Hidden Beach – Hoi An’s Quiet, Lesser-Known Beach

When you think of Hoi An’s beaches, An Bang and Cua Dai are the two that typically come to mind. With their five-star resorts, star treatments and delicious foods and cocktails, these two beaches bring in thousands of tourists every year. However, there is one beach overseen by a lot of visitors to Hoi An, hidden in plain sight… Hidden Beach! And because we are Hidden Hoi An, it’s our duty to find out more for you.

Hidden Beach is a five-minute drive north of Cua Dai Beach and around a six-minute drive south of An Bang. Tucked away in the middle, it’s a much quieter beach, for writers looking for inspiration, morning meditation and perfect for anyone simply wanting to relax.

Hidden Beach - Hidden Beach
Sun loungers and blue sea at Hidden Beach Hoi An. Photo: Megan Polly


How to Find Hidden Beach

Despite the name, “Hidden” Beach, it’s actually very easy to find. In fact, Google maps take you straight to it. Otherwise, if walking or driving down Lac Long Quan, look out for a large restaurant sign – “Tararind Cay Me”. Here there’s a long, narrow road just to the right of the restaurant. Follow that road and in about three minutes you arrive at the beach.

If travelling by bike, there is free parking right at the end of the road by the beach. If you are getting a taxi, get the driver to meet you at Secondary School Truong THCS Phan Boi Chau – the beach is only a five-minute walk from here.

Free parking at Hidden Beach - Hidden Beach
Free parking at Hidden Beach in Hoi An. Photo: Agnuush

Why Visit Hidden Beach?

Hidden Beach, although not exactly hidden – is a lot quieter than An Bang and Cua Dai. So come here to avoid the crowds. Hidden Beach attracts fewer tourists and more locals. Therefore to throw yourself into local Vietnamese lifestyle, Hidden Beach hits the trump. Arrive around six in the morning right before everything opens, to see Vietnamese fishermen arriving in from sea on their thung chai or “basket boats”. If this doesn’t say local Vietnam then we don’t know what does!  

The Best Time to Visit Hidden Beach

Hoi An’s dry season runs from February until July, although, we recommend visiting earlier than May to avoid the hottest time of the year. In fact, we have an entire article dedicated to Hoi An’s weather. Depending on what time of year you’re visiting, we usually suggest going to the beach either early morning or late afternoon/evening. This avoids the midday sun and also allows you to see the beach at its most magical times – dawn and dusk. Early morning is when it’s quietest with mostly only local fishermen. The afternoon reveals a whole different vibe with lots of locals flocking here after school/work to hang out, have fun in the sand, swim and play football.

Where to Eat at Hidden Beach

The sound of the waves, the sun on your skin and a book in your hand – it’s no surprise people often spend a whole day at the beach. When you do, you’re definitely going to need somewhere to grab a bite to eat. Luckily, at Hidden Beach, there are a few options to choose from.

Although they may not be fancy five-star restaurants, they are very affordable. The restaurants along the beach are all quite similar to what sort of food they offer. Including seafood, meat, vegetarian options, ice cream and some Western food, such as pizza and sandwiches. Although their menus are similar, each restaurant has its own niche.

Golden Bay Restaurant and Bar

Address: Hidden Beach

Golden Bay Restaurant and Bar is the most romantic restaurant at Hidden Beach. It’s very small, with one of the places to eat being a picturesque table for two under a lantern hanging from the shelter above. Their menu has fantastic drink options, offering many different beers and selling some of the best smoothies around. This restaurant may have the smallest food menu on the beach, but it’s got the biggest variety of pizza there is. Each pizza being 139,000 VND (6.05 USD).

Wild Beach Restaurant

Address: Hidden Beach

Wild Beach Restaurant is the classiest restaurant at Hidden Beach. Its extensive menu offers a wide range of seafood, western food, specialties, meat and vegetarian options. Craving some home comforts? Wild Beach makes paninis! Not only that, but they also offer a set menu for parties or big groups, costing between 160,000 VND (6.95 USD) – 250,000 VND (10.86 USD) per person.

Beach Waves Restaurant

Address: Hidden Beach

Beach Waves Restaurant is the second restaurant if you turn right once you get to the beach. Run by a close family with a lot of love put into the details of the menu. Beer costs as little as 15,000 VND (0.65 USD) and they sell the cheapest selection of cocktails on the beach. Making it very easy to spend at least a few hours here! The restaurant also offers rum and vodka by the bottle for as little as 110,000 VND (4.78 USD). It has a wide selection of different types of food, including pancakes for 59,000 VND (2.56 USD).

Hidden Beach Restaurant and Bar

Address: Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach Restaurant and Bar is the first restaurant you see when arriving at Hidden Beach. It is right at the end of the long and narrow road, just where the road meets the beach. Hidden Beach Restaurant offers a breakfast section on the menu, something the other restaurants do not have. Selling beer for as little as 20,000 VND (0.85USD) and with some good vegetarian options, this restaurant will not disappoint. They also sell tours around Vietnam and have good prices for water sports at Hidden Beach.

