Cua Dai Beach is the closest beach to Hoi An’s Old Town. Despite some beach erosion, the area still has still a lot to offer. The coastline of Cua Dai Beach is home to many of Hoi An’s luxury resorts; but, in general, Cua Dai Beach is much cheaper than neighbouring An Bang Beach. The public beach here has been restored and is in good shape with tall palm trees providing much-needed shade. Parking is easy, and the locals are incredibly welcoming. You can find multiple dining options, world class 5-star resorts, and relaxing local beach life, all at more affordable prices than days gone by. We at Hidden give you the complete guide to the Cua Dai Beach area—what you can find, where to stay, eat, and play.

Visitors at Cua Dai beach
Visitors at Cua Dai beach in Hoi An climb on the sandbags placed to reduce erosion. Photo: Agnuush

What Can I Find at Cua Dai Beach?

This beach is still a nostalgic place for many Vietnamese who like to gather here before or after work. A small public beach remains at Cua Dai and is worth a visit while you are in Hoi An. There has been a lot of effort made to bring back the sand, and the sandbags you’ll see along the beach are living proof of this hard work. The resorts manage the beach erosion at Cua Dai with protective rock walls and water breaks. Natural changes have occurred here, creating pools which have become a big hit, and are more attractive than the sandbags. This is not the place for a pristine sandy beach experience with long strolls, but the rest remains.

The small town near the beach has everything you need—plenty of dining options, cooking classes, cafes, bars, a local market, convenience stores, and even a post office.

Beachgoers parking their bikes at Cua Dai Beach
Beachgoers park their bikes at the entrance to Cua Dai beach. Photo: Agnuush

When is the Best Time to Visit Cua Dai Beach?

Hoi An weather can have extremes. It can get ridiculously hot, extremely humid and very wet, sometimes all in the same day. In fact, we’ve dedicated a whole article to Hoi An’s weather, which you can read here. The best time to visit An Bang beach is between late February and mid-May or between September and early October before the rainy season. During these times the humidity is not too high, and daily temperatures are lower than the peak summer months of June/July/August. That said, if you can cope with much higher temperatures, then you can definitely visit this beach in peak summer, too.

Day-to-day Cua Dai Beach

Day-to-day Cua Dai Beach is great to visit anytime. Even midday, when the sun is high because you have the comfort of shade from the palm trees. Many think the best time to visit the beach is early in the morning when the sun is not too high. Some locals will also swim at this time, but most will leave the beach during the hottest part of the day and return in the evening at sunset after work. If you’re not a morning person, then around 4 pm just before sunset might be your best option.   Keep in mind that at this time the beach will be a lot more crowded and Sundays especially, can be super busy with local families. It’s quite an experience to see the beach packed out with Vietnamese families and see all the amenities in full swing.

If you are a surfer or a kite surfer, then make sure you catch the high waves from October to March. Seawater temperatures will differ from 22°C in January to about 30°C in August when the sun is intense.

Hammock at Cua Dai Beach
Taking a nap in a hammock by the beach. Cua Dai has lots of shade provided by rows of palm trees. Photo: Agnuush

Directions to Cua Dai Beach from Hoi An Old Town

Cua Dai Beach is four kilometres from the Old Town, and it is easy to reach. Just hop on your bike and follow Cua Dai Road as it’s one of the main arterial routes in and out of the city. This will get you directly to the public beach. Otherwise, a taxi from the Old Town should cost you about 60,000 VND (3 USD).

Parking at Cua Dai Beach

Parking is available directly in front of the public beach where the palm trees start. A bicycle or motorbike park will cost you 5,000 VND (0.20 USD) for the whole day.

What is There to Do at Cua Dai Beach During the Day?

Enjoy the beach—the stereotypical lying under a palm tree, sipping from a cold coconut in your hand, a dream becomes reality here. Some great winds and lots of space make excellent conditions for kids to fly a kite while you sit back and enjoy the view.

The local vendors are super friendly here and always up for a chat. Some of them can be very amusing, and it’s great to get to know them a little better. At Cua Dai Beach you’ll find many older Vietnamese ladies selling all sorts of stuff. Many surprises can be found in their baskets! Souvenirs, an extensive collection of sunglasses, sun creams, pedicure sets, snacks and, of course, cold drinks.

