Victoria Resort Hoi An Review

Not only are there modern resorts with rooftop pools and quaint boutique hotels in Hoi An: this time the Hidden team goes on a mission to experience the history and culture of Vietnam within the hospitality sector. In this article, we review Hoi An’s first international hotel – the iconic Victoria Resort Hoi An.  

Ranked as one of the top three hotels in Hoi An on both and TripAdvisor: guests love the Victoria Resort for its relaxing atmosphere, the quality of the food and the courtesy of its staff. Located at Cua Dai Beach, just 15 minutes ride from Hoi An’s Ancient Town

Hidden Hint: The Victoria has a private beach!  However some reviews on social media say the opposite, as the beach area is pretty much brand new. Note the date of the reviews, which should not be longer than three years ago.

staff prepares the sun loungers at Victoria Hoi An Resort
Sun loungers line the pool at Victoria Hoi An Resort


Hidden’s Quick Facts – Victoria Hoi An Resort

Location: Bien, Au Co, Cua Dai, Hoi An

Price: Rooms start at 2,880,000 VND (125 USD) per night for standard rooms. Prices range up to 7,500,000 VND (325 USD) for suites. A full continental breakfast, fitness centre, tennis court, free shuttle bus to the Old Town and other external activities (such as morning Tai Chi) are included in the price. 

A generous 20% discount is offered on any types of rooms if booked 14 days in advance directly from their website.

Unique Selling Point: The Victoria Resort Hoi An is the place to choose to experience real hospitality and tradition while stepping into Vietnam’s past. 

sun loungers located at the beachfront of Victoria Hoi An Resort
A beachfront location provides wonderful sea views

The Victoria Resort: Hoi An’s First International Hotel

The Victoria Resort was the first international hotel in Hoi An. Built-in 2001 by a French construction company, the hotel’s mixed architecture replicates the culture of Hoi An, with a fusion of Japanese, French and Vietnamese elements. Located just 30 minutes from Danang International Airport, the resort is modelled on a traditional fishing village with small laneways, picturesque ponds and village houses with clay-tiled roofs. A little town inside Hoi An! 

Hidden Hint: This is definitely the choice for architecture and history lovers, who may prefer ancient and unique local touches over modern finishes. 

In fact, the hotel’s main idea is to immerse their customers in the experience: from Tai Chi or Yoga classes in the early morning to traditional local dancing shows at night. 

The hotel has not forgotten that Hoi An is the city of lanterns. Many colourful lanterns light up the garden and the reception area here at the Victoria Resort. 

motorcycle with a vintage sidecar found at Victoria Resort
Travel in style with a ride in The Victoria’s vintage sidecars. Photo: Courtesy Victoria Resort

Reviews and Visitor Opinions at Victoria Resort Hoi An

The Victoria Resort Hoi An is ranked highly, consistently one of the top hotels in Hoi An on both and TripAdvisor. Respectively 9.1/10 points on the first site and 4.5/5 points on the second. 

Guests love spending their holiday at the Victoria Resort Hoi An and enjoy relaxing in their rooms overlooking the sea. They adore the private beach located just 30 metres on the right-hand side of the hotel, calling it “a private surf paradise”. Last but surely not least, the Victoria Hoi An’s breakfast seems to be the most amazing breakfast that pretty much all customers have ever had in their life!

Comments and reviews come from two types of travellers: family and couples. However, it’s also ranked well for business purposes, with the hotel offering a meeting room of 100 sqm to hold any type of conference. 

Great reviews all over the web! The only thing that came up a bit less positive was related to the restaurants’ prices: just a bit too expensive according to some customers. However pretty standard in beach resorts here and internationally given your beachside location.  

Location of Hoi An’s Victoria Resort

The hotel is situated on the coast just at the end of Cua Dai Road, one of the main streets in town. It’s a 15 minute ride by shuttle bus from the Old Town or 10 minutes by motorbike. The hotel offers a free shuttle bus service to and from the Old Town.  

The location of the hotel right next to the sea is ideal. On arrival at the hotel reception, the noticeably fresh breeze cools you down from the hot temperatures of Hoi An. First-time guests will enjoy waiting for check-in at the impressive lobby with a welcoming drink, kindly provided by the front desk staff. All the while admiring the seemingly endless, external shades of blue from the top of the lobby. 

