Weddings in Hoi An – A Complete Guide to Destination Weddings in Hoi An

The UNESCO heritage city of Hoi An, known for its tailors and fine silks, picturesque scenery and ease of accessibility, can now cater to your every wedding desire. Hoi An as a destination wedding location takes the strain off your wallet while still managing to check off all your wedding must-have boxes. Local flowers and cuisine, talented music and photography, customised wedding party attire and a city flooded with romantic lanterns and gorgeous backdrops… What more could you want? 

In this article, Hidden lays out where to start when planning your Hoi An wedding. Including everything from top tier tailoring to beautiful Vietnamese catering and beach ceremony hints and tips.


Hoi An as a Destination Wedding Location

When you think destination wedding, it is more than likely that your brain is picturing the beach. White sand, beautiful sunsets, tropical fruit and flowers, and all the other things that scream romance and splendor. Hoi An is well-stocked with pristine dreamy beaches, high-class coastline resorts and all things tropical.

With the intention of a destination wedding in mind, you’re probably imagining more than just one night of magic. But rather a longer, more memorable stay. Where family and friends come together to celebrate the joining of two individuals in their celebration of love. For a multi-day event, you’re going to want variety for your guests, and variety is a Hoi An specialty. From pagoda wedding ceremonies, receptions in the rice fields, to resort rehearsal dinners overlooking the sunset out at sea.  Hoi An has it all.

Give your guests the experience of a lifetime.  Open their eyes to a bit of Southeast Asian magic, without breaking the bank. 

Having that fairytale ceremony may be something you’ve dreamed about since you were young. As you get older the realisation dawns that this dream comes with a price tag. A wedding of fairy-lights and exquisite cuisine does in fact tug on the strings of your bank account, quite hard. Now, what if this vision was attainable?  Even on a bit of a budget? Hoi An can make this dream a reality.

The Best Time to Hold your Hoi An Wedding

For outdoor ceremonies, come during spring in Vietnam.  Meaning the months of mid-March until mid-May.  Temperatures aren’t too hot, and rain shouldn’t be an issue.  Thus making them the most popular months for Hoi An weddings. At the end of May, temperatures rise through to summer. Check out our article on the best time to visit Hoi An here for more info.

The best time of day for a wedding ceremony in Hoi An is pretty simple. Avoid the midday rays and catch the sunset at the reception. Don’t boil in the sun right after getting your makeup done. Or have your guests on the constant hunt for their water bottles when their attention should be on the magic of it all!  The post-ceremony affair ought to involve the witnessing of a gorgeous sunset. So, starting the event at 4 p.m. is generally the best option.

Hidden Hint: Hoi An’s beaches are east-facing, so don’t expect to see the sun setting over the water

Another perk of an early afternoon occasion? The golden hour in Vietnam – the most picturesque time of day.  Occurring in the hour right before sunrise (and right after sunset, although a 5 a.m. wedding is a little obscure for most!). Following the ceremony, as guests are distracted by food, beverage and scenery.  Meaning the wedding party can be whisked away to have a stunning golden hour portrait session.    

a silhouette photo of a couple kissing in Hoi An
A couple share a kiss silhouetted against the evening sky. Photo:

Hoi An Wedding Accommodation & Event Spaces

There are numerous beachfront resort options which help curate your special day with gorgeous event spaces. As a growing holiday destination hub, the coastline along Hoi An is lined with high-end resorts. These elegant resorts are experienced in overseeing events.  They can also help to create an ideal stay for all your guests. You won’t have to worry about language barriers either. Instead, you’re pampered and guided through your relaxing getaway by attentive staff.

Beach Resort Weddings in Hoi An

Due to the plentiful nature of Hoi An’s beach resorts, there are lots of options to find the resort that best tailors to your ideal wedding atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for an intimate beachside setting with a more rustic feel, an adults-only ambience, or a larger family-friendly event space.

The Ultimate Luxury Beach Wedding

If money is no obstacle, and complete luxury is a priority, then look no further than the Nam Hai by Four Seasons Resort. By many accounts, the property is the ultimate definition of luxury. Here you can have pretty much anything your heart desires, whenever you want it. It is the premier of beachfront luxury resort locations, offering you coastline views of pristine white sand and sunsets overlooking the ocean. 

The relaxed and luxurious Palm Garden Resort with its almost 1,000 square metre pool and its easily accessible private beach is another solid option. It will keep your guests busy with numerous activity options, including jet skiing, basket boats, wakeboarding, water skiing, and ocean kayaking. Just to name a few. The property has a pleasing feel of tranquillity due to its lawns, vegetation, and overall spaciousness. Gentle seas lapping the sand further enhance the feeling making it an idyllic wedding venue.

