The Ba Na Hills Cable Car Network – Price, Schedule, Map and More

The Ba Na Hills Cable Car network is not only the world’s longest cable car but also one of the top reasons to visit the renowned resort of Sun World Ba Na Hills in Vietnam. The Cable Car is also the only way to visit the now-famous Golden Bridge which is held aloft by a pair of giant hands.

The only way to reach this famous amusement park is by riding its first-class cable cars. This five km long route creates the feeling of riding into the future. Offering spectacular views of Da Nang and the surrounding forests. There are few words to describe this unique experience. A definite must-do while in Hoi An. However, with five different cable car lines, what can be considered as the ride of your life can easily turn into a tourist maze.


The Ba Na Hills Cable Car Network – What to Expect

Ba Na Hills is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam, situated at the height of 1,487 m above sea level. On a busy day, you could be accompanied by more than 20,000 other fellow visitors. Needless to say, it’s easy to lose your sense of direction in the crowd. Get stuck waiting in the wrong cable car line. Miss the luggage storage facilities and look for your driver in the wrong parking lot! All after a very long day! Translating to unwanted stress and loss of precious visiting time.

When you do your homework and know which route to follow, the Ba Na Hills Cable Car network and resort can be a really cheerful experience. Fortunately for you, Hidden knows their way around! In our detailed guide, we advise how to make the most of your visit to Vietnam’s busiest resort. This article focuses on navigating the cable car system but to read more in-depth on the Ba Na Hills resort, check out this article. Read on if you’d like to actually spend your time on the hills rather than looking for directions. 

Hidden Quick Guide: Ba Na Hills Cable Car

Location: Ba Na Hills – situated approximately 45 km from Hoi An’s city centre

Price: 750,000 VND (33 USD) for adults and 600,000 VND (23 USD) for children (1m – 1.4m in 

height). Children over 1.4m are considered adults. Children below 1m are free. 

Hours: The park is open daily from 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Ba Na hills cable car as it passes the hill

How Do I Get to the Ba Na Hills Cable Car?

Situated approximately 45 km from Hoi An’s city centre, it takes little more than an hour to get to Ba Na Hills by car or motorbike. By public bus or shuttle, it takes up to two and a half hours. Cost varies according to your choice of transport. For further details on how to get to Ba Na Hills, you can refer to our detailed Ba Na Hills guide

Hidden Hint: Although it is a relatively short drive from Hoi An, keep in mind that the Ba Na Hills resort takes almost seven hours to fully explore. So plan accordingly. Ba Na Hills is a full day trip from Hoi An.

Ba Na Hills and hundreds of tourists

Ba Na Hills Cable Cars Four Guinness World Records

Winning four world records, the Ba Na Hills Cable Car has been voted one of the ten most impressive cable cars in the world. The ride gives you the feeling of floating over the endless jungle of Ba Na Mountain. Coupled with stunning views of the city of Da Nang. 

Built to European standards with Austrian technology and equipment imported from Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden This astonishing ride opened to the public on 29 March 2013. 

Basically, these cable cars are similar to those you find in the Alps. The only difference being, that this is a four Guinness World Record ride! Meaning you ride the longest cable car route in the world (5,771 meters), with the longest and heaviest cable roll (11,587m/141.24 tons) at the highest altitude difference between departure station and destination station (1,369 metres). 

So prepare for a truly a unique ride! This is some top-notch cable car service. 

Ba Na Hills Cable Car – Capacity and Time

The Ba Na telpher system has a total of 201 cabins and a capacity of 3,000 people per hour. Each cabin covers six metres per second and accommodates up to ten people. The entire network brings approximately 1 million visitors a year to Ba Na mountain. 

This $39 million investment reduces your travelling time to the top of Ba Na Hills to only 17 minutes, compared to the 55 minutes ride by car along the narrow, winding road. 

Hidden Hint: Afraid of heights? Ensure you schedule your visit for a clear, windless day. The cable cars close in inclement weather.

The Best Time to Visit Ba Na Hills 

The best time to visit Ba Na Hills is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The park gets really busy between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. So an early or late start gives you a definite advantage. 

If you are a morning person, try getting there at the opening at 7:00 a.m. This way you are one of the first visitors to enter the park, enjoying shorter to no queues and morning mountain views. Above all, you get to take pictures of the actual attractions, not the tourists! 

Alternatively, if you do not wish to sacrifice your beauty sleep, we strongly recommend getting there around 4:00 p.m. At this time most visitors usually leave the resort or just chill in its restaurants and resting areas. Arriving at this time you still enjoy shorter lines, can take some stunning sunset photos, and avoid exploring the resort in the midday heat. 

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge

Ba Na Hills Cable Car Tickets

Ticket Counter 

Purchase tickets either directly at the Ba Na Hills ticket counters or online. There are three different tickets available – cable car ride (mandatory), buffet meal (optional) and wax museum (optional). 

One ticket provides access to all cable car lines and entrance into almost all areas of Ba Na Hills Park. Tickets costs 750,000 VND (33 USD) for adults and 600,000 VND (23 USD) for children (1m – 1.4m in height). Children below 1m are free. The wax museum entrance is an additional 100,000 VND (4 USD) for both adults and children. 

