Woosah Spa at the Hotel Royal Hoi An

There are many types of spas in Hoi An, which fall into three common categories: streetside, resort, and urban. The Woosah Spa is an urban spa conveniently located within the city at the luxury Hotel Royal Hoi An.  Just minutes from the hustle of the Old Town, on arrival at the Woosah Spa, the energy shifts to peacefulness and relaxation.

Ubiquitously aimed to provide visitors with refreshing tranquillity, over one hundred spas have opened in Hoi An in the past two years alone. Consequently, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to deciding where to unwind with a spa treatment! However, along with a lot of options come great variances in quality and customer satisfaction.   

As a luxury urban spa located close to the heart of Hoi An’s Old Town, the Woosah Spa sets itself well apart from other spas in the area.  It provides a unique setting for guests to step away from the high energy streets and into a contrastingly, sleek, calm atmosphere.

Address: 39 Dao Duy Tu StHours: 9.a.m – 9.p.m – Email: Spa@hotelroyalhoian.vn – Facebook: @woosahspahoianInstagram: @woosahspahoianTelephone: +84 (0) 235 3950 777

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cozy reception hall at Woosah Spa in Hoi An
Reception at The Woosah Spa, Hotel Royal Hoi An. Photo: Marissa Beth


The Woosah Spa in Hoi An- Steeped in History

The Hotel Royal Hoi An celebrates the unique 17th Century love story of Japanese merchant, Sotaro Araki, and Vietnamese princess, Ngoc Hoa, by incorporating Japanese and Indochinese traditions into both its hotel design and onsite eatery, the Wakaku Restaurant. The Woosah Spa also honours this first known international marriage of the time, by intertwining the two cultures in its elegant decor and combination of Japanese and Vietnamese massage techniques.  

The Woosah Spa’s highly trained team of nine massage therapists are some of the best in the industry. They are all government certified, having completed extensive training and education. As a result, these top-tier therapists are thorough in their techniques and consistently deliver a quality experience to every visitor. 

The Woosah motto is “Recover | Rejuvenate | Revive”.  A visit to the Woosah Spa unequivocally allows you to recover energy, rejuvenate your spirit, and feel revived!

Hidden Hint: All Hoi An visitors and residents are more than welcome to make an appointment at the divine Woosah Spa. It is not exclusive to hotel guests.

What’s Behind the Name – “Woosah” Spa?

The management of the Woosah Spa in Hoi An chose its distinctive name with the intent of evoking a sense of relaxation. Correct pronunciation of the word “Woosah” is akin to a calming breathing exercise. If you inhale by making the “woooo” sound and then exhale using the “saaaah” sound, it is hard to deny the relaxing energy that comes to you… 

Hidden Hint: Try it! Say “Woosah” slowly as you inhale “woooo” and exhale “saaaah”. Woooo – saaaaaaah. Woooo – saaaaaaah. Feel any calmer? 

relaxing sore feet with a lavender foot bath
Lavender foot bath soothes sore feet.

Woosah Spa’s Signature Massages and Treatments

The Woosah Spa Signature Massage

Paying homage to Araki Sotaro and Ngoc Hoa’s love story, the Woosah Spa’s Signature Massage incorporates both cultures by blending Japanese Shiatsu and Vietnamese massage techniques. Their approach includes stretching, working on pressure points, and releasing pain with the palm of the hand providing a rejuvenating experience for your body. This massage is 90 minutes long and priced at 1,700,000 VND (73 USD).

Ultimate Indulgence at the Woosah Spa – the Three Day Spa Moment

The team at the Woosah Spa know the key to ultimate relaxation – the Three Day Spa Moment. Imagine three consecutive days of pampering.  Each day with different revitalising treatments for your mind and body. Trust us – not many spas in Hoi An can offer a package like this.  We at Hidden view it as a very worthy investment in your health and well-being. 

The Three Day Spa Moment includes Tai Chi, salt milk body scrub (40 mins), detoxifying steam or sauna (30 mins), Vietnamese massage (60 mins), purifying facial (60 mins), hot stone massage (60 mins), Woosah signature massage (90 minutes), and seaweed body wrap (40 minutes) as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all three days (yes that’s nine meals in total). 

Whether you sign up for this package on your own or as a couple, this experience will leave you feeling revived from head to toe.  The Three Day Spa Moment is priced at 8,400,000 VND (361 UD) for an individual or 16,200,000 VND (697 USD) for a couple. 

Other Specialist Massages and Services

The Woosah Spa also offers several other massages including aroma, Swedish, hot stone, and Thai variations. With each massage, the Woosah therapists ask you to identify any points in your body that need more attention. They pride themselves on this tailored approach so they specifically meet the needs of your body. Throughout the massage they gently check in to ensure your comfort, thus allowing you to relax and have an experience unique to you and your body. 

Hidden Hint: Make sure to mention to your therapist any body part that needs particular care. Your body will thank you for the extra attention it receives.

Individual spa treatments such as facials, body wraps and scrubs, waxing, manicure/pedicure, and nail colour changes are also available at the Woosah Spa. They range in price from 200,000 to 1,500,000 VND (9 USD to 65 USD). All treatments use high-quality products such as Rendezvous and Phytomer from France. For pricing and additional details, click here.

