Paper Shoot – A World Leading Eco-Friendly Digital Camera


The Paper Shoot Story

It all started in Taiwan in 2013, when Paper Shoot launched their first innovative digital camera made from paper stone to the market. Their aim was reconnecting people through their uniquely designed camera.  Their motto, in line with famous photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, “It’s more important to click with people than to click the shutter”. 

Throughout the journey of perfecting the Paper Shoot Camera, the team found that Millennials and upcoming generations (Gen Z) shared a great love for the environment.  This, accompanied with a desire to be fashionable and a passion for capturing key moments in their lives.  This key thinking combined into the concept behind the Paper Shoot Camera.  “Point & Shoot + Less is more” became their main concept. Hidden looks further into the the world’s most innovative, sustainable digital camera. 


Paper Shoot’s Vision

Paper Shoot’s brand vision is to inspire fun and creativity.  But with the underlying importance of caring for our planet. This comes together through a unique digital photography experience, allowing you to connect with your subject like the old days. They combine a passion for photography and a brighter future for the world with cutting-edge technology.  

Paper Shoot fits perfectly in today’s growing market for everyday carry items that are beautifully designed and manufactured. Part of this trend, Paper Shoot brings you the world’s most innovative, sustainable digital camera. It’s a clever idea that is beautifully executed.


The Paper Shoot Camera

Hidden took a closer look at the Paper Shoot Camera.  Yes we can confirm that this camera is made mostly out of paper! Powering this 13-megapixel digital camera, with time-lapse and video recorder, are simply two rechargeable AAA batteries. They can last for 300 shots and come free when you purchase the Paper Shoot Camera in Vietnam. 

There are four colour effect built-in modes on the camera (classic, black and white, sepia, and blue).  They can be activated by a simple flick of a switch. The camera works like any other camera: press the shutter located at the front part of the device and you’re good to go. 

Simple but smart. The Paper Shoot Camera is simple in its design and straightforward in its operation. It is a digital camera, period. There are no overtly ‘flashy’ functions to mess around with. This means you can simply focus on being creative and capturing your surroundings. In addition there’s the added novelty of using a cute cardboard camera!  It’s the perfect accessory for capturing Hoi An’s top 10 Instagram spots!

Paper Shoot looks at picture taking in its simplest sense: a way to create memories. Taking you back to a time before the plethora of smartphones and DSLRs.  Back to when every photo was precious – simply because there weren’t so many of them.



Stone Paper Matsuba – Zen Design

How to Assemble the Paper Shoot Camera

This camera is shipped as a ‘do-it-yourself’ kit that requires buyers to assemble the device. We found the assembly  very straightforward.  The resulting camera, once fully assembled, is quite small. Paper Shoot is a digital camera, though it lacks a display for previewing and reviewing photos.  If you’ve never bought an item mainly for the pure novelty then Hidden thinks you should really try this!

Customising your Camera

The unique part about Paper Shoot Cameras are the exchangeable cases. They  have so many case designs made from various materials, in different styles, for every taste. Materials include: walnut, rosewood, teak, cork, leather and stone, to just name a few. There’s even a DIY  ‘paint your own camera’ for budding artists or even children, encouraging artistic creativity.

The switchable and editable case of the Paper Shoot Camera provides a fun and unique digital photography experience.  It can also be tailor-made for individuals, accompany a brand, or be customised for special events. 

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Camera System Details at a Glance

Focus: 22m

Aperture: F2.0

Resolution: 13 Megapixel

Picture Format: JPG

Video and Time Lapse Format: MOV

Supports SD and WiFi SD card up to 32 GB (not included)

4 Camera Photo Filters: Classic LOMO, Black & White, Sepia and Blue

Add-on Video Recording Function when connected with an extended power source

Type of Camera: LOMO, Digital & Eco-Friendly

The 10 Golden Rules of LOMOgraphy to use with your Paper Shoot Camera

1.  Take your camera everywhere you go.

2.  Use it anytime – day or night.

3.  LOMOgraphy is not an interference in your life, rather a part of it.

4. Try to shoot form the hip.

5.  Approach the objects your LOMOgraphic desires as close as possible.

6.  Don’t think.

7.  Be fast.

8.  You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film

9.  Afterwards either.

10. Don’t worry about any rules!

Paper Shoot’s Eco-Friendly Design

Today, Paper Shoot aspires to promote forward thinking, environmentally sustainable products. They are proud to have the most simple and fashionable digital camera – combined with eco-friendliness. 

Paper Shoot has bravely taken on the challenge of distributing these environmentally sustainable products to a heavily influenced polycarbonate industry.  Polycarbonate being chemically made from petroleum – is not biodegradable and therefore leaks into the environment, causing significant damage. Paper Shoot tackles this challenge by eliminating petroleum and using stone paper as its main material.  They even recycle their used cameras and transform them into brand new cameras!

By using heavy stone paper made from inorganic mineral powder, Paper Shoot provides a durable and water-resistant digital camera.  In addition rechargeable batteries come free with every purchase of the Paper Shoot Camera in Vietnam,  thus reducing alkaline battery waste. 


Green Innovative Creation Technology Ltd (GICT) Paper Shoot’s Sole Distributor in Vietnam

Paper Shoot is a globally recognised brand.  In Vietnam, Green Innovative Creation Technology limited (GICT) has sole authorisation for distributing the Paper Shoot Camera.  A local business created with the aim of developing the ecological economy of Vietnam.  GICT’s consumer products are eco-friendly, sustainable and creative.

Where to Buy your Paper Shoot Camera

Tempted?  Then get your own Paper Shoot Camera by visiting: inside Vietnam or for overseas purchases visit  Prices start from 2,750,000 (120 USD).  Check out their products on Instagram or Facebook