, with a couple of noteworthy additions on Ha My, detailing what you can expect as a valued guest.   

Aerial view of Koi Resort
An aerial view of Koi Resort reviewed as part of our guide to Hoi An beach resorts


Choosing a Beach Resort

Distinguishing one beach resort from the next, in most locations, isn’t always easy. Services and amenities, activities, dining options, and room styles are typically very similar. Personal preference determines which one guest will favour over another. Given that competition is stiff, particularly in the off-season when occupancy rates are low, you can score great deals with resorts keen to fill beds. Tack on a range of special offers, typically for room packages and spa services, and there is excellent value for money to be had.  

The Cua Dai Beach Resorts

In recent years Cua Dai Beach has undergone a transformation caused primarily by Mother Nature. Be that in response to human activity is open to debate but the point remains, it has suffered significant erosion. To combat the shifting, and disappearing sand, sand bags of varying sizes now line many parts of the beach. Click here for more about Cua Dai. Despite the sand bags, the beach still enjoys widespread appeal due to its proximity to Hoi An. With parts being very well patronized in the early morning and late afternoon when the sun’s rays are less intense.

The beach resorts, however, remain high quality with many fine attributes in contrasting styles. Here’s a rundown of what’s on offer, beginning with the Vinpearl Resort & Gold Nam Hoi An–the furthest south of the main resorts–and heading north.

Sun rises behind the Cham Islands
The sun rises behind the Cham Islands as early morning bathers enjoy the sea at Cua Dai beach.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An 

Book Now – Rating: 5-star Address: Binh Minh, Thang Binh, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Price:  Balcony rooms (3,85m – 5m VND (167 – 217 USD)). Villas with three to five bedrooms (12,3m – 19m VND (521 – 826 USD))

Described as ‘the first all-in-one resort complex in Hoi An. Of the 32 Vinpearl resorts in Vietnam – this is the smallest and very much a place focusing on Asian clientele. It houses 193 rooms all with balconies consisting of both standard rooms and three to five-bedroom villas. This hotel has an expansive pool area, more than compensating for the fact that it has no beach.  

Hidden Hint: Refer to TripAdvisor and read the customer reviews to find out the demographics of a resort. It’s an easy way to know if you’ll be surrounded by fellow like-minded guests.

There are three restaurants and three bars including a rooftop and pool bar. A meticulously manicured 18-hole golf course, designed by IMG Worldwide, overlooks the resort offering breathtaking ocean views. Challenge yourself with an exciting golf game accompanied by excellent caddies and buggy service. Additional activities include cooking classes, kite flying, yoga, movies, a kids programme, free bike rental and water games. 

As it is the furthest south of all the Hoi An beach resorts, there is literally nothing around. As opposed to resorts closer to Hoi An where you can explore the local area for alternative shopping, tours and eating options. There is a complimentary shuttle to Hoi An for day trips taking around 15 minutes. However, you won’t want to leave anything behind because it’s not easy to just ‘pop back and pick up your camera’. 

Vinpearl Resort - Hoi An Beach Resorts
Loungers and day beds overlook the pool at Vinpearl Resort Hoi An

Connections to Vinpearl Land Amusement Park

The hotel runs also runs shuttles to nearby Vinpearl Land Amusement Park. It’s an exciting theme park for all the family to enjoy including a large water park and slides, amusement rides and river safari complete with white tigers and rhinos! It provides at least one day’s full entertainment, but you’re bound to want to go back for more.  

Because of its location, you really need to be prepared to be contained within this resort. If you enjoy golf and beautiful spas then this is the place for you! Without the beach access, it had less of a resort feel – rather that of a large Asian luxury hotel.  

Vinpearl Resort – Best Attribute

Vinpearl’s star attribute is their Bali inspired spa – Akoya. Run by the Mantara group who employ centrally trained spa staff who can move around the world within the Mantara group. There are eight spa rooms, two VIP rooms. Non-residents can book to visit the spa or have drinks in the bar but not use the sauna or pool. The gym here is very impressive and well equipped. They run yoga classes twice a week with a qualified Indian teacher.  