View of Cham Islands from Cua Dai Beach
The Cham Islands can be seen from the beach at Cua Dai. Photo: Agnuush

Five-Star Resort Water Activities

The large beach resorts here offer an array of water activities, and they are not restricted to guests only. Palm Garden Resort is the hub for water sports. Jet skis will cost you 700,000 VND (30 USD) for 15 minutes. If you prefer a more traditional style, then maybe try a basket boat, which costs 230,000 VND (10 USD) for an hour. They also offer wakeboarding, water skiing, ocean kayaking, surfing, and laser sailing. Palm Garden also offers a day pass for non-guests to use their expansive swimming pool. There are a number of different pools in a tropical setting, uniquely suited to young children. Cost per person is 230,000 VND (10 USD), and kids under 5-years-old are free.  

The Victoria Resort & Spa Hoi An rents TOPCAT K3 sailing boats for 880,000 VND (38 USD) per hour, and sailing training can also be arranged for 1,000,000 VND (43 USD) per hour. Hoi An Beach Resort offers fishing kayaks on the De Vong River, where a double kayak will cost you 300,000 VND (13 USD) per hour, while single kayaks cost 200,000 VND (8.6 USD) per hour. They also offer fishing trips on the De Vong River, which include a guide from one of the of the resort’s experts during the trip.

World Class Spa Treatments

If would you like to relax even more and do something good for your body, then a visit to one of the many spas at Cua Dai beach is a great option. There are many cheaper varieties around town, but for pure indulgence, we recommend trying one of the big resort’s spas. They have more on offer, and the facilities are more upmarket to provide an all-encompassing spa experience. You can read all about Hoi An’s Best Spas in our dedicated article. 

Koi Resort Spa: Cua Dai Beach
Poolside spa beds at Koi Resort and Spa in Hoi An’s Cua Dai beach. Photo: Christine Moller

Koi Resort and Spa

What makes the Koi Resort and Spa such an attractive destination is the picturesque setting and variety of facilities on offer to spa attendees. From the moment you cross the bridge over the river, it is beauty and splendour all around. Weather permitting, you can also request to have your massage outdoors in a curtained canopy. The spa has its own Bar Cafe area and a magnificent 25-metre lap pool. For a real hedonistic splurge, also make use of the swim-up bar. The most impressive feature is the private sauna and shower in most treatment rooms. There is also a larger area with a sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and indoor pool. Tranquillity and beauty mark this setting as unforgettable.

Hidden Hint: A Spa Buffet Menu offers extremely reasonable rates for a combination of three to five treatments. Each item selection is 30 minutes in length; thus, the package of three treatments has a 90-minute duration and costs only 850,000 VND (42.50 USD).

What is There to Do at Cua Dai Beach at Night?

Late night options are limited at Cua Dai beach. You can, of course, choose fine dining in one of the 5-star resorts, which look out over the beach, while enjoying a delicious candlelit dinner. For a much cheaper but equally enjoyable option, the beach area is perfect for laid-back drinks early in the evening. After sunset, locals set up the now iconic plastic red tables and small stools where you can enjoy your drink and listen to the waves.

Cua Dai Beach is home to some of Hoi An’s best sports bars which broadcast key sports events. Join with other fans and cheer for your favourite team or just drink a few cold beers and play some pool in one of the beachside sports bars. Puku Sports Bar is a standout here, covering Premiership matches and some UFC fights. They also have pool tables, darts, a large outdoor playground, and a swimming pool, making it the ultimate sports bar. The party scene has largely moved to the neighbouring An Bang Beach, and you can read about it in this article.

Puku Sports Bar Cafe: Cua Dai Beach
Puku Sports Bar at Cua Dai beach with its giant football shape sign. Photo: Agnuush


Directly on the beach, you won’t find vendors like at neighbouring An Bang Beach, but indeed some snacks. If you continue left and head in the direction of Da Nang you will come across many Cua Dai beach restaurants with great seafood. One of the standouts is Mama Ly’s with excellent fresh seafood. Its layout is basic, but the food is fresh, portions are generous, and the prices are low. This rustic place has an extensive menu with lobster, crab, shellfish, calamari, fish and much more on offer. A delicious meal will cost you about 200,000 VND (8.5 USD), and you will be full for most of the day.