Although many cashiers are available, there’s usually quite a long queue at the Ba Na Hills ticket booths. Expect to spend some time waiting in a line here. However to save time in line, purchase your tickets online

Luggage Storage at Ba Na Hills

If you are travelling with large pieces of luggage there is a free luggage store at Ba Na Hills. The storage facility has no size limit and is located to the right of the ticket booth. You are provided with a numbered ticket linking you to your luggage which is privately stored under camera surveillance at the ticket office. The luggage storage desk is open from 8.a.m. to 9.p.m.

Luggage Storage at Da Nang Airport

Arriving into Da Nang airport and heading straight to Ba Nan Hills? You will find luggage storage and delivery services outside Da Nang Domestic terminal. The Moving Companyprovide both storage and full service hotel pickup and delivery in Da Nang. They are open from 9.a.m to 11.30.p.m and you can store luggage with them for a few hours or multiple days. Suitcase storage costs 60,000 VND (3 USD) for under three hours, 80,000 VND (4 USD) for 3-12 hours and 100,000 VND (5 USD) for 12-24 hours. Storage and delivery to your hotel in Da Nang costs 160,000 VND (8 USD).

Parking Lot 

Arriving by car or bus, chances are the driver drops you close to the ticket counter. There are electric carts to shuttle between the entrance and parking lots. Otherwise, there is motorbike parking a few minutes walk from the ticket counters. All parking at Ba Na Hills is free.

Ba Na Hills Cable Car Stations 

At the moment there are three ground stations from which to take a cable car to the top of the Ba Na Hills. These are Hoi An Station (05), Suoi Mo Station (08)  and Toc Tien Station (09). There is also a fourth station, Da Nang Station (57) currently under construction. Each one takes you to a different part of the resort. Have a look at the map for more details.

The Five Cable Car Lines 

Ba Na Hills has a total of five different cable lines and a funicular route to help you navigate the park. Although it might seem quite complicated at first, the only reason there are more than three routes (one for each ground station) is because the park’s attractions are located on two different levels. 

On the lower level are the Golden Bridge, Linh Ung Pagoda, Wine Cellar and a couple of gardens and restaurants. While on the upper level are the rest of the attractions including the famous French Village, the thrilling Fantasy Park, a quiet spiritual area with different religious establishments and many atmospheric restaurants. 

Hidden Hint: Want to visit the Golden Bridge first? Then make sure to enter from Hoi An Station. To visit the French Village first, take the Toc Tien Station’s cable car straight to the top. 

Be extra careful, navigating through the park not to use one of the three cable cars (Marseille Station, Ba Na Station, L’indochine Station) that go to the ground stations. Unless of course, you want to exit the resort. Once down, there is no way to come back up. You have to repurchase a ticket! 


Map of Ba Na hills

Suggested Routes: Making the Most of Your Visit

Due to the number of lines and stations available, there are various routes to explore the resort. To make the most out of your visit and avoid walking in circles, Hidden has prepared two suggested tours for you, depending on your arrival time. 

Early Bird Route- Golden Bridge in the Morning (7:30 am – Sunset)

To pay a morning visit to Ba Na Hills, we suggest entering the resort from Hoi An Station (05). Get to the lower level first, and walk on the Golden Bridge (43) before the crowds hit! Once you are finished at the Golden Bridge, ride the Funicular from Le Jadin Station (13) to D’amour Station (12). Finally, take the short cable car route from Debay Station (11) to Morin Station (29) and the French Village.

On your way out, don’t go through the lower level again. Instead, head to L’indochine Station (30) taking the long cable car straight to the ground floor. This way, you have the chance to ride the longest cable in the world on your way down (5.801m). But also, if it’s still daylight, enjoy the stunning waterfall that can be seen from this route.  

yellow cable cars at Ba Na Hills

Night Owl Route – Sunset at the Golden Bridge (4:00 p.m.- 9:30 p.m)

Paying a later visit to Ba Na Hills, it is probably best to ride the cable cars while there is still light. So you can enjoy the ride and the surrounding views. Hidden suggests entering the resort from Suoi Mo Station (09) and heading straight to the top. Have a short walk around the French Village or maybe ride the Alpine Coaster. 

Make sure you’re at the Louvre Station (21) taking the cable car to the lower level just before 5:00 p.m. This way you catch the sunset at the Golden Bridge. There are killer views and very few tourists at this time! After sunset you have more than half an hour of soft daylight for visiting the Buddha statue and lower gardens. 

Finally, when it’s getting dark, return to the top level and visit the Fantasy Park (25). This 21,000 square meters of indoor fun and games for the whole family guarantees to unleash your inner child! Exit the park from the L’Indochine Station (30), but don’t miss the last cable car down or you will have to book at room at the Mercure Hotel. The last cable car departure time changes throughout the year so check the schedule board as you arrive.

Hidden’s Thoughts

Riding the Ba Na Hills Cable Cars is a truly unique experience. You won’t forget the beauty of the surrounding forests and spectacular views of Da Nang, sitting in one of the most modern cable car systems in the world.

The cable car network itself is really easy and fun to use. Don’t be intimidated by all the people and long lines, just follow our directions and you’ll have the time of your life up there!