The Best Beaches in Da Nang – 2019 All You Need to Know

Da Nang is a growing, economically booming city of extravagant bridges, fine dining and pristine white sandy beaches stretching from north to south. This large Central Vietnam coastal metropolis provides 92 kilometres of beachfront access, catering to each and every breed of ocean-hungry traveller. Whether you’re looking for coastal resorts to indulge in or the best in Vietnamese fresh seafood cuisine, you can easily find what you’re looking for.  

The city may seem rather intimidating with its tall buildings and chaotic motorbike traffic. However, its numerous beaches offer an immense variety of relaxation and escape from the bustling urban streets just steps away.  

In this article, Hidden lays out the best beaches in Da Nang for every coastline desire. We look at the best Da Nang beaches to escape fellow tourists, along with those beaches best for dipping your toes into Vietnamese fishing village culture. We look at the best beaches for a day filled with swimming and watersports, and various other must-sees Da Nang beach destinations along the pristine coastline.  


The Diverse Variety of Beaches in Da Nang

With a coastline stretching through from the Marble Mountains all the way down to Hoi An, there is everything from intimate beaches only accessible through specific restaurants, to private resort-front immaculate shorelines. Fortunately most of the popular beachfront stretches are open and free to the public.  However there are a handful that require a small (and very worthwhile) fee.

As it turns out, the most frequented and admired beaches, those which are fortunately fee-free with countless amenities, are the most easily accessible and in closest proximity to countless bars, restaurants, and cafes. The most popular and well-recognised stretch, My Khe Beach, also offers loads of sand and water sport opportunities.

Da Nang Beaches Map

My Khe Beach – Best All-Inclusive, Family-Friendly Beach

From sunrise to sunset, the nine-kilometre stretch of pristine sandy white beach is a must-visit strip of coastline in Da Nang. My Khe Beach caters to both tourists and active Vietnamese beach-lovers alike. It provides everything from an early morning workout community to booming nightlife.

My Khe was recently voted by Forbes as one of the top six most attractive beaches in the world. The criteria highly rate My Khe’s Beach accessibility, absence of cost, safety for tourists and its sunlight and soft waves.  Along with its numerous walkable amenities, a smooth slope for beach activities, in addition to the abundance of luxury and international resorts and hotels.

Consequently as a typical tourist destination, the shoreline is surrounded by countless restaurants, cafes, and authentic Vietnamese food stands. There are also numerous options for beach volleyball and water-sport equipment rentals. This stretch of beach is ideal for active beach-goers looking to do more than just wade in the clear ocean water.

History of My Khe Beach

During the war, American troops used the 31-kilometre stretch of My Khe Beach as a place of rest and relaxation. It was one of two of the soldiers’ favourite places for holidaying in Vietnam, the other being Vung Tau nearer to Ho Chi Minh City.

During the war, the U.S. troops coined a new nickname ‘China Beach’ for the shoreline stretch of My Khe Beach. The ABC television broadcast “China Beach” from 1988-1991. This popular American TV show solidified the nickname for My Khe Beach during this time. The broadcast also set the ball rolling for recognition of My Khe Beach as a picturesque and ideal beach holiday destination.

Now, the stretches of desolate beachfront, once filled with heavy history, are lined with luxury holiday villas, high-end spas, and pristine golf courses. Consequently the only groups that tend to exercise the name ‘China Beach’ are some Vietnamese travel websites and outdated articles. Sites that still use this title were warned by the Ministry of Information and Communications that their sites may get shut down. So, we see less and less of this name used today, and with good reason too.

boys play in the surf along Da Nang's beach
Boys play in the surf along Da Nang’s beach

My Khe Watersports and Beach Activities

From the early hours of the morning, around 4 a.m. to 7 a.m., the beach thrives with an active Vietnamese community getting their swimming and beach exercise in before the sunrise brings the midday heat. The early morning crowds fill the sand volleyball courts and the cool ocean water and welcome the fishermen returning from that morning’s catch. Located on the eastern coast, sunrises are also especially stunning along this stretch

As your day progresses at My Khe, there are affordable options for everything from surfing (and kite surfing), to parasailing, and paragliding from the Son Tra Peninsula. This popular coastal stretch offers gentle waves, shallow waters and scattered lifeguards. Therefore it’s ideal for family-friendly swimming sessions and spontaneous body surfing.

