Hoi An’s Best Budget Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the biggest fixed-costs for travellers. Fortunately, Hoi An has lots of cheap budget accommodation options within and around the city’s most popular attractions.

Hidden tells you which is the best Hoi An budget accommodation. This article will guide you to some great rooms, costing no more than 700,000 VND (30 USD)/night.

Our findings are organised by location (read our where to stay in Hoi An article to help choose the best area for you) and consider who you’re travelling with (single, couple or family), then specify the best bang-for-your-buck hostel, homestay, or Airbnb. All of the properties offer free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, parking spaces, travel information and tips about the area. Airport transfers to Da Nang Airport can be arranged, and bicycles are available for free or low cost. NB: prices can vary due to the availability of rooms, beds, seasons, and timing of booking.

Seasun Homestay: Hoi An Budget Accommodation
Homestays in Hoi An are not usually a family home but most have communal spaces. Photo: Agnuush


Hoi An Budget Accommodation: Hostels

Hostels are known for their dormitory-style rooms with shared facilities but still include private rooms designed for solo travellers or couples. Unfortunately, hostels have received a bad reputation as a “young thing” or a dirty, substandard place to stay—solely for party people and those who do not care about cleanliness or proper sleep. But the hostels we have recommended in Hoi An, fortunately, do not fit this assumption!

Firstly hostels are a great opportunity for low-cost accommodation and offer more than just a place to sleep. They are full of international travellers.  Therefore it is a great place to meet diverse people, make lifelong friends, share travel tips and find travel companions. So, you can join group activities or just chill in the lounge, where other guests make themselves feel at home. Hostels can be a great place to kick up your feet, even for adventurous and social families.

However it’s important to note that families may have to book multiple rooms depending on sleeping preferences, and if that’s the case then expect to double the price for a private room. But don’t be discouraged by this, because some locations offer such affordable rates, and two rooms will still fall under the budget.

Hidden Hint: Our favourite site for hostel bookings is www.hostelworld.com, which allows users to filter many categories to find the best-suited hostel for your preferences.

Bisou De La Riviere Homestay: Hoi An Budget Accommodation
The dorm room at Bisou De La Riviere homestay. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Hoi An Budget Accommodation: Homestays / Bed and Breakfast

Homestays are locally run guesthouses with the “home away from home” feel. To avoid confusion, travellers should note that Hoi An’s homestays are not an opportunity to live with the locals, spend the day with them and learn to prepare Vietnamese food every night. Homestays here are more like an apartment or Airbnb. Similar to hostels, you may share a kitchen with other travellers or the owners, but this may also be included in your room as a little kitchen area with a portable stove top and water heater. Similar to hotels, you will get your private room with a set of keys and your own bathroom. Of course, a lot of hostels offer private rooms, too, but homestays often come at a lower price and tend to come with fewer tourists.

Again, for families worried about paying double the price for a spare room, you may be pleasantly surprised as the room rates are so low that it may still fall under budget.

Hidden Hint: Our favourite site for homestay bookings is www.booking.com, which allows users to not only filter by price, location, and rating, but also by whether or not breakfast is served or bike rentals are offered.

Backpackers: Hoi An Budget Accommodation
A homestay courtyard in Hoi An. Photo: Agnuush

Hoi An Budget Accommodation: Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the best options for travellers looking for a holiday home with all the comforts from home. Airbnbs range from living in with a family but having a sanctioned space, to renting out an apartment or entire house for a given period. Because it is more of a self-serve accommodation, Airbnbs typically do not offer free breakfast or some of the services you might find elsewhere but are more likely to include things you might expect in a home, such as a laundry machine.

Airbnb is especially great for families because a single rental can come with multiple bedrooms for the price of one. Read our dedicated article about Airbnb in Hoi An or to book a place to stay, visit www.airbnb.com.

Budget Accommodation in Hoi An Old Town 

Tribee Ede Hostel – Location: Cam Pho

The Tribee Ede Hostel is perfect for social backpackers and solo-travellers who want to be close (500 metres) to the Old Town and enjoy dorm-style accommodation. Here you’ll find an energetic atmosphere and a relaxed party spirit. The staff organises events for guests and are available to help travellers with any of Hoi An’s many fascinating tours. A pool, bar, free water refills, and all-you-can-eat breakfast are included in this affordable price tag.

Rate/night: 4-Bed Mixed Dorm: 165,000 VND (7 USD) Tribee Hostels – Address: 30 Ba Trieu

Tribee Hostel
The Tribee Ede Hostel is a great place to meet like-minded travellers. Photo: Justine Collitz

Green Garden House – Location:  Cam Pho

The Green Garden House is located right in Hoi An’s Old Town, 600 metres from the Japanese Bridge. All activities, from shopping to speciality street food and the luminescent glow of the lanterns, are right on your doorstep. This simplistic B&B offers private balconies and home-made meals. Even better, the family-size rooms, which fit up to four people, are only 710,000 VND (30 USD).

Rate/night: Double Room: 373,000 VND (16 USD) – Family Room: 530,000 – 710,000 VND (23-30 USD) Green Garden House – Address: H1/10 K561 Hai Ba Trung

Hoi An Riverside Airbnb – Location: An Hoi

This romantic Airbnb is a steal for travellers looking for privacy and a riverview, all at an affordable price. Renters not only receive a sunlit bedroom, but the home also has a beautiful garden terrace for guests to enjoy with their free homemade breakfast. It is walking distance from the Old Town’s markets and popular attractions. The Airbnb, also known as Bisou De La Riviere homestay, is located on An Hoi Islet, so guests can enjoy the nearby Hoi An Night Market, or walk over the footbridge to the Old Town.

