Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An Review

Hoi An has a great many things in abundance; food, activities, historical points of interest, beaches, and, of course, lanterns. As such, thousands upon thousands of people visit Hoi An every year. Well, you would be right in assuming that the Sunrise Resort Hoi An is just one of the abundance of accommodation options to cater for the crowds. 

Thankfully, there is a type of accommodation for everyone in Hoi An. From guesthouses, hostels, hotels and homestays, no matter your preference or budget, there’s a place for you. Backpackers on a budget often opt for the cheaper hostels and guesthouses. While the majority of other visitors tend to opt for mid-range hotels which offer a balance of value and comfort. 

But what about the very high end of this spectrum? What is the best of the best, and what will staying in a luxury resort really give you that other hotels can’t? Well, after visiting some and conducting research, it turns out it’s a lot. 

In this article Hidden reviews the Sunrise Resort Hoi An, one of Hoi An’s luxury, high-end hotel options. We provide a comprehensive review of exactly what Sunrise Resort has to offer, what you can expect, and how much to expect it for. 

aerial view of Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An
An aerial view of Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An. Photo: Hidden Hoi An


Hidden Quick Facts on the Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An

Location: Cua Dai Beach

Price: 2,700,00 VND (116 USD) – 34,900,000 VND (1500 USD)

Unique Selling Point: Sunrise Resort Hoi An offers unabashed, unrivalled luxury and complete peace of mind. 


About the Sunrise Resort Hoi An

The Sunrise Resort Hoi An is all about one thing: luxury. The five-star premium resort is clean, fresh, and oozes luxury from the moment you walk in. The extremely spacious foyer is populated with hotel staff eager to help with whatever it is the guest may want. While this may feel a little overbearing, it’s simply the style of the hotel. 

This is the place to stay if you want everything taken care of for you, by a dedicated team on hand, twenty-fours a day. It’s not so much the boutique-style you find many South-East Asian resorts adopt, but more clean and polished. While some may find this a little too sterile, it’s exactly what others like. It’s a matter of personal choice. 

Approaching the hotel it becomes immediately apparent what kind of operation they are running. With green grass, leafy trees and water features dotted throughout the front of the hotel, even before you reach the foyer you feel worlds away from the town. The Sunrise Resort runs a well-rehearsed and professional operation. The beautiful hotel is all but guaranteed to deliver on what they promise.

Reviews and Visitor Experience

Even walking through the hotel and its grounds, it’s immediately clear that guests are enjoying themselves. But one indispensable tool for gauging whether a hotel is for you or not is online reviews. 

With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor and nearly 4000 reviews, the Sunrise Resort’s reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Who’d have guessed? It is worth bearing in mind, however, that online reviews drastically vary in reliability, so they are not to be taken as gospel. We’ve all been to a restaurant with the best online reviews only to be disappointed. It happens. 

The best of the Sunrise reviews are good, with the praise almost always being aimed at the facilities if nothing else. Reviewers all seem to enjoy the free shuttle bus into town. They praise the value when booking a package at the hotel (take a look at their website to see what packages and deals they have on offer). 

Negative reviews, however, seem to focus on the poor quality of some food and an apparent nervousness or anxiousness of staff. Though this is not ideal, in reality, it’s not likely to affect your stay too much.

With regards to food, it can and does happen that standards can slip over time and with complacency. But this is liable to happen at any restaurant. Though it really shouldn’t be a common complaint at a five-star hotel. As mentioned above, reviews are highly subjective and often unreliable. However if the same grievances appear time and again, they might be worth taking seriously. 

grounds at Sunrise Resort Hoi An
The grounds at Sunrise Resort Hoi An. Photo: Sunrise Resort

Sunrise Resort Hoi An’s Location 

The Sunrise Resort’s location may be a determining factor when choosing a hotel in Hoi An. The hotel is located a little way out of town – a ten-minute drive or so – though the hotel offers a complimentary pick-up and drop off service into town, so that’s not a particular worry. 