The more sought-out beach activities at My Khe are surfing, kayaking, banana boat riding, parasailing and jet skiing.  Fortunately rentals are easy to come by here and won’t break the bank.

a parasailing ride at My Khe Beach
A couple lift off for a parasailing ride at My Khe Beach

Surfing at My Khe Beach

This exposed beach break is known for being a fairly consistent surfing destination. It’s rated 2.5/5 stars for wave reliability, looking into the region’s surf forecast website. My Khe Beach offers the best wind swells from the northeast, waves breaking both left and right. 

The best surf is found during the winter months when swells are larger and more dependable. In Da Nang, the surf season is technically from September to March. Tours and lessons are easy to find during these months, where your guide helps seek out the best breaks along the coastline. Check out Hidden’s full article on the best time to visit Da Nang for further weather information.

A surfer in Da Nang
A visiting surfer checks the Da Nang surf conditions on My Khe Beach

Da Nang Adventures

Website – Address: 35 An Thuong 5 – Hours: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Daily

Da Nang Adventures has what you’re looking for when it comes to those top-of-water activities. As a surfing-focused business, you’re able to rent boards and wetsuits at affordable prices. Da Nang Adventures has long, short and soft surf-boards, wet suits and kayaks for rent. Rent a wetsuit all day for 70,000 VND (3 USD) and boards for the whole day from 250,000-350,000 VND (11-16 USD). 

Da Nang Surf School

Website – Address: Temple Resort, Da Nang – Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Daily

Da Nang Surf School is another surf-focused shop, offering both rentals, lessons, and tours. Rent gear for surfing or stand up paddleboarding and head out on your own for the day. Or alternatively take part in one of their classes helping you learn how to ride waves like a pro.  A perk of touring or learning with this company is that you get expert tips on spots along the Da Nang coastline to catch the best waves. 

My Khe Parasailing and Paragliding

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…wait… it’s a soaring tourist!

Among the various watersport opportunities at My Khe Beach, parasailing is one of the tourist favourites. So as you’re basking in the rays on the beach, you’re likely to hear the screams of these thrill-seekers cutting through the air above the coastline. Pulled by a speedboat, the large parachute carries pairs of tourists through clear blue skies. This is a must-do for adrenaline-seeking travellers to observe the popular Da Nang beach from higher altitudes. Parasailing, one of the most popular adventure opportunities, offers beach-goers a new perspective of this stunning holiday destination.

However for those seeking even more thrills and altitude out of their coastline adventure, tandem paragliding from the Son Tra Peninsula is growing in popularity. This adrenaline-pumping activity offers an even more captivating view of My Khe Beach and the Da Nang coastline. No experience required, just a quick tutorial and you’re sent soaring to the coast below (strapped to an instructor of course!). Companies offer everything needed to cross this activity off your My Khe bucket-list. From safety equipment, to pick up and drop off, to extreme sports insurance options. Making this thrilling dream your reality. 

Da Nang From Above is a smaller paragliding company that prepares you to set to the sky on a day full of adventure and adrenaline. They provide transportation to and from the launch location, lunch, jump training and insurance. All for just 2,300,000 VND (99 USD) per person. Contact them through Facebook for scheduling and more information.

My Khe Beach Jet-Skiing

But if paragliding and surfing seem a little out of your comfort zone, a My Khe favourite, jet skiing is readily accessible for rentals along the beach, for 10-30 minute excursions. Zip through the ocean plane at speeds of around 70-to-80 kilometres per hour. Whether you’re feeding your desire for a thrill or just looking to casually putt around the coastline, jet-skiing off My Khe Beach leaves the excitement up to the driver.

