Christmas In Hoi An

If you’re making the most of the statutory holidays, your travels may well place you in Hoi An for Christmas. Celebrations are a little different here. But the festive season is still alive and well, just in a slightly different format. Remember you’re in the tropics now. So a white Christmas is definitely out of the question You’ll be hard-pushed to find a chimney here either. But Santa has his ways of getting to Hoi An.

This tourist town still embraces the Christmas season. The residents sweep you up with a different Christmas experience though. One that you’re unlikely to forget

Hidden gives you an insider’s guide on what to expect when spending Christmas in Hoi An. What to do, where to go, and more. We also explain a little further the Christmas celebrations in this part of Vietnam.

The Christmas Holidays in Hoi An

Vietnam is predominantly Buddhist with only 8% out of 90 million Vietnamese identifying themselves as Christians. Christmas is understandably then, not the biggest celebration on the Vietnamese calendar.

The highlight of the Vietnamese year is, in fact, Tet. The Lunar New Year celebration in Vietnam, coinciding with the Chinese New Year. Tet is colourful and fun, but the whole country is on the move as everyone travels back to their hometown to be with their family. During Tet, many businesses close. Business hours alter, staff shortages occur along with a slight sense of disarray. Regular working patterns abandoned in favour of celebrating with one’s friends and family. Very similar to what happens over the Christmas and New Year periods in the West. Therefore making travelling during Tet somewhat challenging for tourists.

Christmas decorations in Old Town
Christmas decorations in Hoi An Old Town. Photo: Heike Thiele

Hoi An is a tourist town, so it is less affected than in other areas. But prepare for some disruption travelling during this time. In particular, travel during Tet is expensive due to the high demand for seats. Buses and trains book out with Vietnamese travelling back to their hometowns.

What this does mean is that over the Christmas period in Hoi An, it’s pretty much “business as usual.” There are no closures or statutory holidays during this time for the Vietnamese. Therefore your travels will be uninterrupted, albeit infused with touches of tinsel!

What does Christmas in Hoi An look like?

There’s no doubt you will still know it’s Christmas time when you visit Hoi An. The many hotels in the area embrace the festive spirit with Christmas markets, decorations, and other promotional Christmas activities and specials. Read on where to stay in Hoi An and hotels in Old Town for more information on accommodation during this time.  

Hidden Hint: Once you’ve chosen your ideal spot, we advise that you secure it as soon as possible as this is a popular Western holiday time.

Many of the small stores in the Old Town swap out their regular fare for garlands, Santa suits, wreaths, reindeer antlers, and all things Christmassy.  It’s easy to find things to take back and decorate your hotel room with. Even trinket ornaments to buy as keepsakes for future Christmases back home. It’s also a great time to shop for those late Christmas presents.  Check out our souvenir shopping guide for some unique pieces to bring back home.

Sound of Silence Coffee Christmas tree
Staff at Sound of Silence Coffee decorate their Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve is the Main Event

The main difference of how Christmas is celebrated here compared to in the West is that here, Christmas Eve, instead of Christmas Day, is the main event. Many family meals are held on this day and hotels and restaurants around Hoi An offer special Christmas menus and banquets.  You’ll even find réveillon (chocolate log cake) in many restaurants. A remnant of the French influence here.  Many of the town’s bars will have Christmas Eve themed drinks and celebrations. The Old Town and its surrounding streets come alive with Christmas Eve revellers. The beach is lively, too, during this time, with many bars holding festive beach parties

Hidden Hint: Christmas Eve can be very busy on the streets of Hoi An as many of the youth will ride around on their motorbikes to different celebrations or to check out the lanterns, lights, and various activities.  If you stick to the pedestrian zones of the Old Town, you’ll be able to avoid most of this.

Christmas Mass in Hoi An

Christmas mass is celebrated at the newly renovated Hoi An Cathedral on the corner of Ly Thuong Kiet Street and Nguyen Truong Street. About a 10-minute walk from the centre of town. The Cathedral itself has stunning architecture, and the religious statues in the surrounding grounds outside are beautiful. The Cathedral is steeped in history as it was, in fact, one of the first places that missionaries chose to stay on their arrival in Vietnam. It has been rebuilt several times and holds the graves of the missionaries and church leaders buried in its grounds.

