Best Hostels in Hoi An

Hoi An is on the list of every Vietnam backpacker’s itinerary—and for good reason! An epic ancient town, stunning beaches, friendly people, and cheap, well, everything!  Luckily you’ll also find some of the best hostels around, right here in Hoi An

Looking for a hostel to crash for a few nights in Hoi An requires a little planning, especially if you’re looking to surround yourself with your kind of people. Choosing a hostel is all about choosing the right atmosphere. You definitely don’t want to end up in an all-day party hostel when all you want to do is lay back and chill.

Let’s face it—things are not like they were 10 years ago, so hostels can’t get away with lousy service anymore. It is only a matter of seconds before they’re being slammed on Hostelworld or However, from “not lousy” to “wow this place is amazing,” there is a big gap.

To bridge that gap, Hidden has put together everything there is to know about the Hoi An hostel scene. What to expect, what is different, and how to choose the perfect hostel, along with our pick of the eight best hostels in Hoi An.

Tribee Ede Hostel
Sharing a meal with friends at Tribee Ede Hostel, one of the best hostels in Hoi An.


Who Stays in Hoi An’s Hostels?

Hoi An hostels have come a long way over the last decade. Dingy backpacker hostels of old, have given way to funky, modern, clean hostels, with tons of amenities, great facilities, excellent locations, and super cheap prices.

The most interesting thing about hostels is that you never know who you’re going to end up sharing a beer with. During our research, we hung out with a Dutch opera singer, a Canadian entrepreneur, Argentinian rugby players and a French restaurant manager.

Hostelling gives you the opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Sure, the majority of the guests we encountered were budget-conscious: solo travellers, backpackers, students, digital nomads and gap year travellers under the age of 35; but that doesn’t mean we didn’t also come across people in their 40’s and 50’s reinventing or just enjoying themselves. With the majority of hostels in Hoi An being as comfortable and stylish as most of the small hotels and homestays, more and more people of all ages are using them as a form of social travel.

Under The Coconut Tree Hostel bunk beds
Under The Coconut Tree Hostel bunk beds in the traditional bamboo bungalows.

What You Should Know Before Staying in a Hostel in Hoi An

Hostels come in all shapes and sizes. Many have swimming pools, gardens, bars, pool tables, rooftops, movie rooms, libraries, galleries, hammocks, air conditioners, fans. There is a bunch of freebies, too, like water refills, bicycles, breakfast, shots, drinks, movies nights, tours… the list goes on! You can also expect to find travel information and help with tour and transport bookings, along with all the best money-saving tips.

The average price for a single bed in a mixed dormitory is 184,000 VND (8 USD) per night.

There are a few things that are different in Hoi An hostels, especially when it comes to sleeping arrangements. You’ll rarely find bunk beds here, which is great for ladder-haters and those who like less cramped rooms. Dorms in Hoi An usually host four to six people and have bathrooms attached to each room. On the downside, the beds are usually placed right next to each other and have no curtains, which means no privacy. Most of the travellers we met mentioned that they’d prefer more privacy, but they weren’t too bothered since they weren’t spending a lot of time in their dorm rooms anyway.

In your bed, besides clean linen, expect to find a small locker for valuables and some space next to or under your bed for luggage. Hostels close to the sea or a garden also have mosquito nets over the beds. Scooters and bicycles are usually available for rent from reception and there are daily happy hour offers. Hostels run by Vietnamese families ask that you leave your shoes at the entrance and will often organise “family dinners” for all guests several times a week, so try not to miss these. You’ll taste all sorts of homemade local delicacies for anywhere from 50,000 to 60,000 VND (2 to 2.5 USD).

Under The Coconut Tree Hostel - row of shoes
A row of shoes outside the door at Under The Coconut Tree Hostel.

How to Choose the Best Hostel For You

The best sites to search for hostels in Hoi An are Hostelworld and Always read each hostel’s description carefully before you book. Pictures will give you the best clue on what it’s like. If you see a lot of pictures of people partying, then chances are this is not the quietest hostel around! Don’t focus only on rates, and look for freebies, like breakfast, bicycles, tours, and organised activities. They can make a world of difference to your budget. Set a threshold for ratings and add filters when searching.

If a hostel has a 6/10 rating or below, then just strike it off your list as they probably have a lot of things to work on. Always read the reviews, there’s nothing better than the advice of someone who stayed there the night before.