Thao Bien Watersports provide a large variety of watersport activities along My Khe Beach. This larger company has options for parasailing, jet skiing, banana boats, wakeboarding, and speed boat rental. Fortunately their prices are set and displayed online, removing the need to negotiate with sellers on the beach. Costs for jet skiing and parasailing range from 500,000-800,000 VND (22-35 USD), banana boat rides are 950,000 VND (41 USD) for three to five people and wakeboarding from 1,200,000-2,000,000 VND (52-86 USD).

Brightly coloured parasail
Brightly coloured parasail against a brilliant blue Da Nang sky. Photo: Wnfdiary

Diving at My Khe Beach

With cooler temperatures and more murky water clarity off the Son Tra Peninsula, visibility in the 60-to-70-foot range, Da Nang isn’t the largest diving hub of the region. While there are options to take a speedboat to an off-shore location through the handful of diving companies, dive enthusiasts might want to take the trek to where conditions are more reliable and clarity is higher.

While My Khe does offer some opportunities for diving among the colourful coral, there are more options for snorkelling or diving a little further south. The beautiful Cham Islands, just a short drive away, fill any gaps in your search for underwater exploration in Da Nang. This diving hub is  close enough for a day trip or you have the option of staying overnight. Read all about diving the Cham Islands in our dedicated article.

Where to Eat at My Khe Beach

When those midday rays hit hard, bringing in the peak temperatures around 11 a.m., the numerous lounger chair options along the beachfront become a shaded haven. So escape the sun and enjoy fresh juices and cuisine from beachside vendors. Reserve a lounger for the day for a small payment of around 46,000 VND (2 USD). Some beachside merchants ask that you simply order a meal or drinks to reserve your spot, which you are going to do anyway, right? Because you can’t have a day at the beach without fruity cocktails and a taste of the fresh seafood, can you!

Furthermore there’s the option of stepping away from the sand and the sun’s strong midday rays, by visiting the countless walkable restaurants and cafes along the strip of My Khe Beach. There are options for any budget and any craving.

Sky View Restaurant & Bar

Website – Address: 216 Vo Nguyen Giap – Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. Daily

Sky View Restaurant is located on the 20th floor of the elegant Belle Maison Parosand Da Nang Hotel. Consequently this glamorous dining option along My Khe Beach offers views of the ocean and delicious Vietnamese (and some Western) cuisine and a full bar. Even more reason to dine here is that this is a prime location to watch the sun go down as the sky turns into wisps of pinks and oranges.

Haian Beach Hotel & Spa- Rooftop Restaurant and Bar

Website – Address: 278 Vo Nguyen Giap – Hours: 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. Daily

From their 21st floor location at the Haian Beach Hotel Rooftop Restaurant, you watch the popular beach bustle below. Sit next to their open pool and nibble on tasty snacks, sweet treats and enjoy a pleasant meal. Don’t miss out on their happy hour deals with a panoramic view of Da Nang city and coastline. 

pool at the Haian Beach Hotel
Gaze out over My Khe beach from the pool at the Haian Beach Hotel. Photo: Haian

Red Beach, Xuan Thieu – Best Beach to Catch the Sunset and Sunrise

Xuan Thieu, also known as Red Beach, is a growing tourist destination. Escape from the bulk of the crowds to this sandy piece of Vietnamese heaven. Located in the northern bay of Da Nang, Red Beach has especially spectacular sunsets. The colourful sky illuminates the glassy ocean surface, transforming the clear blue water into a sea of reds and pinks.

Red Beach is the beachfront for, Xuan Thieu Beach Resort. This stretch of beach preserves a clean and stunning coastline. While the strip is further north than the popular My Khe stretch, it is still equipped with amenities to maintain that sense of comfort and relaxation. The amenities are limited but there are various options for accommodation and entertainment, so you don’t have to go far to find a meal or a place to avoid the sunshine for a bit.  

History of Red Beach

Xuan Thieu is another beach with rich history. This time keeping its war-era nickname more intact moving into the modern era. Named by American troops during the war, ‘Red Beach’ was historically reserved for U.S. troops. Before 1975, American Marine Corps troops used this piece of beach for military warehouses, airways and defense strategies.