Finally, the Sunrise Premium Resort offers luxury and seclusion plus an attractive, and peaceful, sandy beach great for swimming on its northern boundary. The hotel has three restaurants, a bar, spa and wellness services, meeting & event facilities, and wedding packages, plus numerous activities for all ages. There’s a range of accommodation including the recently refurbished grand pool villa. It sleeps six in luxury – perfect for a wedding party. The hotel’s three restaurants provide contrasting styles, settings, and cuisines–indoors and out.  Including private dining and candlelit dinners on the beach by request. Check out our full article on Hoi An’s Beach Resorts for more options for beach resort accommodation.

A beach wedding
Seats lined up on the beach for an oceanside wedding ceremony.

Looking for a Low Key Beach Wedding?

Looking for a more laid back wedding atmosphere?  Perhaps with more of a family-friendly setting with a whole lot of character?  Then Salt Pub is another Hidden favourite. This ocean-view restaurant and bar provides a more relaxed wedding reception location.  They pair fine dining and coastline scenery with a more casual ambience and exceptional service. This spot is perfect for more chilled event gathering.  Hidden highly recommends them for either your main reception dinner or a post-event brunch with your guests. 

Riverside Weddings in Hoi An’s Old Town

For that true heart-of-Hoi An atmosphere, locate yourself nearer to the beautiful and bustling Old Town. Situated on the Thu Bon River you’ll be tucked away from the congested crowds in your own authentic oasis. These ultimate riverside resorts keep that romantic elegance and feel of luxuriousness while remaining in close proximity to the historic Old Town of Hoi An.

Consider the 5-star luxury Anantara Hoi An Resort – where history and romance intertwine with a Hoi An wedding. Open spaces and Asian and French colonial design await you on the edge of the Thu Bon River, just east of the town centre. Exchange vows with views of the Thu Bon River framed behind you. Celebrate with a Vietnamese banquet on the poolside terrace.  Then dance the night away in the elegant ballroom.

A couple in a romantic boat ride
Take a romantic rowboat ride on Hoi An’s river. Photo: Anh Phan Photography

Alternatively for a more modest cost consider An Hoi Islet.  Here just a 10-minute walk away from the centre of Old Town, lies the Hoi An Silk Marina Resort & Spa. This large hotel also resides on the banks of the Thu Bon River.  It makes for a serene and peaceful wedding location.  Visualise chairs set up on the riverside with fresh flowers and candle decorations for tables. This along with an elegant wedding arch, floral decoration, Vietnamese or International buffet await you and your guests.

A Touch of Glitz and Glam

Finally the Hotel Royal Hoi An – MGallery offers a high-end modern experience for those looking for a bit more glitz and glam for their wedding. A truly lavish hotel set just on the east side of the Old Town. The property fuses Japanese and local designs to form their highly decorated spaces. From theme to colour palette to fabulous food, they can tailor a wedding to meet your imagination and desires. We’re talking champagne fountains, three-piece band, tiered cakes – the works.  A highlight is their impressive rooftop bar, The Deck. Proudly labelled as the highest bar and lounge in Hoi An. Offering spectacular views of the Ancient Town and the Thu Bon River.

Photoshoot for a wedding in Hoi An
Hoi An provides endless backdrops and beautiful places for your wedding photos

Wedding Planning in Hoi An

The thought of planning a wedding somewhere you don’t speak the language, or have never even been before, can understandably seem a little daunting. Will your wedding planner speak your language? Will they know the best caterers? Flower vendors? How to arrange the style of music you’re looking for? The answer is yes. As a growing romance destination, wedding planning is in much higher demand nowadays. 

There’s a small group of agencies catering to this market.  They help bring to life the most beautiful and cohesive events, with a focus on more than just the day of the ceremony. 

The resorts suggested above also offer wedding day preparation help and curation of beautiful ceremony and reception spaces.  However, Hidden’s recommendation is to hand your wedding planning over to the experts at Hoi An Events.

Hoi An Events 

Hoi An Events is one of the town’s leading event planning groups. Brought to life nearly eight years ago, this planning committee has taken Hoi An by storm. Their compact, five-person team prides themselves on organisation, creativity and using their passion to make couple’s dreams come true. As a full-service event planning organisation, they cover all the bases.  We are talking everything from accommodation, meals and group events, to transportation and childcare. 

Hoi An Events has a passion for developing a getaway for guests that reaches far beyond the single day. Helping bring the event together as a whole – from start to finish. From welcoming dinner to guidance on where to adventure, through to making sure all those details are in line on the big day. Hoi An Events has it mastered.

