The Ten Best Instagram Spots in Hoi An

With its lush rice fields, sandy beaches and lantern-lined streets, it’s no wonder Hoi An makes up over 1 million photographs on Instagram. There’s magic around every corner, from the tiny alleyways and French colonial buildings to the smiling faces of the locals. Above all, you’ll find it hard to not want to take photographs of everything and everyone. Which is where our Instagram guide to Hoi An comes in handy!

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Girls updating their Instagram - Instagram Guide to Hoi An
Girls engrossed in updating their Instagram while on a visit to Hoi An Old Town


Hoi An on Instagram

Search #hoian on Instagram, and the most popular photos are taken in the well preserved Old Town. Here a mixture of eras and styles are reflected in the architecture. From the beautiful wooden Chinese shop houses and temples to the colourful French colonial buildings. In addition to the iconic silk lanterns lighting up the town every evening.

However, heading further out of the Old Town are stunning green rice fields, sandy beaches, and lush landscapes. All of which create amazing photo opportunities from sunrise to sunset.

The Hill Station
A Vietnamese lady with her traditional baskets makes for a great subject for your Instagram in Hoi An.

With a multitude of picturesque spots, you may find your time spread exceptionally thin, hurrying from place to place to the find the most ‘Instagram worthy’ spots. Our 10 Best Instagram spots of Hoi An condenses them all, allowing you time to take shots in both the well-known spots and some a bit more off the radar.

Sunday in Hoi An – ‘Hoi An Vibes Only’ Instagram Wall

Website – Address: 76 Tran PhuHours: Monday to Sunday  9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

@sundayinhoian #sundayinhoian #hoianvibesonly

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the Old Town is Sunday in Hoi An. Possibly the most Instagrammable shop in Hoi An. An interior design store designed for “the travelling muses and explorers at heart”. Easily spotted by the bright yellow decaying wall and the “With love from Hoi An” sign outside. So if you are looking to brighten up your feed this is a good spot to stand under.

Pink walls at Sunday In Hoi An
Signage and stencils at Sunday make perfect backdrops for Instagram in Hoi An. Photo: Sara Wass

Hidden Hint: There are two Sunday in Hoi An stores, make sure to head to the one situated on Tran Phu Street.

Once you step foot inside beautiful handmade homewares greet you. All the goods here are made by artisans from various handicraft villages throughout Vietnam and SE Asia. Further inside, is the aesthetically pleasing ‘Sunday Bar’. Unfortunately, the bar is not operational. But perch yourself on the two wooden swings or seat yourself by the killer pink ‘Hoi An Vibes’ wall for the perfect backdrop.

#hoianvibesonly at Sunday in Hoi An
Possibly the most photographed Instagram in Hoi An, #hoianvibesonly at Sunday in Hoi An. Their Insta feed contains a steady stream of pink and yellow hues

Faifo Coffee – Best Instagram Rooftop Views of Hoi An

Website – Address: 130 Tran PhuHours: Monday – Sunday  8:00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.

@faifocoffee #faifocoffee

Set in a two-storied house, and painted mellow yellow in colour lies this delightful coffee house. In recent years it has attracted a crowd of Instagrammers, as it is one of the few buildings in Old Town with a rooftop view.

Reach the rooftop by walking through the coffee house and up to a set of dark narrow stairs. Here you’ll find hanging lanterns and a few tables with a number of stools.

This level offers a unique view of the Old Town with an expansive view of the ancient roofs. Therefore a number of people take photos here with their selfie sticks.  In addtion, it is also a well-known spot for couples posing for their wedding photos, as you capture the Old Town in the background. However, the best spot for a great Instagram shot is from the right hand corner of the rooftop, as it overlooks the town and streets below.

Hidden Hint: The rooftop can get very crowded and you may have to wait your turn for the perfect view. Get there early morning or late afternoon to avoid the midday sun.

Rooftop of Faifo Coffee -Instagram Guide to Hoi An
The rooftop of Faifo Coffee is one of the most popular locations for Instagram in Hoi An. Get there while you still can!

GAM Gemstone Art Museum – Neon ‘Gam Cafe’ Sign

Website – Address: 130 Nguyen Thai HocHours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Close to the Hoi An Old Town riverfront, you’ll find GAM – the Gemstone Art Museum – established in 2013, showcasing and selling a range of precious stones and jewellery.

Tucked away at the back of the museum is this hidden gem of a wine bar. Set in a small, quiet courtyard with mustard yellow walls – making a pleasant stop for a drink. In addition, entry to the museum is free when you have a drink in the bar which is a win-win!

Hidden Hint: Come to GAM in the evening then the neon sign and backlit crystal wall stand out better in your photos.

