The Best Spas In Hoi An – Helpful Hints For The Ultimate Massage

“No Massage = No Holiday” reads the sign outside one of Hoi An’s many spas. Arriving in Hoi An, you will see spa and massage spots at every turn. Offers of special prices or rehearsed conversation starters will constantly be directed your way. Take it all in your stride, Hoi An is ‘Spa Heaven” and having a treatment while on holiday here is an absolute must for visitors.

Internet searches offer over 150 spa listings on popular sites. Hundreds more, however, are not listed online. The variety is endless with an equal range of price and quality. A good spa experience is not guaranteed by glossy ads, prices, or five-star ratings. Don’t be fooled—ratings can be unreliable. Sad but true, search results are often manipulated by fake review writers and are a paid-for service. In turn, modest furnishings or tasteless interiors do not equal a bad spa experience. The most humble places can often deliver the best massages.

In this article, Hidden looked at the service, quality, consistency, ethics, and facilities of various local spas, to bring you a guide to the best spas in Hoi An, along with some useful tips.

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Treatment Options, Products, & Value-Added Services

Hoi An spas mostly offer varieties of body therapies, foot massages, and nail treatments. Some offerings include facials, waxing, herbal steam baths or saunas, hair treatments and laser hair removal treatments. But be careful, though, as most facial products contain whitening agents, lighter skin is a very desirable phenomenon in the Asian culture. However, most higher-end facilities or well-trained therapists will be aware of this and offer a distinction in treatment for their respective visitors. Be sure to inquire what your product contains beforehand and check out the ingredients.

The best spa and massage experience depends mainly on its people. Trust your gut. Is the space clean, inviting, and organised? Look at your therapist: long nails or jewellery is a clear warning sign.

Not all spas have full-time staff. Stand-ins are often called in and may not be up to the same standard. If a previous guest has recommended you a particular spa, ask for the therapist by name to guarantee continuity of care.

Hoi An Spa Prices

We have indicated the price of a standard 30 or 60-minute massage treatment in our spa reviews below. It is a useful way for you to gauge a spa’s affordability according to a general treatment.

  • Cash is King: double check your agreement on price and get the correct amount of change. Not many places accept credit cards.
  • Group bookings and discounts can be arranged up-front with the spa manager.
  • A 10 to 20 percent tip is welcomed, even when the service charge is included. Wages are fairly low and often therapists work on commission only. Tip your therapist directly to ensure the money goes to the right hands.
  • Check for special offers during off-peak times.

The spa and massage industry in Hoi An creates employment for many. The community makes a great effort to establish a reputable and credible trade.

Hidden Hint: Most spas operate from either 9/10 a.m. until 9/10 p.m. The busiest times are in the late afternoons and evenings, and special offers may apply outside peak times.

the pool at Koi Resort and Spa
Many of Hoi An’s best spa experiences come with access to hotel facilities, like the pool at Koi Resort and Spa. Photo: Christine Moller

Luxury: Top Of The Line Pamper & Pleasure

Woosah Spa

Address: 39 Dao Duy Tu St – 60 Min Massage: Vietnamese massage 1,050,000 VND (45 USD)

Located within the city at the luxury Hotel Royal Hoi An a visit to the Woosah Spa will undoubtedly leave you recovered, rejuvenated and revived! The facility is spotlessly clean, lavender scented and elegantly decorated. Woosah provides a unique setting for guests to step away from the high energy streets and into a contrastingly, sleek, calm atmosphere. But most importantly, it is staffed with licensed massage therapists who are all experienced, well trained and some of the best in the industry.

Hidden Hint: All Hoi An visitors and residents are more than welcome to make an appointment at the divine Woosah Spa. It is not exclusive to hotel guests.

The team has mastered the formula to complete relaxation; offering all types of treatments their claim to fame being the Woosah Spa Signature massage. A 90 minute massage that is a blend of Japanese Shiatsu and Vietnamese massage techniques, with a focus on stretching, pressure points and releasing pain. 1,700,000 VND (73 USD).

If you are really looking to unplug and be transformed from head to toe then we highly recommend the Three Day Spa Moment. This indulgent three day package includes Tai Chi, salt milk body scrub (40 mins), detoxifying steam or sauna (30 mins), Vietnamese massage (60 mins), purifying facial (60 mins), hot stone massage (60 mins), Woosah signature massage (90 minutes), and seaweed body wrap (40 minutes).  All this as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three days! Entire bliss for 8,400,000 VND (361 USD).