Rate/night: 305,000 VND (13 USD) Hoi An Riverside – Address: 172 Nguyen Phuc Tan, An Hoi

Peaceful & An Tinh Homestay (Airbnb) – Location: Minh An

Firstly this is the best deal for large and small groups alike. Because Peaceful & An Tinh can host 16 or more people in 10 bedrooms, and they offer private and public balconies overlooking the river. However this Airbnb does not provide free breakfast, but a full kitchen is available for your use, and other services, like laundry, are provided instead. So no matter how big or small your family/group is, the rent stays the same affordable price.

Rate/night: 350,000 VND (15 USD) Peaceful & An Tinh Homestay – Address: 19/17 Hung Vuong

Tribe Ede Hostel corridor: Hoi An Budget Accommodation
A hostel corridor bathed in afternoon light. Photo: Agnuush

Budget Accommodation in Hoi An Countryside

Lazy Bear Hostel – Location: Cam Chau

The Lazy Bear Hostel is perfect for all social solo-travellers and couples who want to explore the rice fields and local gardens of Hoi An. A beautiful garden and lobby lure travellers into this hostel and its best-of-both-worlds location are perfect for travellers who want to try the beach as well as the Old Town—you are located halfway between the beach and city centre—both 2.5 kilometres in either direction. Breakfast, lunch, and “family dinners” are available. Motorbikes are available for rent or guests can use their bicycles for free.

Rate/night: 4-Bed Mixed Dorm: 140,000 VND (6 USD) – Private Double Room: 468,000 (20 USD) Lazy Bear Hostel – Address: 12 Tran Quoc Toan

Lazy Bear Hostel: Hoi An Budget Accommodation
The courtyard and communal space at Lazy Bear Hostel, complete with giant teddy bear.

Amazing Countryside View Airbnb – Location: Cam Chau

Its name says it all. So if you’re looking for a quiet place to rest your head at night and natural scenery to wake up to, this Airbnb offers this along with affordable prices. It is still in close range to Hoi An’s Old Town and An Bang Beach. The rooms are large with a dining room, kitchen, and balcony. The owners also ensure your comfort with a free homemade breakfast each morning and bikes to tour the countryside or head to the city or beach. They can be found on other booking sites as Truong Thinh Homestay.

Rate/night: 235,000 VND (10 USD) Amazing Countryside View – Address: 41 Ly Thuong Kiet

Nature Homestay – Location: Cam Chau

This homestay lies in a quiet neighbourhood just a quick bike ride or walk away from Hoi An’s peaceful rice fields, about two kilometres away from the Old Town and three kilometres from An Bang Beach. Couples and singles can choose a room with one double bed or from a 4-bed dormitory, while families can choose between the double bed or three single beds and a futon. There is a beautiful garden patio, where guests can enjoy their Vietnamese breakfast and a spa.

Rate/night: 4-Bed Dormitory: 144,000 VND (6 USD) – Double Bed: 325,000 VND (14 USD) – Triple Bed: 480,000 VND (21 USD) Nature Homestay – Address: 164 Ly Thai To

Nature Homestay
Reception at Nature Homestay in Hoi An. Photo: Agnuush

Budget Accommodation: Hoi An’s Beaches

Sun Paradise Villa (Hostel) – Location: Cua Dai Beach

Hoi An’s renowned beaches are not strictly for hotels and homestays. Sun Paradise Villa is a modern-style boutique hostel with a pool and rooftop restaurant, located just a few blocks from Cua Dai beach. The hostel offers a free Hoi An City Tour in and around the Old Town and has daily organised activities. An Bang Beach is just a quick bike ride or walk up the beach, also the spot for live music, bars, and food in the evening.

Rate/night: 8-Bed Mixed Dorm: 117,046 VND (5 USD) – Sun Paradise Villa – Address: Au Co, Cua Dai Beach

Sea Sun Homestay – Location: Cua Dai Beach

Sea Sun Homestay is a literal paradise for beach-loving travellers. The property is only a street over from one of Hoi An’s most peaceful beaches—Hidden Beach. So it’s a short walk or bike ride to the nightlife and culinary favourites at An Bang Beach. This homestay offers a communal kitchen, balcony, and outdoor seating, as well as a bathtub in each private room. The only thing they lack are bicycle rentals, but the staff is happy to assist you in acquiring them for around 20,000 VND (1 USD).

Rate/night: Private room: 590,000 VND (25 USD) Sea Sun Homestay – Address: 29 Phan Tinh

Seasun Homestay
The communal kitchen at Sea Sun Homestay near Hidden Beach. Photo: Agnuush

Hello Bin House 2 Airbnb – Location: Cam An

Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, or in a group/family, Hello Bin House 2 is the perfect affordable accommodation. The breezy rooms come with two king beds, as well as an additional bed upon request. The house does not include complimentary breakfast but does offer tea and coffee free of charge and a kitchen for cooking. It’s located two minutes walking from An Bang Beach’s live music and food scene.

Rate/night: Private room: 235,000 VND (10 USD) Hello Bin House 2 – Address: To 9 An Bang

Hidden’s thoughts

Above all, the city offers a diverse and abundant list of affordable budget accommodation for all types of travellers. We at Hidden know, even when you’re on a budget, the importance of some home comforts when you’re miles away from home. Therefore using our guide, we believe you can have an affordable, enjoyable stay and, more importantly, save money on accommodation. Meaning you can stay longer and take in more of what beautiful Hoi An has to offer.


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