Another local restaurant here on the beach is Nha Hang Man Restaurant, run for the last 25 years by the same local family. The food is fresh, portions smaller than Mama Ly’s, but the service from the family is memorable. Still, don’t expect nice plating or anything fancy, just good food. A cold beer will cost you 20,000 VND (.85 USD), and you can use their sun loungers as well.


Chez Cesar

Located one street back from the beach, Chez Cesar is an authentic French restaurant with a good range of food. Cesar is an amiable host and the setting just back from the road with its stoned outside seating area is idyllic. While the price is higher than most places, you get what you pay for and we think it’s worth it, for the great service, atmosphere, and cuisine. Their desserts are well worth a try.

Chez Cesar: Cua Dai Beach
One of the beautiful salads on offer at Chez Cesar in Hoi An. Photo: Agnuush


The luxury resorts in this area all offer outstanding high-end dining experiences. At Koi Resort’s Vong Restaurant, they serve traditional Vietnamese cuisine from the Quang Nam province, with authentic dishes to satisfy even the most demanding gourmands. You’ll dine to the sound of traditional Vietnamese instrumental music in a beautiful setting.

Brunch at the Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa

If you are looking for Sunday entertainment, you can’t go past the Victoria Resort’s infamous Sunday Brunch. You will not find anything like its price back home. The food here is amazing. You can choose from premium cheeses and cold cuts, sushi and fresh crab, prawns, oysters, and amazingly good meat—a New Zealand leg of lamb or Australian roast beef.

After brunch, you can use their stunning beachside swimming pool, and those with young children can take advantage of the supervised kids club. There are two offers on the table, and both are spectacularly good value for money. For soft drinks and beer free flow with brunch, you will pay 690,000 VND (30 USD). Free flow of Pol Remy Brut sparkling wine with brunch will cost you 890,000 VND (38 USD). Children under 5-years-old dine for free. It runs every Sunday from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm.

The Victoria Resort: Cua Dai Beach
Palm trees and sun loungers reflected in the pool at The Victoria Resort. Photo: Travis Hodges

The Victoria Resort also houses L’Annam Restaurant, which serves up local cuisine and international dishes accompanied by an extensive wine list. The presentation of the food is faultless, as is their efficient staff—plus you can look out to the sea while dining. Their colonial-style restaurant is decorated with antique wooden cabinets and classic fans, making it the perfect luxury dining experience.

Sweet Treats

To satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s an abundance of fresh tropical fruit available from the local market. For a seriously sinful treat, at the end of the Phan Tinh road lies La Petite Patisserie. This cafe is merely fantastic, set back from the road with a shaded courtyard for you to indulge in. The desserts are all French of course, rich with cream and butter, real chocolate and layered textures. There are many variations, and the options change daily. We feel that the taste here could compete with any corner patisserie in Paris. Coffee with milk will cost you 25,000 VND (1 USD) and a piece of dessert about 80,000 VND (3.5 USD).

Hidden Hint: La Petite Patisserie is not only a place for a tasty treat and a perfect Instagram setting, but they are also known to offer half-priced items on Sunday afternoons as they are closed on Mondays.

Petite Patisserie: Cua Dai Beach
The team at La Petite Patisserie in Cua Dai create, arguably, the best cake in Hoi An. Photo: Wnfdiary

Accommodation in Cua Dai Beach

Visitors can choose from a variety of different priced accommodation and locations at Cua Dai Beach. Many have an ocean view and beachfront location, and there are even more that are just a short stroll away from the beach. Due to the beach not being restored to its former glory just yet, you can get excellent value accommodation as the prices have dropped compared to other parts of Hoi An. Please note that the rates quoted here are only a guide and they will fluctuate throughout the year.

Budget Accommodation

There are many cheap options very close to the public beach, all with easy access to the sandy beach where you can relax in the shade of the palm trees.

River Park Homestay and Hostel have private rooms available for 350,000 VND (15 USD). For solo travellers on a budget, there’s the super affordable option of a dorm room, with a bed price of just 120,000 VND (5 USD) per night. Breakfast is also included along with tea or coffee. Some rooms have a balcony, and there’s a choice between a river or a city view. The beach is a six-minute walk away, and the staff are very kind and helpful in arranging transport and other activities.

For nearly the same price, 240,000 VND (10 USD)—which already includes breakfast, you can find a private room at Tri Tran Homestay. There is a garden and sun terrace for guests to relax at, and this homestay offers free use of bicycles for guests.