Their work embraces the charm of the destination while helping create unique events that are reflective of the couple and their style and vision.

 “This is their moment, this is their once in a lifetime. We have to treat every wedding like that. It really becomes a personal journey.”Nadine Ziegeldorf, founder of Hoi An Events.

Wedding Photographers & Videographers in Hoi An

Hoi An is undoubtedly a picturesque location. In the Old Town, and at An Bang Beach, there are often couples capturing their connection on camera in their wedding photographs before the crowds fill the roads. Traditionally, Vietnamese couples schedule their wedding photoshoots prior to the wedding, leaving their big day purely for celebration. Western couples tend to capture their whole wedding in just one day, as they have to fit all their tasks into a shorter visit. 

Hidden Hint: Setting a day aside just for a pre-wedding photoshoot is a smart Vietnamese tradition to adopt into your wedding plans.  You’ll have more time spent with your guests rather than being pulled away to a photo shoot.

For photography and video footage of your special day, there is a plethora of talent.  Hoi An has a number of media groups specialising in event photography.  All for reasonable prices, with no sacrifice of quality. Looking outside of Hoi An there is an even larger pool of options, due to the close proximity to the larger city of Da Nang.

Western photographers will generally have higher priced services. However, if you’re happy hiring a Vietnamese company, you’ll get to enjoy the low-cost benefits. Either way, there’s no sacrificing quality or customer service.

Da Nang Photographer

For a more Western feel from your wedding photography experience, the Hoi An / Danang based photographers Etienne Bossot, Frederik Wissink and videographer Maciej Sniezek are dedicated to connecting with the wedding party and helping document intimate moments. With  huge experience living and working in Vietnam as well as an impressive portfolio, the Da Nang Photographer team is well-practised in natural backdrops and lighting, capturing those candid and raw moments. Their passion for connecting with their clients and creating a more deep and emotional wedding photography experience sets them apart from other collectives, as well as the added videography option. 

The Danang Photographer team also provide photos and videos for events, businesses and families travelling through central Vietnam.

Another perk, the team speaks English, French and Polish, so there’s no language barrier when it comes to finding an English-speaking photographer. For a three-hour photography session prices start at 10,489,500 VND (450 USD), and from 22,144,500 VND (950 USD) for a three-hour photo and video package. Their family photo sessions start at 8,700,000 VND (USD 375) for a 2 hour shoot.

Anh Phan Photographer

Dedicated to portraying the natural and raw emotion of the love that is at the core of your wedding, Anh Phan is a Vietnam-based passionate photographer. She specialises in wedding and family photography, helping depict the connections and emotions within these special bonds. Your wedding photographs should represent the story of your journey together, and Anh Phan is committed to capturing the reflection of your love. Visit her site for packages and quotes. 

Khoi Le Studios 

Khoi Le Studios is a Hoi An based photo collective made up of five photographers. Aside from the collective’s founder Khoi, we are particularly fond of the work of Phong Nguyen who has focused his passion on street and wedding photography for the past five years. Nguyen has a unique eye that helps to capture a couple’s connection within the destination setting. He combines the beauty of Vietnamese scenery with the romance of a wedding, giving his photographs an artistic feel. As a Hoi An based photographer with perfect English, he knows all the best backdrops and can help guide your shoot to reflect both your love and the beauty of Vietnam through a unique lens. He is also a co-founder and administrator of one of the most prestige street photography groups in Vietnam, the Vietnam Hardcore Street Photography

Keep in mind, Khoi Le Studios just specialises in photography, not videography. All prices are based on individual weddings, so contact them direct for a quote. 

Wedding Tailoring in Hoi An

One of Hoi An’s main selling points as a destination wedding is their prestigious tailoring industry. So get your whole wedding party fitted in custom attire for a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. Why spend more of your budget on mediocre tailors and off-the-rack suits or dresses back home?  Come to Hoi An and get exactly what you’re looking for! Tailor made, at an affordable price. With fine silks and dedicated tailors with years of experience, your gowns and suits will adopt a unique, creative and detailed touch.

Timing for Wedding Tailoring

When it comes to planning ahead for custom wedding party designs, you’re going to have to account for time and communication. Especially if you’re envisioning intricate wedding gown customisation. Remember to manage your expectations though.  Hoi An’s tailors are globally recognised, but that doesn’t mean they can produce every wedding gown. It will take time to get the design exactly right. The kind of intricate beading, fine lace and silk work you desire may not be readily available.  Also getting that perfect fit doesn’t come without time and close attention. If you’ve ever had custom-designed clothing, you’ll know it takes time to get that perfect look and perfect fit. 