Needless to say that this is a perfect spot for golden hour lovers. As with all the beaches here you don’t get a sunset over the sea. But you can enjoy reading a book by the sea during the stunning golden hour or have a drink with your loved one while the sky is burning. This is indeed an inspiring location, and to top it all off: the beach is private! 

Drone shot of Victoria Resort's pool area
A birds eye view of The Victoria Resort’s pool area

Hotel Rooms at Victoria Resort Hoi An

Here comes the fun part, the Victoria Resort Hoi An offers an array of different types and styles of rooms. All inspired by ancient Hoi An but adorned with different designs aimed to fit the needs of any culture. With Japanese, Vietnamese and French structures they basically cover almost half of the world standards and demands. The feeling you get from this? Literally a “home away from home”

The Victoria Hoi An features 109 rooms in total. 

River & Garden View Rooms

Both the River and Garden View Rooms are similar in structure.  We are talking 34 sqm of cosy seating area with a sofa, a private balcony with sun loungers and an ensuite bathroom with bathtub. There is a choice of queen-size or twin beds. For those with river views, we suggest drawing the curtains during afternoon times as the sun can get very hot at some points during the year. 

Hidden Hint: Guests who choose the garden view enjoy a greener surrounding along with birds waking them up early morning and a little warm sunshine.

Victoria Deluxe Rooms

The Victoria Deluxe Rooms are just a little bit bigger than the River and Garden Rooms. With 36 sqm and high ceilings, all the Victoria Deluxe Rooms overlook the garden. As per the previous rooms, they also come with a seating area and a (larger) balcony. However, the attached bathroom comes with a shower and not with a bathtub. 

river view room
A River View room at The Victoria Resort Hoi An. Photo: Courtesy Victoria Resort

Victoria Junior Suites

The Victoria Resort’s Junior Suites give you a real feeling of being “at home”. We loved the Japanese-style Junior Suite. With a spectacular view over the ocean, this room has enough space to have privacy too, if not travelling solo. 52 sqm of room: a queen bed, a sofa, a writing table, espresso machine, private balcony with sun-chairs.  They have an outdoor shower so beautifully designed that you can’t help but feel the nature around you.

It doesn’t end here though, of course, this room is aimed to make you feel at home and relax as much as possible.  Therefore every Junior Suite is equipped with a jacuzzi bathtub.

Victoria Suites

It seems like this hotel never ceases to amaze us! So, if you want to experience even more luxury and unique stylish and comfy rooms, the Victoria Suites are just wonderful. Perfect in size, simple in their curated details, these types of rooms are the ultimate addition to the Junior Suite Room. A substantial 63 sqm of space with the same facilities as the Junior Suite, plus a king bed, a living room and a large private terrace. Basically, everything you need to feel comfortable is right here. 

Hidden Hint: When booking through the Victoria Resort’s website, ensure you specify the room type. 

Junior Suite at Victoria Resort Hoi An
A four poster bed in a Junior Suite at the Victoria Resort Hoi An. Photo: Courtesy Victoria Resort

Victoria Resort Hoi An Facilities

Restaurants & Bars

L’Annam Restaurant

Here a generous intercontinental breakfast is served every morning. With an extensive selection of great wines from all over the world, The restaurant brings both Vietnamese and international cuisine to the table. We love the Indochinese details of the restaurant, increasing the elegance with its antique furniture. 

Sunday Brunch at L’Annam

Delight your palate with the infamous Sunday Brunch. Open from 11:30.a.m to 3.p.m. Prices start at 690,000 VND (30 USD), including free-flow beer and soft drinks. 890,000 VND (39 USD) for a free flow of wine. This high-class buffet offers a blend of the finest European and Asian delicacies. Mountains of snow crab, tiger prawns, cheeses, jams, noodles, raw meats, sushi and infinite deserts. In other words – an excellent choice for brunch lovers!

Hidden Hint: Sunday Brunch includes free access to the pool! Furthermore brunch is entirely free for kids under five years old. 

Faifo Bar

The bar for fresh drinks or cocktails by the beach. Guests can also order food such as pasta, hamburgers or sandwiches. 