There is a Catholic Christmas mass service on both Christmas Eve at 7:30 pm and Christmas Day in Vietnamese at 6 am, and in English at 4 pm. The Cathedral has a nativity scene complete with a Christmas play. Many Vietnamese and tourists flock to see this on Christmas Eve. On this night, it is very busy, and the church is packed. So ensure you come early if you’d like to partake in the service. It is quite common for crowds to spill out of the church doors and families gather to listen to the choir singing in the church grounds. You are made most welcome here, though. The Vietnamese Catholic community are very open to visitors and treat you like a long lost friend.

Hidden Hint: Services are held in Vietnamese with a Christmas Day mass in English at 4 pm. If the only time you can go is a Vietnamese service, the masses contain a lot of singing, so you’ll easily be immersed in the experience without knowing the language.

Hoi An Roastery Christmas tree
Bags of coffee make a novel Christmas tree at Hoi An Roastery. Photo: Heike Thiele

Christmas Day in Hoi An

It’s business as usual on Christmas Day. Yes, the shops are all open, so you can shop for your last minute Christmas presents. In fact, for many local businesses here, it’s one of their biggest retail days.

Weather in Hoi An at Christmas

Now, while we’ve said there’s no snow, be prepared that for some colder, wet weather during December. But don’t let this dampen your spirits.  Hotels, bars, and restaurants all have plenty of activities on offer to help you forget about the weather if it is unpleasant. Many past Christmases here have been celebrated on the sands of nearby An Bang beach. Swimming at this time would be solely for the very brave, though! If you’d like to know more about the weather during this time we’ve dedicated an entire article to it here.

Christmas Dining

For those craving a Western fix with a traditional Christmas dinner don’t worry, the Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa has got you covered.  Famous in Hoi An for nearly 20 years for its design, ambience, and heavenly beachfront swimming pool. This resort is laid out as a replica of a traditional fishing village with small streets, water ponds, and village houses. At Christmas time they don’t disappoint because they decorate the resort beautifully complete with a giant Christmas tree. Their colonial-style restaurant with its antique wooden cabinets and classic fans make it the perfect festive dining experience.  The presentation of their food is faultless, as are their efficient staff. Plus you can look out to sea while dining on some amazing festive fare.

Christmas Eve Gala Dinner

The main event held on Christmas Eve is when they host a large “Christmas Eve Gala Dinner”. This comes complete with Christmas delights, cocktails, free flow wine, bubbles, beer and soft drink. The big man himself Santa even drops in with presents!  There are beautiful decorations, carol singing, lion dancing, and even a bonfire!  

The Christmas Eve menu is jaw-dropping. We’re talking oysters, crab, foie gras, scallops, salmon, duck, ham, and turkey for mains. Then you have to shuffle around to make room for the plethora of desserts. These include the aforementioned Christmas log cake, tiramisu, apple pie… the list goes on. The gala dinner starts at 4 pm with Santa’s arrival and ends with a bonfire near the pool around 9:30 pm. For the full Christmas menu and programme, check out their website.

The Victoria Resort Christmas Dinner
The Victoria Christmas dinner is a long-running Hoi An tradition.

Christmas Day Dining

For those of you that want to celebrate on Christmas Day, the Victoria does it all again on the 25th December with an international standard Christmas Day Brunch. Running from noon to 3 pm, Santa comes back with more presents for kids, the children of Victoria’s staff will perform for you, and there’s a supervised kid’s club as well. You also can devour Christmas fare along with free-flowing drinks.