Hidden Hint: Top quality suits are made every day in Hoi An, however not all wedding dresses can be made here. For gowns check ahead that your customised design is achievable a long time in advance, so you have a plan B if the tailors in Hoi An cannot do it.

Choosing a wedding dress in Hoi An
Choosing wedding dress designs at a Hoi An tailor shop.

Clear Communication with the Tailor is Key

We recommend beginning communication with your Hoi An tailor of choice as far in advance as one year. It is also an ideal timeframe for starting all the initial wedding planning. Give your guests time to book their annual leave and your gown designer a bit more wiggle room when it comes to creating a masterpiece for you.

Although last minute custom wedding party attire is still attainable, the extra time will help bring that peace of mind, and not rush your tailor. For gowns, plan multiple meetings to connect face-to-face with your designer, accounting for further alterations that might need to be made. 

For suits, the process is a bit more simple. Suit tailoring just requires measurements and slight alterations for size and a perfect fit, so timing isn’t as big of an issue here. A quality suit can be turned around in 48 hours!

The Best Tailors in Hoi An

Hidden went searching for the best tailors in Hoi An. Of the larger tailors we found Bebe Tailor to be well-versed in designing wedding garments. They have a system for creating garment designs that brings a sense of ease to the process. Making them one of the best options when it comes to your wedding tailor needs. Take away the stress of potential language barriers or worries of communication, and pair these perks with exquisite service and design quality and an extensive selection of fine fabrics.

Bebe’s process goes- design, measure, fitting, collect (or deliver). Their website also has a very simple messaging feature.  Here you will be able to have consistent communication with your tailor throughout the process. Bebe makes it easy to make your dream wedding gown and party attire your reality.  They’ll work closely with you to curate the ideal look. 

a bride and groom with their flower girls
Wedding dresses, suits and bridemaid’s dresses can all be made to order in Hoi An. Photo: Khoi Le Studios

Flowers & Catering

Wedding Flowers in Hoi An

Hoi An’s warm and tropical climate brings an abundance of colourful and unique flora. If you’re looking for an authentic, spring-time atmosphere, your options for flowers are affordable and stunning. Bright and blooming native Vietnamese flowers add to the magic of your fairytale destination wedding, filling your bridal bouquets and reception centrepieces. To explore the unique Vietnamese blooms, check out this article on the beautiful seasonal flora here.

If you’re searching for a more traditional look for your wedding bouquets and flowers, options are available as well. Some brides choose to import their flowers, imagining roses and hydrangeas and peonies on their special day. With this choice, the one thing you’ll be sacrificing is, of course, the low-cost of using native flowers, but it is possible.

Wedding Food and Beverages in Hoi An

If you are having your wedding at a resort, Vietnamese chefs will provide a taste of Vietnam through exquisite seafood and other authentic cuisines. Most resorts do not allow outside catering companies, so you’ll work with your event space staff to curate something delicious. Introduce your guests to the flavours of Vietnam with extravagant mouthwatering buffets and high-end barbequing, helping curate a wedding with a taste of culture. Most people tend to source their fine wines through their venue, along with meal catering. Serving spirits and Vietnamese beers also help cut down on your costs. 

On the other hand, maybe you’ll want to stick with a more traditional menu of chicken, potatoes and fine wines. While wines will likely need to be imported due to the lack of wine-friendly climate in Vietnam, both options are achievable. Hoi An is also equipped with high-quality wine shops where you will likely find what you’re looking for, if you’re wanting to do a little shopping around. 

Hidden Hint: Working with unfamiliar customs systems is complicated.  Using a third-party like Hoi An Events, in cases where the import wine you’re seeking isn’t already in Vietnam, helps eliminate the stress of getting imports through customs. 

Hidden’s Thoughts

Hoi An, nestled on the coast of Central Vietnam, screams all-things-wedding. From lantern-lit corridors to rice-fields and beaches, to some of the best tailors in the world. This little city is just waiting to help make your dreams come true. 

Therefore as a low-cost destination wedding location flush with romantic scenery and delicious food, Hoi An seems like the right choice for just about anybody.

“If you’re planning a destination wedding, you’ve already begun to think outside the box. You’re already throwing out the rule book, so why not turn it on its head and create something incredible” – Nadine Ziegeldorf –  Founder of Hoi An Events

In Hoi An, you’ll get the wedding of your childhood fairytales, the gown (or suit) of your dreams and provide your guests with a getaway they’ll never forget.