There a number of Instagram worthy spots here. So, either prop yourself up on a chair underneath the bright pink neon ‘GAM Cafe’ sign, or stand in front of the unique fountain wall, or sit underneath the canopy of vines by the wall. GAM is not on Instagram, (shocked face emoji)!  In other words this is an undergrammed spot. #gamhoian

Images of GAM Hoi An - Instagram Guide to Hoi An
Images of GAM Hoi An, a hidden oasis of calm on the busy Hoi An waterfront.

Tam Quan Chùa Bà Mụ Pagoda – Unique History

Address: Phuong Minh AnHours: 24 hours a day

#chuabamu #tamquanchuabamu

The Tam Quan Chùa Bà Mụ Pagoda has been around for over 400 years. The complex was erected in 1626. However, after the war and bad weather, the complex was ruined and only the entrance gate remained.

However, the local government has recently spent over 5.3 billion VND (228,000 USD) restoring the complex to its original beauty. It’s now complete with a three-entrance gate, large grounds and two worshipping areas.

The Chua Ba Mu Pagoda - Instagram Guide to Hoi An
The Chua Ba Mu Pagoda could be the perfect place to show off a new outfit tailored in Hoi An

The pagoda re-opened recently and is already a hotspot for photographers. The most popular shot taken from outside the entrance gates, capturing the traditional architecture and decorative patterns. Beautiful at dawn and lit up at night, this is a perfect place to capture a water reflection.

Newly restored Chua Ba Mu Pagoda - Instagram Guide to Hoi An
The newly restored Chua Ba Mu Pagoda is already incredibly popular on Instagram

The Riverfront Wall – Hoi An Yellow Walls

Address: The back exit of the House of Tan Ky

Hoi An’s Old Town buildings are bathed in a distinctive golden yellow hue making it the perfect bright backdrop for your Insta feed. However, are you wondering why the walls are predominantly yellow? There are a couple of reasons. Firstly, yellow symbolises royalty and superiority. Secondly is the wall colour cleverly reflects the heat, making it ideally suited to Hoi An’s hot climate.

Our favourite Instagram spot is the section of yellow wall right by the riverfront in the Old Town. This spot became famous when Rehahn, Hoi An’s best-known photographer, captured an image of a girl in an Ao Dai walking past this section of yellow wall. Therefore it is now one of Hoi An’s most recognisable images, seen on postcards, hotel walls, and even the ‘Thank You for visiting Hoi An’ billboard.

Hoi An banana seller - Instagram Guide to Hoi An
Hoi An banana seller photographed by Csaba Csury @csabacsury

Hidden Hint: Buy a traditional Ao Dai and recreate your own version of the iconic ‘yellow wall’ shot.

To reach this spot, follow Bach Dang Street along the riverfront until you find the Old House of Tan Ky. However it gets pretty crowded here so come in the early morning for the best photo opportunities. The wall runs east to west giving excellent light at sunrise and sunset. In the mornings you will often find fruit sellers nearby, many are willing to pose for photos as long as you buy from them. However, please always remember to ask before taking their photo.

Ao Dai
Hidden Hoi An’s version of the iconic Rehahn ao dai photograph.

The Hoi An Instagram Lantern Shot


Lanterns are an iconic symbol of Hoi An. So at night the streets and canals of the Old Town light up with every colour imaginable. They’re an absolutely essential part of our Instagram guide for Hoi An and a ‘must have’ photo for your Hoi An Insta-story.

The best spots for lantern shots are the Hoi An Night Market and Nguyen Thai Hoc street near Morning Glory Restaurant. Entering the market there is a row of shops offering lanterns in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns. You can’t miss it as the soft lights draw you in.

Hoi An lanterns on Instagram
Hoi An lanterns make for some of the most popular Instagram shots in Hoi An.

Hidden Hint: Vendors normally ask 20,000 VND (0.90 USD) for a photo in front of their stores. The cost waived if you purchase a lantern.

However this is a tricky shot to perfect, as the lanterns naturally put your subject into silhouette. So arriving at dusk gives the best chance for the perfect photo. There’s enough light in the sky to illuminate your subject but still see the glow from all the lanterns.

Lantern Shop in Hoi An
Strike a pose and brighten up your life, and instagram feed, with Hoi An lanterns. Photo: Sara Wass

The Deck at the Hotel Royal –  Sunset Over Hoi An

WebsiteAddress: 39 Dao Duy Tu  Hours: Monday – Sunday 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

@thedeckhoian #thedeckhoian #hotelroyalhoian #mgalleryhoian

Set in the heart of Hoi An and located right by the tranquil Thu Bon River is the Hotel Royal. A luxury 5-star hotel inspired by the rich heritage of Hoi An with Japanese influence.