KOI Resort & Spa 

Address: Cua Dai Beach – 60 Min Massage: Serenity massage – 890,000 VND (38 USD) 

What makes the KOI Spa an attractive destination is that it is picturesque and has a variety of facilities on offer to spa attendees. So from the moment you cross the bridge over the river, it is beauty and splendour all around. Weather permitting, you can also request to have your massage outdoors in a curtained canopy. The spa has its own bar/cafe area and a magnificent 25-metre lap pool. For a real hedonistic splurge, make use of the swim-up bar.

 Above all, the most impressive feature is the private sauna and shower in most treatment rooms. There is also a larger area with a sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, and indoor pool. Tranquillity and beauty mark this setting as unforgettable. Add a manicure or pedicure to your treatment for 410,000 VND(18 USD) – 750,000 VND (32 USD) as these are the moments that make us realise that some experiences are worth paying for!

Hidden Hint: If you are looking for a spa for social media content KOI Hoi Resort Spa is definitely one to consider. Its timeless yet cultural heritage and charm make for the perfect Instagram picture.

Koi Hoi An Resort and Spa's poolside
The poolside treatment space at Koi Hoi An Resort and Spa. Photo: Christine Moller

Akoya Spa – Vinpearl Resort & Spa Hoi An

Address: Block 06, Phuoc Hai – 60 Min Massage: Hot oil massage 1,200,000 VND (52 USD)

For a special occasion, this five-star spa is well worth the visit and includes a beauty salon. The signature package, “Ultimate Indulgence,” is perfect for couples. Mom-and-daughter pamper days include floral baths, and both these treatments are delivered in the VIP room. Think pleasure—four-hands massage, aromatic splendour, and delicious body scrubs.

The world-renowned Mandara spa operates Akoya Vinpearl Spa and focuses on service excellence. The products are natural or organic. The “Pure Natural Facial” consists of ingredients such as freshly squeezed carrot juice, powdered cacao, and natural clay. All body treatments begin with a gentle foot-cleansing ritual, infused with your choice of special aromatic essence. The facilities are luxurious and elegant. Separate-sex bathrooms are fully kitted out with the expected five-star amenities. Each has a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and showers.

Hidden Hint: Although high-end, the atmosphere is inviting, and monthly promotions apply. Check online prior to your visit and you could get up to 90% off your treatment 

The staff are exceptionally delightful and make you feel like royalty. Upon arrival, you receive a minty refresher towel and delicious ginger tea. At Akoya, they take great care to make you feel special and comfortable. Post-treatment you can make use of the hair salon, which offers mainly nourishing hair treatments from “O-Way.” Thalgo beauty products are available for treatments and purchase.

Enjoy the services at Mandara Akoya Spa
Pure indulgence at Mandara Akoya Spa in Hoi An’s Vinpearl Resort. Photo: Antonia Lira

Mid-Range: Let’s Meet Somewhere in the Middle

Citrus Spa

Address: 180 Ly Thai To – 60 Min Massage: Vietnamese massage – 360,000 VND (16 USD) 

Citrus Spa has been running for three years and has recently moved to a new location on Ly Thai To Street in Hoi An. As you walk into the new venue, the fruity aroma, Buddhist music and natural wooden-themed exterior lures you into a deep state of relaxation. 

Unlike most spa’s, Citrus embodies a warmth, which like a familiar hug, brings you a real sense of home and comfort. Set in a bright yellow house, the citrus theme is incorporated not just in its aesthetic, but consistently throughout their complimentary snacks and spa ingredients too. The spa swears by the natural powers of citrus fruit to detox, heal, improve your immune system and boost your mood. 

Allow your senses to indulge in a haven of Citrus Spa’s 100% natural ingredients, some of which can even be found hanging in their garden at the back! Although they predominantly make use of their own products, Citrus Spa also imports the french ‘Rendezvous’ spa range ensuring they provide their clients with only the best.

Citrus Spa Owner – Ms Van

Known for their exceedingly high standards of service, Vietnamese owner Ms Van, makes herself available to spa visitors ensuring each individual’s experience is unique and personal. Despite the laid back feel, the spa is home to highly qualified therapists, able to communicate with you in English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. Ms Van has more than 16 years of spa experience under her belt, having previously set up some of Asia’s most lush spa centres, so expect to be in good hands. 

Although very cosy, this spa holds seven rooms. Got kids? Bring them along as the spa provides treatments for them too.

Hidden Hint: Citrus Spa now offers FREE pick up and drop off if you are in the Hoi An area!

