Beachside Boutique Resort Hoi An – Hotel Review

Despite how charming Hoi An’s Old Town is, we’d completely understand if you preferred hotel accommodation near the beach. In this article, we take an in-depth look at one of the beachside hotels at South An Bang Beach, Beachside Boutique Resort in Hoi An. This boutique hotel property was built as part of a wave of development that transformed An Bang Beach from a sleepy beach town to the dynamic destination it is now. Beachside Boutique Resort is a consistent customer favourite and Hidden wanted to investigate what makes this particular property unique.


Hidden’s Quick Facts on Beachside Boutique Resort

Location: 25 Nguyen Phan Vinh

Price: Rooms at Beachside Boutique Resort start at 1,404,540 VND (61 USD) per night.  Prices range up to 7,022,700 VND (304 USD). 

Off-site villas start at 2,808,228 VND (121 USD) per night. Prices range up to 9,283,400 VND (400 USD). 

Unique Selling Points: Salt Pub restaurant across the street, a private beach, and self- contained accommodation for bigger parties.

the Beachside Boutique Resort's beautiful blue and white theme
A blue and white theme and beautiful murals give Beachside Boutique Resort a mediteranean vibe. Photo: Beachside Boutique Resort

About Beachside Boutique Resort

Beachside Boutique Resort is a mid-range hotel with a pool and private beach located at South An Bang Beach.  It lies approximately four km from the Old Town and across the street from the beach. The property is approximately a 45 minute drive to the nearest airport, Da Nang International Airport. Beachside Boutique Resort offers eighteen rooms including hotel rooms and larger suites. They also have off-site villas sprinkled throughout An Bang Beach, all in close proximity to the beach. 

Beachside Boutique Resort is a customer favourite with high reviews on multiple third party booking sites in Hoi An. Rooms can be booked through third-party sites, through their website, or by contacting the property directly via phone or Facebook messenger. 

Yellow room at the Beachside Boutique Resort
Rooms are spacious and thoughtfully decorated. Photo: Beachside Boutique Resort

Reviews and Visitor Opinions

With a 5/5 on TripAdvisor and a 9.2/10 on, Beachside Boutique Hotel is a shoo-in  customer favourite! We struggled to find a negative review. Visitors love the proximity to the beach, the helpfulness of the staff, and the breakfast included at the hotel’s restaurant, Salt Pub.

Larger parties are happily accommodated in Beachside’s spacious suites and villas so that they do not have to separate. Beachside Boutique is popular with couples, couples with children, and multi-generational families and parties. Guests also comment on how reasonable the prices are for the location and the quality of the amenities. Indeed, it seems that the only complaint from guests is that they wished they could have stayed a little longer.

One of the balconies at the resort
One of the sunny balconies at Beachside Boutique Resort Hoi An. Photo: Beachside Boutique Resort

Beachside Boutique Resort’s Location

Beachside Boutique Resort is located to the south of An Bang Village, across a quiet street from the beach. The proximity to the ocean paired with being only four km away from the Old Town is perfect for beachgoers who also want to immerse themselves in Hoi An’s history and culture. An Bang Beach has an assortment of restaurants and bars within walking distance from the hotel. Despite the many options for local businesses, this southern part of An Bang Beach is welcomingly quiet at night.

Hidden Hint: Beachside’s Boutique Resort also offers self-contained off-site villas scattered along An Bang Beach. All approximately just 20-30 metres from the beach!

The resort pool at the Beachside Boutique
The resort pool is only a short walk from the beach. Photo: Beachside Boutique Resort

Beachside Boutique Resort Rooms

Beachside Boutique Resort is not afraid to use well-placed splashes of colour in their under-the- sea themed decor. We found it a refreshing change from the pale pastels so commonly overused in beach residences. Their funky, fun signature decor is a thread that runs through their lobby, hotel rooms and suites, and villas.

This boutique hotel offers no shortage of options to stay for both couples and larger groups and families.  Especially for a hotel with just 18 rooms. For clarity, we have broken down their 18 rooms into their traditional hotel rooms and their three suites for larger parties. They also have eight off-site villas owned by Beachside Boutique Resort for larger groups and parties. Although they are not located on the Beachside Boutique premises, we will cover their off-site villas in this section as well.

“Traditional” Rooms: Seashell, Mermaid, and Lobster

Rooms and suites at Beachside Boutique Resort are located at the main site 25 Nguyen Phan Vinh. The three traditional room types all share common features such as a king-sized bed, an en suite bathroom, and a balcony. The Seashell Room, a best-seller at Beachside Boutique Resort in Hoi An is also available with twin beds. The Seashell is the smallest of the rooms at 26 square metres. The Lobster is the biggest room at 29 square metres. The Mermaid Room is the biggest of the three at 32 square metres.

Hidden Hint: Budget-conscious groups or families can get an extra bed or crib added to one of the bigger rooms (Lobster or Mermaid) for a surcharge. Potentially a cheaper option than getting one of the suites below depending on availability and rates.

blue Seashell Room at the resort
Hoi An’s Beachside Boutique Resort Seashell Room. Photo: Beachside Boutique Resort

Beachside Boutique Resort Suites

Captain Suite

The Captain Suite is a very spacious option for two people. For those who want to add an extra bed but want to make sure they have enough room, this is a great option!

Family Suite

This suite is designed for a family of four. This attractive, ground floor suite has an exposed brick wall and a spacious bathroom. It also boasts a private outdoor garden with patio furniture. 