Reception and lounge at The Vinpearl Resort - Hoi An Beach Resorts
The beautifully decorated reception and lounge at The Vinpearl Resort Hoi An

Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An

Book Now – Rating: 5 star – Address: Au Co, Hoi An

Price: Suites from (2,9m – 10,2m VND (127 – 440 USD)), two to three bedroom villas through to the grand pool villa range from (14,4m – 28,4m VND (619 – 1220 USD))

Besides the Vinpearl, this is the furthest south of the main beach resorts. Accordingly, it offers seclusion plus an attractive, and occasionally peaceful, sandy beach great for swimming on its northern boundary.

The Sunrise Premium has 222 rooms, three restaurants, a bar, spa and wellness services, meeting & event facilities, and wedding packages, plus numerous activities for all ages. There are four room types available, among them suites, one- and two-bedroom villas, and a recently refurbished grand pool villa which sleeps six in luxury.

The hotel’s three restaurants provide contrasting styles, settings, and cuisines–indoors and out–including private dining and candlelit dinners on the beach by request.

You can take advantage of a wide range of on- and off-site activities ranging from beach volleyball, yoga, and free bike rental at the resort to cultural festivals, travel and sightseeing excursions in nearby Hoi An.

Dedicated Pool Areas and Kids Club

This resort, which has a calming atmosphere due to the abundance of water features, successfully separates couples/adults from kids/families. There are dedicated pool areas so travellers can relax and an excellent kids club for those who need a break from their children.  

Sunrise Premium Resort - Hoi An Beach Resorts
The Sunrise Premium Resort’s private villa with its own pool.

Hidden is pleased to see the Sunrise Premium is environmentally, and community, conscious having established a goal to reduce plastic waste by 80% (it’s currently at 50%). Plastic straws are no longer used while glass bottles have replaced plastic ones. Smoking is prohibited and staff meticulously clean the beach and surrounding areas. The resort’s community services include inviting kids from poor backgrounds to its Christmas lighting ceremony with dinner, pick-up/drop-off, and a gift. Hospitality students can also gain practical experience at the hotel.

Hidden Hint: look at Luxury escape deals for Vinpearl and Sunrise

Be aware that there is no free shuttle here so you’ll need to arrange your own private car/taxi with the staff’s assistance.  

Sunrise Premium Resort – Best Attribute

Sunrise’s Kids’ Club is arguably the best of its kind around. Children aged 3-12 can take part in a daily schedule of games and activities, while you sneak off for a massage!. On-site staff known as ‘club captains’ entertain your children with crafts, songs, explorations of Cua Dai Beach and splashing in the resort pools daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Sunrise Premium Resort grounds - Hoi An Beach Resorts
The Sunrise Premium Resort in Hoi An expansive grounds

Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa

Book Now – Rating: 4 Star – Address: Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

Price: (2,7m – 5,3m VND (117 – 230 USD))

Much of the resort’s charm is its layout modelled on a traditional fishing village. Narrow roads, water ponds, and small houses mixed with an eye-catching beachfront pool, gardens, and modern amenities.

The property sports 109 rooms–all with private balconies and attractive hardwood floors. Each tastefully combining Japanese, French, and Vietnamese styles. There is an ocean- and river-facing rooms though the later face the street and come with related traffic noise. Guests should also note there are no dedicated non-smoking rooms. Smokers are encouraged to do so outside and if a non-smoking room is requested prior to arrival, it will be deep cleaned.

Leisure activities abound with a modern spa providing a selection of massages and therapies, an elegant swimming pool, and fitness centre. There are weekly cooking classes and live, nightly entertainment. Also on offer is everything from badminton, tai chi, and tennis to billiards, board games and beach volleyball. Add to that free bicycles and a full range of watersports. For those seeking silence and mental stimulation, try the spacious library.

The resort does have a small, private beach though it is a shell of its former shelf having being largely destroyed in the 2013 typhoon.

Sunrise Premium Resort grounds - Hoi An Beach Resorts
Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort grounds

There is one restaurant serving international, Asian, and Vietnamese cuisine with indoor and outdoor seating plus three bars which have different styles, decor, and menu items. The resort’s lavish, and excellent-value-for-money, Sunday brunch is available to both guests and non-guests; the latter of whom can enjoy the pool while they’re at it.

Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort – Best Attribute

The resort’s side car trips. Little more than a novelty in most places these days, the side cars are a great way to see Hoi An and the surrounding countryside. Excursions from an hour to all day are available, including a complimentary trip to the Old Town when booked online.

Hidden Hint: Always look for special offers for online bookings like the free side car trip at the Victoria when you book online

The Victoria Resort
Comfort, luxury and wonderful views can be found at The Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort

KOI Resort & Spa Hoi An

Book Now – Rating: 5 Star – Address: Cua Dai Beach

Price: Six room types (2,44m – 3,5m VND (106 – 152 USD)), plus two types of multi-bedroom villas (14,5 – 16m VND (630 – 695 USD)).

Best known for its picturesque setting and spa facilities, the resort is across the road from the beach on a small islet. It is entered via a small bridge leading to the warm, stylish reception area. Its design is inspired by Hoi An’s cultural heritage and charm with superb Japanese architecture resembling “miniature Hoi An in the heart of Hoi An”. The resort’s koi fish-filled ponds and adult-only swimming pool appeal to many, especially those guests travelling without kids.

There are six rooms types–182 rooms in total–plus two styles of villas. Not all of those rooms come with balconies. The resort features two restaurants and three bars, one bar being an appealing swim-up pool variety, in addition to the spa’s restaurant and bar combination.

The resort’s calm, luxury resort feel is showcased in the spa. It offers a range of treatments, therapies, spiritual retreats in private rooms, an impressive 25-metre lap pool, yoga classes, and outdoor jacuzzis. The fitness centre has plenty of weight lifting and cardio training equipment.

Koi Resort unique setting - Hoi An Beach Resorts
Its riverside location gives The Koi Resort a unique setting amongst Hoi An’s beach resorts

You can also utilise the complimentary bicycles and free shuttle four times a day into Hoi An, and take swimming and cooking classes. Bikes are free for guests and can be arranged upon arrival as can fishing and kayaking in the resort’s private lagoon. The resort chefs are also happy to cook up any fish you’re good enough to haul in.

KOI Resort & Spa Hoi An – Best Attribute

The stellar combination of a picturesque setting with top-notch spa facilities. The abundance of greenery and water outside is balanced perfectly with what’s indoors. Most treatment rooms feature a private sauna and shower. There is also a larger area with a sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, and indoor pool. Tranquillity and beauty mark this setting as unforgettable.

Hidden Hint: A Spa Buffet Menu offers extremely reasonable rates for a combination of three to five treatments. Each item selection is 30 minutes in length; thus, the package of three treatments has a 90-minute duration and costs only 850,000 VND (42.50 USD). 

Koi Resort villas - Hoi An Beach Resorts
The Koi Resort villas seen from the air. One of the most impressive Hoi An beach resorts

Hoi An Beach Resort

Book Now – Rating: 4 Star – Address: 01 Cua Dai St.

Price: Seven room types (2.5m – 4.5m VND (108 – 195 USD)) plus one suite (6.5m VND (282 USD))

Modelled on a traditional Vietnamese village and just 4 kilometres from the Old Town, this resort is one of the more convenient accommodation options. It’s across the street from the beach and fronts the De Vong River with 121 rooms, two restaurants, three bars, and an award-winning spa.

There are seven room types with beach, river and garden views and one suite, though street traffic makes the beach view rooms noisier than others. A diverse range of activities is on offer such as twice weekly Vietnamese language classes, cooking classes, a fitness centre, and bike and kayak rental. River trips with a resort guide are also available.

The resort’s Waterlily Spa was a winner at the World Luxury Spa Awards in 2017, which says a lot given the priority many resorts place on their spa facilities. This one provides ancient therapies combined with modern techniques and is open from 9 a.m to 9 p.m daily. There’s also a beauty salon on site.

The Hoi An Beach Resort is government owned, regularly hosting government meetings in its large conference room which accommodates 400 people. But don’t let that deter you.