Best Remote Beaches in Da Nang – Bai Rang and Bai Bien Tien Sa

Bai Rang Beach

This remote beach is accessed through Nhà hàng Bãi Rạng Hồ Bình, a quaint beachfront Vietnamese seafood spot serving up authentic freshly-caught cuisine. Park at the official parking area of Nhà hàng Bãi Rạng Hồ Bình and make your way down to the beachfront seafood eatery. The restaurant is equipped with bamboo platforms near the sand and a vast authentic and fresh seafood menu. To access the private beach, you are either required to pay the small fee of around 100,000 VND (4.35 USD) or purchase a meal. 

But don’t fret, the fee is made worth it by the clean, secluded and remote sandscape, practically untouched. This stretch of pristine coastline is only accessible through this establishment. Therefore it is less disturbed by tourist crowds and a sense of peace and solitude surrounds you.

Seclusion at Bai Rang Beach

The charm of the small Vietnamese working village remains intact. The bay features a calm, golden coastline, rock enclosures on either side and a piece of the Vietnamese fishing community. These features provide the spot with a more private and serene atmosphere, away from the buzz of tourists. Helping keep the peace and tranquility of the beach intact, there is no accommodation right on the beach, besides the option to camp- if you have your own tent. Recently, a couple of lodging options have been established, so staying near the tranquility remains a viable option.

Bai Rang is an ideal destination for a relaxing day, a little further off the beaten path. Like many Vietnamese do it is an ideal location to settle in for a lengthy visit in the sun. Spend the day swimming in the bay and reading a book or napping in the sand. During the midday heat, escape to the makeshift beachfront seafood spot. It’s equipped with your typical plastic tables and stools, cold beer and shaded platforms lining the sand.

Bai Bien Tien Sa Beach

Situated on the northern side of the Son Tra Peninsula, close to the Da Nang Port, is Bai Bien Tien Sa Beach. This stretch of gently sloping white sand gives you a bit of an escape from your typical tourist traffic. With practically no foreigners, Bai Bien Tien Sa Beach caters more to the Vietnamese community. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, this location provides a quiet and intimate beach escape.  

This is a shared beach lying between the Navy Hotel (Tien Sa Lodge Hotel) and Tien Sa Da Nang Beach Resort. The latter option offers beach access to non-guests along with a pool and numerous watersports options. 

Làng Vân Beach- Best Beach for a Day of Adventure

Looking to venture a bit further off the beaten path and really dive into the more hidden beaches of Da Nang? Lang Van Beach is one of those crucial stops for travellers looking for some added adventure and difficulty to their beach-day. The bay is situated in the northern region of Da Nang just down from the Hai Van Pass, consisting of four connected beaches, all serene and comparatively undisrupted.

The first two of the beaches are the most accessible, requiring a short hike down from the 85-km mile marker of the Hai Van Pass. Signified by the small coffee shop, Hoa Sua, you pay to park your bike for the day and make the trek down the path. To reach the second of the beaches, walk until you reach a small intersection. From here, keep left and head down the steep decline for around 10 minutes until you reach the railroad tracks. Follow the tracks toward Lang Co for 200 metres and eventually reach a small set of cement stairs back to the Hai Van Jungle. Once you make it down to the beaches, walk further, past the Lang Van Village, on a path through a stretch of green and on to the fourth, smaller beach.

If you’re comfortable on a motorbike and looking to avoid the tourist rush, this breathtaking escapade is a must-do on the list of Da Nang beach stops.

Man Thai – Best Beach for Authentic Vietnamese Fishing Culture

Looking to get more of a taste of the everyday life of a Vietnamese fisherman? Man Thai Beach is a hub for the established fishing culture, located right at the foothills of the Son Tra Peninsula. While this smaller fishing village is gaining traction as a tourist destination, Vietnamese fishing traditions remain intact. Fishermen still use their traditional rattan basket boat methods for fishing, these customs being practiced for centuries. 