If you need to release some tension, improve your circulation or even just clear energy blockages then we suggest you treat yourself a traditional Vietnamese 60min massage for just 360,000 VND (16 USD). You are presented with several aromatherapy options to pick from. The benefits and therapeutic properties of these essential oils are incredible. This massage is done using the palm, elbow and thumb technique.  Brace yourself as a treatment from this spa leaves your senses singing in ecstasy.

Don’t limit yourself to just a massage as Citrus Spa has a copious range of offerings: facials 400,000 VND – 480,000 VND (17USD- 21USD), manicures 170,000 VND(7USD) and waxing 120,000 VND – 390,000 VND ( 5 USD -17 USD). A heavenly experience for all your senses indeed!

Palmarosa Spa

Address: 48 Ba Trieu – 60 Min Massage: Stress relief – 380,000 VND (17 USD)

Open seven days a week, Palmarosa Spa is conveniently situated in the heart of the Old Town. 

Palmarosa – which means pink lemongrass, is the scent that subtly occupies the space. The elegant interior works in harmony with the music; creating an environment of tranquility. Having been around for eight years this spa has mastered the ability to soothe clients into peaceful oblivion. 

A massage from this spa leaves you feeling balanced and your senses invigorated. This spa haven has many facilities and a venue with the capacity to host up to 50 guests in its nine rooms.

Hidden Hint: Palmarosa is perfect for group pamper parties and bachelorettes.

They have a variety of services addressing different needs. Basic massages start at 380,000 VND(16 USD), basic facials 480,000 VND (21 USD ). Nail services start at – 100,000 VND (4U SD) for a ‘heel care’ through to 520,000 VND (22 USD) for the full ‘foot beauty ritual’. Not to forget their body scrubs which are a standard 350,000 VND 16 USD) 

Hidden Hint: This Spa is very popular so make sure to make a reservation ahead of time

No Language Barriers

With excellent service as their priority, they cater to both local and international clients minimising language barriers with their four language menu (English, Japanese, French, Korean). If you are a parent with small kids Palmarosa Spa has a creche to keep young ones occupied while you have some ‘me-time’.  They also offer an Infant massage ‘Child’s Lullaby’ for 380,000 VND (16 USD) if you would like your young ones to join you.

Popular for their use of 100% natural products, you will not have to worry about harmful chemicals. Do try their packages: a mix of blissful treatments, for a reduced price and high quality. These normally include one of their foot baths, a massage and a manicure or pedicure. These packages range between 1,190,000 VND to 1,720,000 (52 USD – 75 USD). 

Five Senses Spa

Address: 14 Phan Boi Chau – 60 Min Massage: Thai style massage – 460,000 VND (20 USD)

Five Senses Spa offers high-quality services at affordable prices in a professional setting.

Compared to other spas in Hoi An, (excluding resorts) Five Senses is in the top tier. Faux wooden floors, bamboo ceilings and an indoor green wall create a welcoming ambience, along with soothing music and a delightfully fragrant scent.

Quyen, the owner, employs an all-female staff of 12 therapists and three receptionists. The therapists all boast considerable experience and are highly trained. But it’s the personal touch that Quyen really cares about. She’s at the salon seven days a week and is on hand to greet and chat with customers.

Their treatment list runs the full gamut – massages, facials, waxing, threading, body scrubs, body wraps, manicures pedicures, foot exfoliation, and hair services. There’s a wide range of massages to choose from, including hot stone, body therapy, aromatherapy and even prenatal.

Don’t have expectations some of the five-star luxury elements to be available at some resorts. There aren’t any robes, soft slippers, but the service is still great. Their best seller is the Five Senses Spa signature package, comprising of a massage, facial and choice of third treatment. 90 mins: 660,000 VND (29 USD) 120 mins: 880,000 VND (38 USD). This package is great value for money, and any time spent here won’t be regretted.

Read more about Five Senses Spa and Quyen’s journey to success in our article here.

Five senses spa
Spa treatment in action at Five Senses Spa in Hoi An

Budget: A Few Dong Can Go a Long Way

Natura Spa

Address: 47 Tran Cao Van60 Min Massage:  280,000 VND (12 USD)

Don’t be fooled by the natural, rustic, understated look, Natura Spa has you feeling recentered. If your requirements are simply cleanliness, friendliness and value for money then Natura Spa is your ‘go-to’. Just a 10-minute walk from the Old Town. You can get a 60-minute body massage for as little as 280,000 VND (12 USD). Despite the low price, they won’t compromise on service, and their therapeutic massage will have you floating in the air. On arrival expect to be offered a refreshing cold tea and a footbath in a herbal concoction. A form is provided to specify what areas you would like the masseurs to focus on, insuring the massage is tailored specifically to your needs.