The majority of hostels in Hoi An are located near the Old Town, just a stroll away from all the hip restaurants and bars, with the exception of Under the Coconut Tree, which is the only hostel by the beach.

Hidden Hint: Some homestays in Hoi An claim to be hostels but lack the social vibe. Filter your search by “Hostel” and look for “Dormitory Rooms” in the bed description to avoid this.

What Should You Bring?

Ear plugs, ear plugs, ear plugs! Someone is always going to snore, get drunk, wake up at 4:00 am to do the photo tour, rustle plastic bags at 8:00 am in the morning because they forgot to pack the night before… the list is never-ending! An eye mask is also a good idea, especially in a sunny place like Hoi An. Bring a small towel, as well as soap and shampoo, as most places do not provide toiletries. Don’t forget to grab your flip flops before you hit the shower. Foot fungus is the last thing you need while travelling!

Travellers in a rice field
Girls in brightly coloured fruit print fabric pose for photos in Hoi An’s rice fields.

Hoi An’s Best Hostels

Best Designed Hostel – Vietnam Backpacker Hostel

Website – Address: 250 Cua Dai
Dorm Bed/ Night: 185,000 VND (8 USD)

Dear Traveller-Rockstar, this is for you!

This is your place to shine! We’re talking library, gallery, swimming pool, movie room, chill-out areas, bar, cafe, restaurant, elevator, and even a hairdryer. As soon as you step in, you’ll get the feeling of being in a funky, super hip music festival rather than a hostel. There is always something going on—game nights, free beer, happy hours, beer pong, bar crawls, pool parties‚you name it! If you get tired of staying in, then there’s a free shuttle to their beach bar, Kahuna’s, in An Bang beach. They have paddleboards, beach loungers, a swimming pool, delicious food, and refreshing cocktails. There’s never a dull moment here. If you’re travelling with friends or by yourself and want to shake things up, then make a pit stop at Vietnam Backpackers.

Hidden Hint: Hoi An Vietnam Backpacker Hostel is just one of a chain of nine hostels. If you’re travelling through Vietnam, then ask them about their special partner offers.

Vietnam Backpacker Hostel's in-house tailor
Vietnam Backpacker Hostel

Best Hostel for Solo Travellers – Tribee Ede Hostel

Website – Address: 30 Ba Trieu
Dorm Bed/ Night: 172,000 VND (7.50 USD)

The Tribee family of hostels are among the most popular hostels in Hoi An. Their central locations, modern facilities and abundance of activities, make it the perfect hostel for solo travellers. Tribee Ede is the biggest and busiest out of the five. Its dorm rooms can feel a little tight, but are clean, colourful and come with an en suite bathroom, air conditioner, ceiling fan, and reading light.

You can relax by the pool, chat in the funky common area, play games by the garden, take one of their free tours, join a free cooking class, and even hop on the shuttle bus with the other “Tribees” for an epic club night. Its unlimited free breakfast will totally nurse your inevitable hangover!

Tribee Ede Hostel's poolside: Best hostels in Hoi An
Travellers relax poolside at Hoi An’s Tribee Ede Hostel

Best Party Hostel – Serendipity

Website – Address: 27 Le Quy Don
Dorm Bed/night 140,000 VND (6 USD)

Serendipity is everything you need in a party hostel. It has a great atmosphere, people, facilities… and its own nightclub! It also boasts spacious eight-bed dorm rooms, a garden, a Mexican restaurant, a bar, an outdoor cinema, and a pool table, so you can guarantee that you’ll never be bored.

Hidden Hint: It’s not always party time in Serendipity! It’s usually very chill during the day.

By day you’ll be chilling out in the garden, making new friends over cold beers and tapas and by night you’ll be partying in one of Hoi An’s grooviest night clubs! Every Wednesday and Sunday, the hostel opens its doors to welcome DJ’s from all over the world. Expect electro, techno and house beats, cheap drinks, an in-house tattoo artist, and loads of travellers. This is one of the few places that stays open after 2:00 am in the Old Town area—sooner or later everybody ends up here. If you’re on the road, away from home, and seeking something exciting, then you’ll fit right in with Serendipity’s crowd.