Tailors, massages and cold beers
Tailors, massages and cold beers on offer at Hoi An beach

Activities at Hidden Beach

If just sitting and relaxing isn’t your thing, why not join get the adrenalin pumping with some water sports? ‘My Sky – Beach Sports’ offer parasailing, jet skiing or banana boating.


For all of you thrill seekers, parasailing is an incredible opportunity to see some stunning views of the rice fields, Hoi An and even as far as Da Nang.

Price: Ranges from 600,000 VND ($26USD) to 800,000 VND (34.78 USD).

Jet Skiing

Not keen on heights?  Then maybe jet skiing up and down this beautiful coast line could be a great alternative option for you! If you’re lucky, you get to see some marine wildlife.

Price: Ranges from 500,000 VND (21.74 USD) to 1,200,000 VND (52 USD) depending on the duration.

Banana Boating

Our family favourite is banana boating. Children love nothing more than bouncing through the waves, getting sprayed with sea water and having their family members experience it all with them.

Price: 1,000,000 VND (43 USD) for 10 minutes. Maximum of five people.

Sunloungers line the beach in Hoi An
Sunloungers line the beach in Hoi An, at Hidden Beach you can use one when buying drinks or food from the cafe.

Hidden Beach Accommodation

If you love Hidden Beach so much, why not stay there? Imagine strolling out of bed, digging your toes into the sand and breathing in fresh sea air. We’ve scouted out some great hotels within walking distance of Hidden Beach.

Hidden Beach Bungalow Sea View

Web – Address: Hidden Beach Bungalow, Quảng Nam – Rate/night: 1,119,638 VND to 1,842,737 VND (49 to 80 USD)

Hidden Beach Bungalow Sea View is right at the heart of the beach. You only need to step out your door and you’re pretty much on the sand.  It’s not a 5-star luxury with all the mod cons, but then that’s not what they advertise. The rooms are clean, spacious with good air con and a walk-in shower room. With the closest restaurant being Hidden Beach Restaurant and Bar, probably a five to ten-second walk away – you never have to walk far. This hotel also offers laundry, LCD flat-screen TV, currency exchange and lots of options for some great photographs with its Chinese architecture.

Hidden Beach Pool Villas

Web – Address: 24 Lạc Long Quân, Road, Hội An, Quảng Nam – Rate/night: 3,312,000 VND to 8,052,300 (144 to 350 USD)

Hidden Beach Pool Villas is also extremely close to Hidden Beach. This traditional-styled wooden beach house allows you to relax with your own infinity pool and on-call spa or venture out and visit the Hidden beaches, restaurants, and bars, all within easy reach. In fact, it takes you less than a minute to walk from your room to the sand. Their restaurant has a 5-star rating on Tripadvisor. Its rustic style encourages you to relax even more and settle into the peaceful atmosphere that is Hidden Beach.

This hotel also offers currency exchange and LCD flat-screen TV as well as free parking and a golf course.

Boutique Hoi An Resort

Web – Address: 34 Lạc Long Quân, Cẩm An, Thành phố Hội An, Quảng Nam – Rate/night: 3,120,000 to 290,000,000 (136 to 1,260 USD)

Boutique Hoi An Resort is at the southern end of Hidden Beach, almost in the middle of Hidden Beach and Cua Dai Beach. For a very glamorous resort, Boutique Hoi An is your place. Its a beautiful hotel with stunning grounds and its own private beach for hotel guests. All rooms face the sea with private balconies and some have direct access to the beach from private terraces. There are spa treatments, tropical gardens, a large swimming pool and exquisite restaurants. It has it all.

Hidden Beach Bungalow Sea View
Hidden Beach Bungalow Sea View accommodation opens directly onto the beach

Spas at Hidden Beach

While you’re travelling or on holiday, it’s important for both your mind and your body to relax. It can sometimes be difficult to do that, especially if we’re used to a busy lifestyle. There are many places in Hoi An offering great massages, but what place is better to relax than the beach?

Every restaurant at Hidden Beach has a spa that offers massages. So once your delicious meal is digested and you’ve had a relaxing swim, why not hop onto a massage table? Every restaurant/spa at Hidden Beach offers a one hour massage for 200,000 VND (8.70 USD), with the exception of Beach Waves Restaurant, who offer their massage services for 180,000 VND (7.80 USD).

Hidden Beach calm seas
Calm seas and a quiet beach front, our idea of heaven. Photo: Megan Polly

Hidden’s Thoughts

Hidden Beach has something for absolutely everyone. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for extreme watersports, a family after a peaceful retreat from the city or just a traveller looking to explore a less-touristy spot. Choosing Hidden Beach over An Bang or Cua Dai Beach means you experience a more authentic vibe and can enjoy escaping the tourist scene. If you want to find out more about our other beaches, read our Cua Dai article here and our An Bang article here. Hidden recommends heading to the beach early in the morning to see it still and peaceful. For a totally different vibe, visit again in the late afternoon and watch the locals all come together at the end of their day. Sip on a delicious cocktail and eat delightful food, taking in the stunning surroundings as the day comes to a close at beautiful Hidden Beach.

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