At the top of the Hotel is ‘The Deck’ – the tallest rooftop bar in Hoi An. To get there simply take the hotel’s lift up to the 9th floor. At the top is a large circular themed bar, a few tables and a couple of comfortable daybeds. It also offers a stylish pool and chilled ambience.

Above all, there are amazing views of the Old Town from here, as it overlooks Hoi An and the Thu Bon river. The perfect time to take photos is around 5 p.m. when the sun begins to set. Because at this time the Old Town glows from the orange hues making it even more Instagram worthy. Grab a happy hour cocktail (5.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.), a seat by the pool, and prepare your best luxury holiday hashtags.

Hoi An Rooftop bar at Sunset
Sunsets, cocktails and rooftop pool shots make up most of the #thedeckhoian Instagram.

Rosie’s Cafe – Insta Food Menu

@rosiecafe #rosiescafe

Website – Address:  02 Duong Mac Đinh Chi – Hours: Monday – Saturday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The owners of Rosie’s Cafe, Thuy and My, have been friends for over a decade. In addition, together they created one of the most popular and trendy cafes in Hoi An. The inspiration for the cafe came from their favourite film ‘Love Rosie’. Rosie’s story taught them to maintain hope that you end up where you are supposed to be, no matter how long it takes. Therefore if you end up here looking for Instagram pics you’re definitely where you should be!

Rosie’s Cafe has recently moved out of Hoi An’s Ancient Town, meaning you can be among the first to post pictures of their charming new venue. My and Thuy have taken their simple rustic styling to their new location and added funky modern elements, including a purpose-built Instagram wall.

In addition to the beautiful cafe interior, their food beautifully presented for great Insta food shots too. Therefore create #delicious shots of their colourful smoothie bowls, avocado on toast and healthy juices. But remember to leave room for the rich vegan chocolate cake!

Rosie’s Cafe
Rosie’s Cafe is the perfect spot for beautiful food photography #foodporn

Mot Hoi An – Insta Decorative Drink

Address: 150 Trần Phú Hours: Monday – Sunday 9am-10pm

Situated in the heart of the Old Town, Mot Hoi An is a beautifully decorated tea house owned by Nguyen Huu Xuan, known to all as Mot.

Strolling around the Old Town you can’t miss seeing people sipping on one of Mot’s iced teas. Decorated with pretty lotus flowers, this drink is a special ‘Hoi An Herbal Tea’. Therefore a ‘must try’ whilst here, made from cinnamon, honeysuckle, lemongrass and lime with the added scent of lotus.

This Instagram spot is pretty much unmissable. There is normally a crowd of people waiting outside due to the unique assortment of flowers, fresh herbs, and their colourful blackboard display. Many visitors take photos of the cute exterior while holding the drink itself. It comes in a small white Mot cup finished with a bamboo straw making for a great Instagram shot against the streets of the Old Town.

Mot tea
Mot tea makes the perfect subject for your Instagram in Hoi An. Photo: Susanna Sek

Sound of Silence Coffee – The Baby Blue Swing

Website – Address: Nguyen Phan Vinh – Hours: Monday – Sunday 7.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

@sound_of_silence_coffee #soundofsilencecoffee

Hidden down a small An Bang laneway lies Sound of Silence Coffee. A quaint little spot away from the crowds, perfect for a swim and coffee. The coffee here is great, from cafe sua da to flat white and coconut coffee. It’s the place to capture your morning cuppa by the beach – Hashtag Beachcoffee!

The Sound of Silence is set in a traditional Vietnamese wooden house spilling out into a tropical garden with small ponds of colourful fish. Firstly head through the garden to the palm-shaded seating areas with gorgeous ocean views. Go down the steps to reach the sandy beach and capture an idyllic Instagram shot on the iconic blue swing.

Therefore with Hoi An’s beach-facing castwards, mornings offer the best shots. So head out early for a swim, join the popular dawn yoga sessions, or just chill with a coffee.

The Sound of Silence Coffee
The Sound of Silence Coffee Instagram page @sound_of_silence_coffee

Hidden Hoi An’s Thoughts

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that Hoi An is an Instagrammable place with a number of spots that will make your followers green with envy.  Armed with our list of our the ten best Instagram spots in Hoi An, we hope that you are excited to capture the wonders of Hoi An and brighten up your Instagram feed.  Above all, it’s hard finding a place as magical and as picturesque

In addition, we’d love to see your photos so please share them with us on Instagram – with a mention to @hidden.hoian and use #hiddenhoian.

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