The hotel is a beach resort, the Sunrise, in fact, have something of their own semi-private beach, in that it’s only accessible to those staying at the hotel. Walking through the foyer, you find yourself in a large outdoor area with multiple pools, seating areas and bars. Walking past this you find yourself directly on the beach with views over the Cham Islands. This is one of Sunrise’s unique selling points, if not the biggest. For those who want pure relaxation and peace of mind, this is what Sunrise offers.

It’s the kind of resort you wouldn’t have to leave for the entire duration of your stay. Though if you do that, you’ve completely wasted a trip to Hoi An.

overlooking Cham islands from the Sunrise Resort villa
A view of the Cham Islands from The Sunrise Resort Villa. Photo: Sunrise Resort

Sunrise Resort Hoi An – Hotel Rooms

The Sunrise Resort offers a wide range of hotel rooms, suites and private villas with varying degrees of luxury. Naturally, what’s included varies with the type of room or villa. All of the Sunrise Resort’s rooms offer luxury no matter which level you go for. You don’t have to splash out on the most expensive room to fully enjoy what the Sunrise has to offer. Having said that, of course, the bigger you go, the better it gets. 

All of the Sunrise’s rooms follow the same motif of bringing the pastel colours of blue and white from the beach inside, fully embracing the oceanfront location of the hotel. As such, the Sunrise’s rooms all have a wonderfully clean and fresh feel to them, no matter how much you spend.

Deluxe Room

The most modest of them all is the standard Deluxe room and though it is the most basic of Sunrise’s rooms, the forty square-metre room has nothing basic about it. As with all of the Sunrise Resort’s rooms, the deluxe rooms have been designed with privacy in mind. A completely enclosed balcony allows you to relax and enjoy the evening breeze with complete peace of mind. If you opt for the Ocean Deluxe room, your view will be over the Cham Islands. 

Deluxe rooms include a whole host of amenities and extras thrown in. Along with the obvious essentials such as air conditioning, 40-inch flatscreen television with all major international channels, fully-stocked minibar, drinking water and a kettle, complimentary in-room tea and coffee and even a pillow menu. Included services with this room are plentiful, including 24-hour room service, babysitting service, access to the Bliss Spa and the tennis court, fitness centre and access to the daily guest recreation activities programme to name but a few. 

deluxe room at the Sunrise Resort
A deluxe room with sea view at The Sunrise Resort. Photo: Sunrise Resort

The Villas

The Deluxe room is perhaps the most popular option. It is the cheapest while giving the guest access to most of the services on offer in the hotel. On the other end of the spectrum, however, you have the option of staying in the decadent one- or two-bed Grand Pool Villas or Ocean Front Villas. These options are extremely pricey, setting you back a whopping 34,913,469 VND (1,500 USD). The villas are able to sleep up to 6 people, however. If this seems extraordinarily expensive, it’s because it is. But the chances are if you’re looking for absolute luxury for you and your family or friends, this price tag won’t be completely shocking. 

You may be wondering what on earth could warrant such a price tag. Well, there are numerous exclusive benefits for guests opting for the villas. You would expect breakfast to be included, and it is served to you anytime, anywhere. In truth, there’s a whole host of complimentary extras for the guest, which considering the price tag you’d full well expect. This includes free daily afternoon tea served from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Lounge Restaurant, a selection of free drinks served all day at the Signature Lounge, free laundry (eight pieces per day), the list goes on and on. 

Ocean Front Villas

The Ocean Front Villa includes a master bedroom, two twin bedrooms (you can opt for two king-sized beds instead), a lounge area, an outdoor terrace and a balcony. Washroom facilities include an outdoor bamboo rainfall shower and a custom-designed bathtub. The villa is of course equipped with a forty-inch television and a PlayStation, because what else would you do all day. You might instead find joy in the little things, such as the fruit basket set up in your room daily. 

All restaurants close at 10:00 p.m., though in-room dining is available 24/7.

Sunrise Resort Hoi An – Facilities

The Restaurants

Aside from offering in-room dining for guests and room service, the Sunrise Resort Hoi An operates three restaurants in their grounds, with each restaurant offering a different experience. The Pool House, for example, offers a variety of foods. They label the restaurant ‘international and fusion’, which means they cook just about everything. This is perhaps the most laid back of the restaurants. You can hop out of the pool and jump straight into dining with views of the beach and the neighbouring Cham Islands. The Pool House offers private, candlelit dining on the beach for the romantics, and serve snacks poolside for those just a little peckish. 