Hidden Hint: Try go during quiet times e.g early morning and you might be lucky enough to get a special price.

Staying true to its name, Natura Spa uses natural oils and gives off a “natural” atmosphere with its herbal aroma that allows for a sense of peace from the start to the end of your experience. Not just limited to massages Natura Spa also offers manicure and pedicure services for a not too costly price of  250,000 VND (11 USD). The Herbal hot compress massage 280,000 VND (12 USD) is a favourite amongst many with its sole purpose to uplift your mind, detoxify your body and release stress.

Padanus Spa

Address: 3A Phan Dinh Phung – 60 Min Massage: Relaxation massage – 276,000 VND (12 USD)

Padanus spa has a humble appearance yet stellar massages! The staff’s hospitality and dedication to their craft leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits and their affordability keeps visitors coming back for more.

The spa offers a wide range of treatments which include body therapy 184,000 VND (8 USD) – 506,000 VND (22 USD)  body scrubs, body wraps, face care are 276,000 VND (12 USD). Nail services for 46,000 VND(2 USD) for just nail polish using OPI brand – 276,000 VND (12 USD) for a deluxe pedicure. To get a discount on your treatments try their packages: a mix of blissful treatments, for a reduced price and high quality. Their packages include a massage, facial and a nail service ranging between 759,000 VND (33 USD) –  966 000 VND (42 USD).

Hidden Hint: For the quickest response send the spa a message on whatsapp using   +84935552733.

As an additional service, Pandanus Spa provides a free ‘drop off and pick up’ service for anyone in the Hoi An area. They make themselves reachable on multiple social platforms (Line, Facebook, Zalo, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Kakao Talk, Viber).

Hoi An Blind Massage

Address: 412 Cua Dai – 60 Min Massage: Vietnamese massage – 150,000 VND (6 USD)

Enjoy a massage and make a difference. For the not-so-fussy, philanthropic spirited, a service at Hoi An Blind Massage is a worthwhile experience. Above all this operation creates a livelihood for a few blind or partially-sighted Vietnamese. Their well-developed sense of touch finds knots and niggles intuitively and deals with them efficiently. Prepare yourself for unapologetic firm grasps, strong pinch and roll techniques, and a somewhat satisfying spine crack.

Hidden Hint: Bring your own towel or cloth to lay down over the massage bed for better hygiene.

A blog site has a phone number listed but don’t bother making an appointment. They guide you into one of two rooms, no questions asked, except for: “massage?” The rooms offer scanty privacy, and adjacent beds are divided by rather flimsy curtains. Expect little to zero ambience or decorum and a good rub-down. Nonetheless, a massage is the ridiculously low price of 150,000 VND (6 USD).

Hidden Gem

Phu Thinh Boutique Resort & Spa – Jasmine Spa

Address: 488 Cua Dai – 60 Min Massage: Balinese massage 420,000 VND (18 USD).

For a full day’s experience, you must try this Hidden Gem! Fill up a day with spa treatments, swimming, relaxation, and other activities. The Jasmine Spa has a walk-in street entrance, adjacent to the hotel. Jasmine Spa offers general face and body therapies, nails, and waxing. But don’t deny yourself a full head massage and the salon offers haircuts and styling as well. In addition, a shampoo-wash containing Indomalayan Lebbeck, famous for keeping Vietnamese women’s hair smooth and beautiful. You will be ready and set for a restaurant visit post-treatment.

Hidden Hint: Free Tai Chi classes, special yoga, and dinner packages run, subject to seasonal demands.

In addition, Phu Thinh Hotel also offers a few special promotions and traditional-costume-hire. Making for a fun “selfie” or entertainment for a group visit. As a spa guest, you may rent traditional wear for the day and also enjoy the pool, restaurant, and bar area, which overlooks a luscious pond. Bring a good book or grab one from the bookshelf in the garden sitting area. 

The treatment room at Jasmine Spa
The beautifully decorated treatment room at Phu Thinh Jasmine Spa. Photo: Christine Moller

Hidden’s Thoughts

Compared to back home, spa treatments here in Hoi An can still feel like a guilty pleasure but without the hefty price tag. Remember though, the price is not a definitive indicator of a quality spa experience. You can also find a fantastic massage, well below our budget suggestion of 300,000 to 400,000 VND (13 to 18 USD). That said, it is equally possible to pay a lot for a mediocre and unsatisfactory spa experience.

When it comes to spas and massages in Hoi An, you are spoilt for choice. We strongly recommend that you view the spa’s facilities first, and then ask the right questions before your treatment starts. Or better yet, simply choose from our list above since we’ve already done the legwork for you!

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