Making the short ride up to Man Thai from My Khe Beach, you are illuminated to the everyday lives of these hard-working villagers. Occupied by their fishing nets and preparing the day’s catch for distribution to neighboring establishments.

In the early morning, right around sunrise, observe seafood markets selling fresh fish from that days catch. Numerous restaurants such as Nha Hang Be Man Seafood Restaurant serve up fresh fish, oysters, clams and more, just a short walk from the sandy beachfront.  As the day comes to an end with sunset and cooler temperatures, the village makes use of their beautiful coastline with beach activities and dips in the clean ocean water.

Da Nang Resorts and Private Beaches

Looking for a bit more rest and relaxation out of your coastline visit? Well, you’re in luck. Da Nang offers a plethora of resort and villa establishments to spoil you on your holiday in the sun. Just south of My Khe Beach, an abundance of five-star hotels and fine dining restaurants offer pristine, private beachfronts. 

Avoid the crowds of the popular beach stretches without missing out on any of the benefits. These high-end resorts offer everything from fresh seafood, to water-sport equipment rentals, to elegant spa sanctuaries.  Here are just a handful of the best resort and spa establishments, each with their own private stretch of white sandy coastline:

Bac My An Beach

Heading south from My Khe you first encounter the Pullman Da Nang Resort. This five-star hotel establishment is located just 3km from downtown Danang. The Pullman offers multiple dining options, a coffee shop, a spa, watersport rentals, a tennis court, and beach lounger. On the first Sunday of each month from 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. the Pullman offer offers guests and day visitors monthly bubbles, beats, and brunch culinary feast. This includes sizzling meats, fresh seafood, salads and divine desserts accompanied by free-flow bubbles, beers, and cocktails with chilled-out DJ beats. The cost is 950,000 VND pp (41 USD) with one drink or 1,350,000 VND (59 USD) pp with free flow.

Further south sharing one kilometre of private beach with the Pullman is the five-star resort the Furama Beach Da Nang This establishment provides its guests with everything from diverse cuisine selections, to numerous picturesque bars, to extravagant spa experiences.

Bai Bac, Son Tra Peninsula

The jewel in the crown here has got to be the Intercontinental DaNang Sun Peninsula Resort.  One of the most noteworthy of Da Nang’s high-end five-star resorts, situated on its own reserved piece of beach. Due to its innovative Vietnamese design, numerous fine dining options and options for all kinds of spa and adventure indulging, it is no wonder it’s recognised as one of the top resorts in Asia. However with an average cost per night of 11,500,00 VND (500 USD) this is real splurge accommodation. 

Bai Nam, Bai Con

Another option if you still want the resort experience in Son Tra but your budget doesn’t stretch as far as the Intercontinental, is to try the Son Tra Resort and Spa. This four-star hotel and spa is another Da Nang gem. Equipped with everything one on holiday might desire but with an average cost per night of 2,900,000 VND (126 USD). Located along Bai Nam, the resorts own private beach strip. Similarly, this luxury getaway offers you the chance to fully relax and enjoy the serenity of Da Nang’s coastline. In addition to this, through the white sand of Bai Nam, you can also reach Bai Con just further North, another secluded and pristine small stretch of beach.

Hidden’s Thoughts

The beaches lining the coastlines of Da Nang are numerous. Ninety-two kilometres of pristine white sand, each technically sectioned into different beaches, tailored to different desires. So you have your popular, public and easily accessible areas- offering watersports and rentable loungers. In addition you have options for a little bit of adventure.  This ranges from small jungle-trek accessibility to corridors through long-standing Vietnamese seafood restaurants, to camping-only stretches of sand with no walkable accommodation options. 

After that there are your long stretches of private, resort-owned and virtually undisturbed beaches with high-end hospitality and numerous fine-dining options. 

Consequently you can choose whether to head to the remote beaches for a day away from the crowds or join in on the coastline hype of My Khe Beach. Or, if you’re feeling indulgent, check into one of the numerous beach resorts and enjoy a day at the spa. 

Therefore all these Da Nang oceanfront options- each breathtaking in their own regard- provide every type of atmosphere a beach-goer could ask for.