Hoi An Beach Resort
The Hoi An Beach Resort has a wide range of accommodation in palm-shaded grounds.

Directly across the street from the beach, you will confront huge sandbags to get to the water. Imported to curb beach erosion, the bags are an eyesore but to look at the positives, do provide a semblance of privacy. The beach and water are also less crowded here than the area just north which is frequented by large amounts of Vietnamese people, particularly early morning and late afternoon.

Hoi An Beach Resort –  Best Attribute

The resort’s river-view rooms, including the 110-square-metre river-view suite, afford soothing views of the water and distant rice fields. Each boasts a private balcony giving guests a first-hand look at the tranquil, slow-flowing river and local fishermen plying their trade.

Hoi An Beach Resort
A bird’s eye view of the Hoi An Beach Resort surrounded by palm trees

Palm Garden Beach Resort

Book Now – Rating: 5 Star – Address: Lac Long Quan St.

Price: Three room types (4m – 5.5m VND (174 – 239 USD)) plus two suites, one with private pool (12m – 17m VND ( 521 – 739 USD))

The relaxed and luxurious Palm Garden Resort does water sports well, beginning with its almost 1,000 square metre pool. Its easily accessible private beach has numerous activity options for guests and non-guests alike.  Including jet skis, basket boats, wakeboarding, water skiing, and ocean kayaking, to name just a few.

For those more comfortable on terra firma, the resort’s games’ corner has billiards and snooker, darts, and table tennis. There’s also beach soccer, bike rental, and a children’s area with a kids club and outdoor playground. 

There are 216 rooms to choose from, all of which have private balconies or terraces with garden or ocean views. The property has a pleasing feel of tranquillity due to its lawns, vegetation, and overall spaciousness. Gentle seas lapping the sand further enhance the feeling. Elderly and disabled guests should note there is no elevator in the hotel making access to the second floor difficult.

The Palm Spa has a full selection of massages, therapies, and facial care treatments available as well as spa packages. Three on-site restaurants provide Vietnamese, Western, and Japanese dishes in varied settings. There are also two bars, one with nightly live music. 

Palm Garden Resort – Best Attribute

The pool-ocean combination. The resort’s giant pool is very inviting both in and out of the water. If it’s salt water you prefer, the sea is steps away with a quiet, peaceful beach that’s particularly enjoyable during the cooler hours.

Drone view of The Palm Garden Resort - Hoi An Beach Resorts
A drone view of The Palm Garden Resort in Hoi An, showing their unique pool and beachfront gardens.

Tropical Beach Hoi An Resort

Book Now – Rating: 4 Star – Address: Lac Long Quan St

Price: Eight room types (2,65m – 6,35m VND (115 – 276 USD)), two villas: one-two bedrooms (6,55m – 10,7m VND (285 – 466 USD))

The first impression of this resort is positive due to its wide-open spaces. Lush, tropical gardens dotted with palm trees surround 166 rooms, providing easy access to a private beach. All of those rooms offer garden or ocean views.

Two large pools are on-site as well as two restaurants, a bar and spa with traditional Vietnamese therapies. There is also a gym, two tennis courts, a shuttle to the Old Town, and tours can be booked. Oddly, no regularly scheduled activities or classes at the resort such as yoga or cooking are available. 

Tropical Beach Resort - Hoi An Beach Resorts
Private villas are surrounded by palm trees

Want to tie the knot? The resort’s wedding planners are more than happy to accommodate you with a beach or garden celebration. Staff also promote team-building exercises tailored to suit the needs of each client.While the resort’s 365-square-metre conference room comfortably seats 350, theatre style.

Tropical Beach Hoi An Resort – Best Attribute

The spacious, uncluttered and unpretentious feel of the property. Much of that comes from the extensive tropical lawns and gardens which empty onto a similarly uncluttered i.e uncrowded, beach. There’s also plenty of shade courtesy of the abundant palm trees and to a lesser extent, the pool umbrellas. 