Serendipity Hostel's party scene: Best hostels in Hoi An
The party gets going after 11 p.m. at one of the best hostels in Hoi An, Serendipity Hostel

Best Beach Side Hostel – Under the Coconut Tree

Website – Address: To 7 Lang An Bang
Dorm Bed/Night: 185,000 VND (8 USD)

Just a few minutes walk from An Bang Beach, you’ll find paradise. Under the Coconut Tree rocks—on so many levels! It’s probably one of the best hostels in Hoi An to unwind and stop the clock. The dorms manage to keep a natural, tropical feel through their thatched roofs and cosy bamboo structures, while private rooms are basically just cute bungalows. You’ll need to kiss the aircon goodbye for a few days, though, in favour of the sea breeze!

Hidden Hint: Every Friday, you can give back to the local community by joining their BBQ buffet, beach bonfire, and spur of the moment bar crawl. All profits are given to charity to help build new schools in remote areas.

You’ll find travellers of all ages here enjoying the sun and sea. It’s ideal for couples and sociable families. It has some of the most satisfied customers in Hoi An as 90% of their reservations come from recommendations.

Under The Coconut Tree Hostel's guests
A group of travellers share stories outside the bamboo built Under The Coconut Tree Hostel at An Bang beach.

Best ‘Local Feel’ Hostel in Hoi An – Hostel

Website – Address: 46 Thai Phien
Dorm Bed/Night: 185,000 VND (8 USD)

If you’re looking for a more local vibe during your stay in Hoi An, then try This brand new hostel truly lives up to its name. Run by Ly and her family, and as in most local hostels and homestays in Vietnam, her family lives on the property and you get to see them daily. This means local dishes for breakfast, expert insider travel tips, family dinners, and comfy surroundings.

The atmosphere is relaxed, warm, and friendly. The rooms are some of the most spacious and bright that we’ve seen in Hoi An, with big grey curtains to block the light for those looking for a small siesta during the day. You won’t get a lot of extra facilities and amenities, but Ly and her family go above and beyond to make sure you feel welcome and at home.

Love.Ly hostel's dorm room
A dorm room at Love.Ly hostel in Hoi An. Photo from hostel

Best Hostel for a Private Room – Dk’s Hotel

Website – Address: 308 Nguyen Duy Hieu
Room/Night: 250,000 VND (11 USD)

Need your own space without sacrificing the fun only a hostel can give? DK’s Hotel’s reasonably priced private rooms are perfect for older travellers or couples who want a bit more privacy. DK’s interior is a little like an old villa. It has big curved stairs, spacious rooms, an indoor swimming pool, and a small rooftop. Although we found the room decor a little out of date, we still felt it gave out a warm vibe. Add that to all the games, social gatherings, cosy common spaces, and like-minded backpackers you’ll meet here, the chances are that you’ll extend your stay!

Hidden Hint: Homestays in Hoi An offer private rooms around the same price as DK’s. However, they lack the shared social experiences that hostels can offer.

DK Hotel's room
An image showing one of the rooms at DK Hotel in Hoi An. Photo from the hotel

Best Cheap Hostel in Hoi An- Little Leo Hostel

Website – Address: 39 Le Van Huu
Dorm Bed/ Night: 125, 000 VND (5.40 USD)

If you’re looking for the cheapest (yet decent!) available option in Hoi An, then Little Leo is for you. This charming hostel provides clean dorms, free breakfast and free bikes for just over 5 USD per night. That’s a lot to offer for just five bucks! Don’t expect fancy facilities and activities as this is a quiet hostel with a small patio where you can sit and relax after a long day of strolling in the city. It’s quite far from the Old Town (a 15-minute walk); but if you’re on a tight budget, then we suggest you give it a shot!

Hidden Hint: Once a month, the owner Oanh prepares a family dinner of Hoi An’s signature dishes. This is free for guests.

Little Leo Hostel signage
Set in a quiet street, Little Leo Hostel is Hoi An’s cheapest dorm bed.

Hidden’s thoughts

Hoi An is a backpacker’s heaven and its hostels live up to the hype. There are so many great hostels here in Hoi An, all providing unique environments to socialise in. All you have to do is choose your kind of crowd and join the fun! Trust us—picking the right hostel will make all the difference. Even if you’re only in town for a short time, you shouldn’t miss out on the unique experience hostels provide to meet travellers from all over the world.

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