Spa guests in robes
Preparing for a relaxing massage at Woosah Spa in Hoi An

The Woosah Urban Spa – Hidden’s Experience

Hidden had the pleasure of visiting the Woosah Spa in Hoi An and were impressed by the experience from start to finish.

Although the entrance to the spa is not visible from the street, it is very easy to find.  Just approach the hotel staff at the main lobby desk, they’ll happily direct you to the Woosah Spa. An oasis situated in a quiet corner of the second floor of the Hotel Royal, removed from most foot traffic.

The seating area was scrupulously clean and elegantly themed with simple black and white decor and purple accents. The lavender aroma, mellow music, and friendly atmosphere gave us an overwhelming sense of peace.   A welcome shift from the busy day we’d had walking around town and also a very pleasant reprieve from the heat. 

We were immediately welcomed by two smiling Woosah Spa staff members and seated in large, comfy chairs. They provided us with chilled towels and slippers in exchange for our outdoor shoes. With help from the Woosah Spa staff we selected a treatment. They then reviewed a little information about the treatment with us so we knew what to expect. 

After cooling down and filling out a short request form, we were led to a room dimly lit by lanterns, wonderfully scented with lavender, where our feet were gently cleaned.

The Treatment Rooms

We proceeded to one of the treatment rooms which had a great view of the pool area as well as the Thu Bon River. Fortunately, most rooms at the Woosah Spa have a stellar view of the river, pool, and/or the city, which you won’t find at the abundance of street spas in Hoi An. The view and natural sunlight set the scene beautifully upon arrival and departure from the room. But we appreciated the blackout curtains being drawn at the start of our treatment, allowing for deeper relaxation.

We received the Woosah Signature Massage, which was true to its description. The variety of techniques used, especially the blend between Japanese Shiatsu and Indochinese (Vietnamese and Thai), gave us a much-needed refresh. With our permission, the therapist applied additional pressure to our previously identified focus areas, the upper back and neck.  Thus relieving pain trapped by too many hours spent at the computer and on the aeroplane. While this part of the massage wasn’t particularly relaxing, it desperately needed attention! Our therapist expertly worked out the muscle knots, making the massage oh so beneficial for the body. We couldn’t have asked for a better combination of a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

Treatment room for couples at Woosah Spa
The Signature Treatment Room at Hotel Royal’s Woosah Spa. Photo: Hotel Royal

Enjoy Woosah Spa with a Loved One or Solo

The Woosah Spa is a popular option for couples looking for a way to unwind together in Hoi An.  Sharing a relaxing treatment after many hours on an aeroplane or days spent sightseeing in Vietnam is a blessing.  Each treatment room easily accommodates two people, making for a very special experience, especially for honeymooners. 

However, the Woosah Spa is also great for the solo female traveller wanting a peaceful pamper afternoon and a mellow atmosphere to relax in. So whether you’ve just arrived from Da Nang (45 minutes down the road) or from 25 hours of aeroplane travel, your body and mind is bound to appreciate a visit to the Woosah Spa. 

A visit to the Hotel Royal’s rooftop bar, The Deck Hoi An, serves as the ultimate way to conclude your relaxation experience. Or, if you arrive early, start your wind down and enjoy a drink before your spa treatment.

Checking the offers at Woosah Spa
Book a treatment online or in person at Woosah Spa

How to Make a Booking at the Woosah Spa Hoi An

The most convenient way to book a treatment at the Woosah Spa in Hoi An or to inquire further is by emailing Spa@hotelroyalhoian.vn. They are quick to reply. You can also call between 9.a.m – 9.p.m and speak to a member of the Woosah Spa team.  Or simply stop by if you are in the Old Town area. As of October 2019, the spa is able to accommodate last minute bookings.

Hidden Hint: The Woosah Spa’s busiest hours are from 1.p.m to 6.p.m. For walk in clients, try between 9.a.m to 1.p.m or from 6.p.m – 9.p.m.

Spa treatments make excellent gifts. Birthdays, honeymoons, wedding anniversaries, or “just because” are all great reasons to give someone a refreshing spa treatment. The Woosah Spa is happy to arrange gift vouchers via email.

Special treatment given at Woosah Spa
Recover, rejuvenate and relax with a premium urban spa treatment in Hoi An.

Hidden’s Thoughts

You will not regret a visit to the Woosah Spa. It’s prices are higher than some of the other spas in its area, but for good reason. It is in a category of its own.  The facility is spotlessly clean, beautifully scented and uniquely decorated. But most importantly, it is staffed by licensed massage therapists who are all experienced and well trained. You will not find this level of professionalism at any of the lower-priced alternatives advertised in Hoi An.

We were impressed that the Woosah’s atmosphere was so tranquil and relaxing, while just steps away from the high energy of Hoi An’s Old Town. In our experience the Woosah Spa more than lived up to its tag line; we had recovered from our day’s excursion in the heat and felt rejuvenated and revived when our spa treatment finished. The refreshing cup of peppermint tea and jackfruit chips at the conclusion of the treatment were the ‘icing on the cake’.  Hidden recommends Woosah to all those seeking to hit “refresh” in Hoi An.