The Spice Garden is the second of the Sunrise’s restaurants.  They offer Vietnamese and Asian dishes made using fresh and local Vietnamese herbs and ingredients. The Spice Garden begins the day with breakfast from 6:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. in a buffet style. While they offer a slightly different and far more personal experience for the evening time. Hot rocks – literally rocks which are very hot – are delivered to the guest’s table where the guest can cook his or her food how they like it. This is a very popular style of cooking across Asia, adding another dimension to the dining experience. Whether at the Sunrise Resort or not, it’s something you have to try. 

The Lounge completes the trio of restaurants, serving Western food in a dark and wood tone restaurant setting. Guests can enjoy afternoon tea in The Lounge and watch the world-class chefs do their thing in the evening with the signature show kitchen, watching chefs creatively prepare their food.

Spa and Wellness

What five-star hotel would be complete without a range of spa facilities? Aromas of honey, cloves, coconut oil and golden turmeric tempt you down to the Bliss Spa where a range of holistic treatments are available. From hot stone therapies to herbal detoxification and anti-aging facials. The treatments are a blend of modern techniques and Eastern traditional therapies. Bliss Spa opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 10:00 p.m.

The Sunrise Resort also boasts a gym, Peak Fitness, for those who don’t understand the point of a holiday. We joke, of course, because staying in shape while away from home is a must for many and a great way to start the day on a positive note. Open from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily, Peak Fitness is kitted out with the latest and greatest in gym equipment.  The Sunrise’s personal trainer is on hand all day to help you get the most out of your session. They also offer classes in yoga and Tai Chi. 

beachfront infinity pool
Looking out over the beachfront pool. Photo: Sunrise Resort

Swimming Pools

The Sunrise boasts two main pools and a toddler’s pool – though some villas have their own private pool – a very large main pool, and a lap pool for those more serious swimmers. With over 200 sun loungers spread out across the huge grounds, there’s enough space for everyone. Leafy palm trees spread throughout the pool area help to make the place feel a little less sparse. With multiple bars outside, you can grab a cocktail and stay cool in the pool with views over the East Vietnamese Sea and the Cham Islands. 

The pools close at 10:00 p.m. until the end of September. But things change seasonally so be sure to check when you book.

Kids’ Club

A major benefit for those staying with their families, the Sunrise Resort offers a Kids Club from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily. Here children will enjoy a day packed full of scheduled activities. Along with added educational aspects of learning about Vietnamese culture through crafts, song and dance. Children are fed savoury treats from the Sunrise’s chef and also enjoy splashing about in the pool.

Cultural and In-House Experiences

The Sunrise Resort offers an astonishing amount of experiences for guests.  We are talking anything from riding a buffalo to playing golf, to river cruises and adventures on Vespa motorbikes. With a dedicated experiences desk in the foyer and a team dedicated to tailoring your stay to exactly what you want, it’s easy to partake in some experiences you’ll never forget. You truly can experience almost everything Hoi An has to offer through the Sunrise Resort, which takes an enormous amount of pressure off having to plan experiences yourself. 

A clay bowl finished by hand
A potter at work in Hoi An’s pottery village. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Hidden’s Thoughts

If you want to stay in a beautiful hotel in an unrivalled location (on the beach) and with fantastic facilities, look no further. As mentioned at the start of the article, this isn’t a boutique hotel. If you want to experience something more personal and zen, you should look elsewhere. If, however, you want almost everything possible taken care for you, then the Sunrise Resort Hoi An might be the hotel for you. 

There are plenty of hotels and resorts in Hoi An, so it’s really worth looking around and reading reviews to gauge what they will be like when you arrive. It would be hard to be disappointed with the Sunrise Resort unless something catastrophic went wrong. Having said that, if you are used to staying in five-star hotels and luxury resorts, you will have high standards and know what to expect. So the experience may not be as special as it would be if you were splashing out for a treat. 

Overall, Hidden would recommend staying at Sunrise Resort Hoi An and taking full advantage of everything they have to offer. 


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