Sea Sun Homestay, which is just across the beach, is a great budget choice. The rooms are clean and spacious with air conditioning and a private bathroom. The property has a pleasant garden and a terrace where guests are welcome to relax. Its price of just 240,000 VND (10 USD) per night already includes breakfast. They also offer cooking lessons and are always happy to help you out with advice.

Seasun Homestay: Cua Dai Beach
Enjoying a shared meal at Sea Sun Homestay. Photo: Agnuush

Mid-Range Accommodation

The majority of accommodations at Cua Dai Beach lies in this price bracket, so there is plenty to choose from. At Hidden Beach Bungalow Sea View, you wake up to a beautiful sunrise that you can see straight from your bed. The property is right on the beach, and the staff clean the beach every day. The price per night is 1,200,000 VND (51 USD), and this includes a private bathroom, all the modern appliances, breakfast, and the use of bicycles.

Hidden Hint: Despite the name, not all rooms actually have a sea view, so make sure that you request the sea view room when making your reservation.

The Tropical Beach Hoi An Resort has no need for bicycles as they provide a free shuttle bus to the Old Town and Da Nang airport. Prices, start at 1,868,000 (81 USD), which includes breakfast, as well as the use of their two large outdoor pools and health club. You’re only a two-minute walk away from Cua Dai Beach and close enough to enjoy the early morning beach sunrise.

Ally Beach Boutique Hotel Hoi An is just past the beach restaurants. Their cheapest room, superior, comes at a price of 1,430,000 VND (61 USD) and includes breakfast and an ensuite bathroom. There’s a free shuttle bus and free bicycles for guests, as well as a gym, swimming pool, and spa on the property.

Ally Beach Hotel: Cua Dai Beach
A photo of the simple but stylish rooms st Ally Beach Boutique Hotel. Photo: Agnuush

Luxury Accommodation

For those who seek a peaceful holiday in spacious accommodations, there are plenty of high-end hotels in the Cua Dai Beach area. The bonus here is that even a luxury accommodation is more affordable than in other popular parts of Vietnam.  

For the ultimate tranquil experience, we suggest the Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa. It has a beachfront location and a stunning pool environment where you could easily relax the day away. The Victoria has its own spa and gym and offers a free use of bicycles and a free shuttle bus. It also has its own private stretch of beach at Cua Dai, so it’s the perfect location for ultimate relaxation. It is well-liked by couples, surrounded in a quiet, stress-free environment. A superior river view room comes with a price tag of 3,526,000 VND (153 USD), which includes a buffet breakfast.

The KOI Hoi An Resort and Spa is located across a small bridge on an islet a few minutes walk from the beach. Guests can enjoy the view of the De Vong River and traditional architecture of a hotel equipped with modern facilities. Free activities include kayaking, fishing, and cycling—just let the staff know on arrival and they will arrange this for you. The Koi Spa and Wellness Centre is part of this resort, and its features are listed in our Best Hoi An Spas article. The price 2,552,000 (111 USD) for a Superior Room includes a buffet breakfast. Check out one of their luxury bungalows for a more exclusive experience.

Further along Cua Dai Beach

Further along Cua Dai Beach is Palm Garden Beach Resort & Spa. One might think that the beachfront is all you’ll need. But here, guests can enjoy the beautiful garden with over 400 different plants and huge, architecturally designed outdoor pools. Room rates start at around 3,000,000 VND (130 USD) and absolute beachfront bungalows cost approximately 6,000,000 (258 USD). Guests can further indulge in massages and body treatments at the in-house spa.

Palm Garden Resort: Cua Dai Beach
Poolside at the Palm Garden Beach Resort and Spa.

Hidden’s thoughts

Cua Dai Beach has gone through some challenging times, and beach erosion has changed this place a lot. However, there is constant work in place to restore the beach to its former glory. If you’ve got a bit more cash to spend on accommodation then now’s the time to grab the opportunity to indulge in 5-star luxury at discounted rates, and enjoy it in calmer surroundings. The mid-range and budget options are also excellent in value. More affordable than ever, and you will have fewer tourists around you than at neighbouring An Bang Beach.

As the work to restore the beach progresses here, the prices will rise along with the golden dunes. Our advice is that you take advantage of the good value here now. Support the local businesses and live above your station for a fraction of the cost back home.