Beachside pool Tropical Beach Resort - Hoi An Beach Resorts
The beachside pool and a large stretch of sand on offer at Tropical Beach Hoi An Resort

The Ha My Beach Resorts

Nam Hai by Four Seasons

Book Now – Rating: 5 Star – Address: Block Ha My Dong B

Price: Villas from one to five bedrooms (17.5m – 77.5m VND (760 – 3.370 USD))

Formerly just the Nam Hai, it’s now a Four Seasons Resort and accordingly, plush. Actually, it’s much more than that as the private butlers would suggest.

Situated on a kilometre-long stretch of private Ha My Beach, you can choose from four types of single-room and seven types of multiple room villas with garden, pool, or ocean views. Many pool villas come with private, heated infinity pools. Should you get the urge to mingle, the resort does have three common pools–family, olympic, and lap–though the former will be undergoing renovations from late October to early December 2019.

Two restaurants and two bars are on the property. But what’s really noteworthy is you can have resident hotel chef-prepared barbecues at your villa, at your leisure. And, restaurant meals are available for delivery to your living room 24 hours a day.

Nam Hai by Four Seasons
Two of the three pools available at Hoi An’s Nam Hai by Four Seasons

In addition to the usual assortment of resort activities such as land and water sports, kids’ clubs, yoga, and spas, you can get a taste of the local culture with complimentary traditional lantern making, conical hat embroidery, and calligraphy courses.

The resort is the furthest north of the properties detailed in this article.  Meaning it is also the furthest from the Old Town albeit by only about 10 kilometres. It’s alongside the main road in a rather characterless neighborhood. But the secured, walled entrance quickly transports guests into a haven of plants, pools, and peace. 

Nam Hai by Four Seasons Best Attribute

If money is no obstacle, and complete luxury is a priority, then look no further than the Nam Hai. By many accounts, the property is the ultimate definition of luxury where you can have pretty much anything your heart desires, whenever you want it.

Nam Hai
The most luxurious of the Hoi An beach resorts? One of the Nam Hai’s multi villa complexes seen from its pool

Le Belhamy Beach Resort & Spa

Book Now – Rating: 4 Star – Address: Ha My Beach, Hoi An

Price: Eight room types (2.3m – 6.1m VND (100 -265 USD)).

As one might expect, the 10-hectare Le Belhamy is a few notches down in quality from the nearby Four Seasons. The resort does have a strong family feel to it with multiple pools, kids playgrounds, lawns and of course, the beach.

Rooms spread over three floors depending on which section of the resort you stay in. 

There are eight types available from standard rooms and suites to multi-room villas. Many excursions and cultural activities are offered including snorkeling on Cham Island, cooking classes, and day trips to the Thanh Ha pottery village and the vegetable village of Tra Que.

The resort’s two restaurants sport different looks and atmospheres while its two pools bars have a more casual feel for light meals and snacks. There’s also a spa which includes sauna rooms, steam baths, and deluxe treatment rooms. Check Le Belhamy’s website for their numerous spa-related and accommodation special offers for guests.

A nice touch is the several outdoor and covered, pool/billiards tables scattered around the property. The grounds do, however, need some attention while construction in the block on the resort’s northern side is a bit of a distraction. Still, the resort does have a pleasing, laid back aura where just about anyone will feel comfortable.

Le Belhamy Resort & Spa – Best Attribute

The family feel. The resort is very child and family-friendly with multiple pools and playgrounds spread out around the property.

Le Belhamy Resort & Spa
The pool and beachfront at Le Belhamy Resort & Spa

Hidden’s Thoughts

The general rule of thumb regarding accommodation, or just about any good or service for that matter, is you get what you pay for and that’s no different in Hoi An. Pay more, get higher quality rooms, better restaurants, amenities, resort services, and so on. The decision is how much are all of those bells and whistles worth?

Most of the beach resorts are foreign-owned, meaning standards are high as management strives to lure deep-pocketed overseas guests. Resort offerings are consistent with what you’d expect in tropical locations around the world. Plus, many provide worthwhile local cultural experiences.

The appealing part of Hoi An’s beach resorts is that all feel far removed from the pedestrian-, moped-, and car-cluttered streets of the cultural Old Town. Yet they’re no more than a few minutes ride away. Seclusion with convenience.  


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