Cham Bar

Typical Indochinese architecture – the style, charm and atmosphere of this place makes you feel like you’ve dived into South East Asia’s past. Amazing views from the deck overlook the swimming pool. 

Elephant Bar

The hotel sports bar, where you’ll also find a pool table and can socialise with other sports enthusiasts. 

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is the first thing you notice when entering the hotel – it’s impossible to miss. From the top of the reception area, we admired how the colours of the swimming pool mix with the colours of the sea in the background. The pool is impressive and is two metres in depth at its deepest point.  With palm trees all around for shade and the breeze coming from the sea, the pool is not only a nice place to refresh from the heat, but also a great spot to reinvigorate yourself poolside with a fresh drink from the bar. 

The pool is open from 6.a.m to 10.p.m.

Hidden Hint: Hotel staff pass by at regular intervals offering fresh fruit and ice to cool you down. This hotel has impeccable service!

Majestic pool of the hotel
The swimming pool reflects palm trees and blue sky

Private Beach

If you are an Instagram lover and checking out the reviews and comments by following Victoria Hoi An’s hashtags on IG, please make sure to notice the date of the picture and the related comment. This hotel used to have a frontside beach years ago.  However, due to mother nature and some works along the whole coastline, the beach in front of the hotel has disappeared… In some cases comments say that there actually is no beach!  But don’t worry: recently the resort opened a private beach just 30 metres from the right-hand side of the hotel. 

It’s a gorgeous beach with turquoise water and white sand that solely welcomes guests from the Victoria Resort.  Guests can rent kayaks and paddleboards here. Additionally there is also enough wind to immerse yourself in surfing or windsurfing through the sea. 

Tennis Court

The latest addition to the resort! There are two brand new tennis courts on the left hand side of the hotel. Guests are welcome to bring their own equipment or borrow it from the hotel. Just ask the Hotel Manager. 

Conference Room

100 sqm of a conference room equipped with tripod screen and overhead projector, a television, video player, portable wireless microphones, flip chart, whiteboard and LCD upon request. This meeting room is big enough to hold a cocktail party event of 80 people, or a classroom of 50 or a banquet event of 60. 

Hidden Hint: Discuss your proposed event with the hotel’s marketing team. They are happy to work on accommodating your requests. 

Victoria Spa & Fitness Centre 

Who doesn’t need a massage after a long day of shopping or sightseeing around town? The Victoria Spa offers a good range of massages and therapies, as well as scrubs, wraps and facials. The spa also has a well-equipped gym, separate his/her dry saunas, a steam room and jacuzzi.  All complimentary for resort guests. 

Hidden Hint: Guests rank the Victoria Spa as top quality and great value. Hidden highly  recommends trying the “hot rock” massage. 

Opening hours: 9.a.m to 10.p.m

Supervised Kid’s Club

The fully supervised kid’s club is a great addition for guests with a family. Kids can enjoy multiple activities within the club, open throughout the day from 9.a.m to 6.p.m.  

They also offer babysitting on demand if you wish to have some quiet time by the beach.


A unique selling point for the Victoria Resort: guests can enjoy a ride all over Hoi An on a historical sidecar! An experience not to be missed. It’s like going back in time and so much fun with it!

Hidden Hint: Booking directly from the Victoria Resort’s website, entitles you to a complimentary sidecar ride into the Old Town once per day (subject to weather and availability). 

babysitting room of Victoria Resort Hoi An
Kids club and babysitting available at Victoria Resort. Photo: Courtesy Victoria Resort

Hidden’s Thoughts

We like to guide our readers on where to stay according to their personal tastes and styles. Therefore, we recommend the Victoria Resort Hoi An if you don’t want to stay at a standard modern hotel. Choose the Victoria Hoi An if you prefer to live and experience the full atmosphere of town along with all the comforts and kind hospitality that this hotel gives you. 

Above all, as this is the first international hotel in Hoi An: there is no doubt you will be captured by all the small and well-curated details found around this “little town inside the town”.  Although this is the oldest hotel in town, it has retained its appeal by upgrading the resort with modern facilities while retaining its own unique charm that no other hotels in town can offer.