Christmas Eve Gala Dinner Costs

Price: 1,725,000 VND (75 USD). 20% discount for children aged 5 to 11-years-old (Children under 5 are free)

Christmas Day Brunch Costs

Price: 890,000 ++VND (39 USD) with free flow of wine; 690,000++ VND (30 USD) with free flow of beer and soft drinks. 20% discount for children aged 5 to 11-years-old (Children under 5 are free)

Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa

Address: Au Co, Bien Cua Dai

Phone: +84 (28) 6290 9720 or toll-free: 1800 599 955


Christmas Brunch in the Old Town

Another option for celebrating Christmas in the Old Town with a traditional feast is to join the Anantara Hoi An Resorts’ Christmas Day Brunch. Held at The Art Space, a new art and dining concept area of the hotel. Here, you can dine in a festive, boutique atmosphere served by the Anantara’s superb staff.  There’s an expansive buffet with late breakfast temptations, traditional Christmas bites, and exquisite flavours from around the world. Santa will be there with his sack of goodies for the children. While adults are equally delighted by the selection of free flow bubbles, wine and beer. The Christmas Brunch runs from noon until 3 pm. All set in a  festive environment complete with sing-along Christmas tunes.

Christmas Day Brunch

Price: 1,380,000 ++VND ($60USD) with free flow soft drinks, beer, and sparkling, red and white wines – 50% discount for children 9 to 16-years-old (Children 8 and under are free)

Anantara Hotel

Address: 1 Pham Hong Thai Street

Phone: +84 (0) 235 391 4555


Simple Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations in Hoi An can be simple and subtle. Photo: Heike Thiele

Christmas Party at the Beach

Fancy spending Christmas day partying on the beach? Vietnam Backpackers has got your Christmas sorted. They have 12 days of festive Christmas events, both at the hostel and at Kahuna’s Hoi An Beach Club, leading up to the main event on Christmas Day.  Christmas Day itself starts with a sit down three-course meal and four hours of free-flow sangria, vodka, rum, and beer. Festivities run all day, celebrating “Christmas on the Beach”. There’s a “Festive Pool Party” with  DJs to take you through to the evening. They’re responsible hosts, too, offering a free shuttle bus to and from Kahuna’s for the event.

A three-course Christmas dinner, including free-flow sangria, vodka, rum, and beer, costs you just 600,000 VND (26 USD).  Bookings best made online through their website.

Christmas at the Beach with the Family

For a more family-friendly beach option, why not join the Salt Pub family this Christmas at Salt Pub and Restaurant?  They promise to show you a good time whether you’ve been naughty or nice! Salt Pub is one of the best-thought-out venues along the beach. They have a large garden with a play area for the kids and two decking areas which are perfect places to relax and enjoy Christmas.

You’ll get a Christmas welcome drink and a full three-course Christmas meal with all the trimmings. Yes, we’re talking turkey, lamb, roast potatoes, and Christmas cake among many other offerings. Accompanied by free flow local beer, as well as house red and white wine, from 12 to 3 pm. Tickets cost 900,000 VND (39 USD) and you secure them with a 200,000 VND (8.70) per person deposit. Call or contact them via Facebook to book.

Hidden Hint: Book as soon as you’ve made your decision on where to spend Christmas. These events are increasing in popularity each year.

Christmas under palm trees
Christmas under palm trees in Hoi An. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Hidden’s thoughts

Christmas in Hoi An is not going to be like Christmas in the West. That’s not to say one is better than the other—it’s just different. What Hoi An does offer during this time is the all-around good feeling about time with family, great food and the bonus that you’re on holiday, too —that’s always a plus.

A significant lure to Hoi An during Christmas time is its simplicity. Don’t underestimate how enjoyable a Christmas day without all the stressful build-up can be. You can step back and get someone else to cook for you here. Sit down and relax without putting your back out over the Christmas turkey! Imagine a Christmas where you can enjoy each other’s company without someone sweating over the stove and worrying for weeks in advance about menus and gifts. Indeed, the Vietnamese have it sussed, back to basics about what Christmas should be all about. Time spent with family and friends without all the commercial hype.

Every year though, Christmas gets bigger here as tourist levels continue to rise and the Vietnamese further embrace Western festivals. The Vietnamese do it in such a colourful, fun, all-encompassing way that however you choose to celebrate Christmas, it’s likely not going to be one you’ll quickly forget.

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