Penthouse Apartment

This duplex apartment accommodates up to six people in its three bedrooms, with double or twin beds. The lounge area and partial kitchen are in one, open space. All the rooms have balconies facing the pool and ocean. There is also a private roof top area with sunbeds. 

Hidden Hint: There is only one Captain Suite, one Family Suite, and one Penthouse Apartment. If you think that one of these suites would be perfect for your party, book in advance to avoid disappointment!

Beachside Boutique Resort Villas

Additionally, Beachside Boutique Resort offers eight off-site villas to accommodate groups from four to eight people, scattered along An Bang Beach. Don’t worry about beach accessibility because all the villas are 20-30 metres from the beach. The villas are located anywhere from 50 meters to a little under two km from the Beachside Boutique Resort property and Salt Pub.

All of the villas have daily housekeeping, which is nice considering how chaotic things can get with families on holiday! Some of the villas also have kitchens, but please note that Vietnamese kitchens do not have ovens. All of the villas have two bedrooms with varying bed configurations, except for the Salt Beachfront Villa, which has three bedrooms.

Another option is booking their Twin House Green and Twin House Blue in tandem. The two villas are located next to each other with an optional connecting door. So this could be a unique option for larger intergenerational families or for two families on vacation together. In addition, some of the villas even boast their own outdoor gardens. While the Villa Catani has both a garden and pool! Therefore you can understand why the range of prices for these villas varies. For more detailed information visit the villa overview on the Beachside Boutique Resort website.

Hidden Hint: Please note that breakfast at Salt Pub is not included with Villa accommodation. However, if you want spa services, Beachside Boutique Resort will send their spa specialists directly to your villa upon request!

Booking a Beachside Boutique Resort Villa

If you do want to book one of Beachside Boutique Resort villas on a third party site, you will not be able to book through the Beachside Boutique Resort hotel listing. The Beachside Boutique Resort hotel listing on the third party sites includes only their rooms and suites. Therefore you have to search for the villas separately as they are each listed as their own property. We also noticed that the process of finding the villas on was quite messy.  Due to the fact that some are categorised under “apartment” and some under “villa.” 

Beachside Boutique Resort in Hoi An may be able to provide a better rate for villas for you than the third party sites. This paired with the messy process of finding the villas on third party sites, makes us strongly recommend contacting the property directly regarding their villas for an easier and smoother booking process. Email them at, or contact them via Facebook messenger regarding the rooms or villas.

Beachside Boutique Resort Amenities

Private Beach

Beachside Boutique Resort Hoi An provides private beach access across the street from their property. Therefore guests can take advantage of their sunbeds facing the beautiful East Vietnamese Sea. Please note that this is not “exactly” a private beach because the sunbeds are also open for Salt Pub customers. 

If you are used to private beaches with only other hotel guests on the beach, this is not the case. Hotels with private beaches exclusively for hotel guests are not common in Hoi An. However, getting a sunbed for the day is still a great perk! 

Swimming Pool

In addition to their private beach, you can also enjoy their kid-friendly pool. The modern, well kept pool area is decorated with plants and a colourful sea-themed wall mural. They offer poolside snacks for the entire family and cocktails and local beers for the grown-ups. 


The hotel has an on-site spa for those that crave a little (or a lot!) of pampering. They provide nail care services to get your toes beach-ready. They also offer an assortment of massages such as couples massages, head massages, and full body massages. 

Hidden Hint: Book spa services in advance at reception to avoid disappointment 

The Salt Pub

Salt Pub across the street from Beachside Boutique Resort, provides free breakfast for those staying at one of the rooms or suites at the hotel. You may very well choose to go back to Salt Pub throughout the day for their western and Vietnamese menu and similarly its fun, relaxed atmosphere. Salt Pub has a playground for the kids and an array of sports channels. But if there is something particular you want to watch, chances are it will be available upon request. In addition, on Thursday and Sunday evenings, they have live music. Therefore a great option for Beachside Boutique Resort guests that feel like going out but don’t want to wander too far from ‘home’.                                              

Hidden Hint: Everything on the menu at Salt Pub can be made vegan-friendly1

Other Beachside Boutique Resort Amenities

Beachside Boutique Resort will make transportation arrangements for you and has a fleet of bicycles to use. So grab a bike and check out some of Hidden Hoi An’s self-guided routes here. Additionally, childcare is available at the hotel upon request for when you want a night on the town at a romantic restaurant or to see a show

The Salt Pub restaurant at night
Salt Pub Restaurant opens out onto An Bang beach. Photo: Beachside Boutique Resort

Hidden’s Thoughts

Consequently after visiting Beachside Boutique Resort in Hoi An, Hidden can see why guests consistently give this property great reviews. Their colourful beach-themed decor, range of amenities, and great location are more than enough to keep guests happy. If you exclusively stay at high-end, luxury resorts while on holiday, remember that Beachside Resort Hotel is not a five-star resort despite its glowing reviews. Also, if you are completely averse to children in the pool, consider staying at a different type of hotel. If you do not fall into either of these categories, then the Hidden team are sure that you will enjoy your stay.

Beachside Boutique Resort’s range of accommodation for couples, families with young children, and larger groups is impressive. In addition, the hotel’s amenities paired with the lively An Bang Beach setting ensures a great holiday for visitors of all ages.

Due to the fact there are only 18 rooms, Beachside Boutique Resort isn’t a huge property (excluding the eight villas). However, this may very well change in the future. Beachside Boutique Resort let Hidden in on their expansion plans to accommodate more guests. With their popularity with guests, this doesn’t surprise us!