Hoi An Bike Rental: The Motorbike Rental Shop With a Difference

For enthusiasts and novices alike, a stay in Hoi An is incomplete without hopping on a bike rental for an enjoyable ride around the beautiful UNESCO world heritage city and its delightful surroundings.

Of course, safety is paramount, especially when riding in a foreign country, on unfamiliar bikes and on the opposite side of the road. Here at Hidden Hoi An we discovered the perfect bike rental company already combining customer satisfaction and safety at Hoi An Bike Rental run by safety-conscious local Mike. Hiddenhoian loves Hoi An Bike Rental’s philosophy to provide a fabulous riding experience, we dropped by for a chat and got to see the lovingly maintained fleet.

In this article we cover how Hoi An Bike Rental (unlike many rivals) puts your safety first, you won’t find unreliable bikes here as they are all new or nearly new with regular safety checks, as well as introducing you to owner local boy Mike. You will also discover how to get the best from your ride through Hoi An Bike Rentals treasure trove of hidden extras that will enhance your riding experience.


Hoi An Bike Rental In Brief

Hoi An Bike Rentals has a fleet of 60 bikes with 8 options at specifications and prices for all levels of experience. These all come with the full Hoi An Bike Rental package starting at only 183,000 VND (8 USD) to 780,00 VND (34 USD) per day. 

WebsiteAddress: 14 Cua Dai st and 34/14 Hung Vuong st  Opening Hours: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m Prices: 180,000 VND (8 USD) to 780,00 VND (34 USD) per day. 

Great Ethos and Great Bikes

Everyone values their own safety; unfortunately, not every bike rental dealer values it as highly as you. However, and here is the good news, this is what sets Hoi An Bike Rental apart from the competition; they certainly do that, going that mile further on safety and service. We all want that right? 

Hoi An Bike Rental’s ethos is built around providing a great experience for the traveller. All the bikes are in perfect condition that is to say they are still under warranty from the manufacturer. For Mike this makes sense as he can relax while you enjoy the ride. The bike range, which is extensive, caters to all levels of experience from nippy 50cc fully automatic runarounds allowing you to safely whizz around town and to the beach through to powerful clutch controlled beasts boasting 300cc. Yes, all are perfect condition bikes still under warranty.

“It’s in my DNA” Mike laughed, “When I was a boy my father had a business in Hoi An famous for customer service so much so it was Lonely Planet recommended”. It has certainly rubbed off on Hoi An boy Mike who explained that his love for his hometown and passion to make travellers happy led to setting up Hoi An Bike Rental; the bike rental shop with a difference.

Hidden Hint: Up until now, hire has only been offered within Hoi An but Mike will soon be partnering with like-minded operators in other cities to offer one-way rentals.

Hoi An's countryside perfect to go on a bike rental
Explore Hoi An’s countryside on two wheels with Hoi An Bike Rental

Hoi An Bike Rental the Right Way

There are many bike rental operators in Hoi An but not all are official and not many provide reliability and the level of safety and servicing that Hoi An Bike Rental prides itself on. Hidden Hoi An was treated to an insight into how both types of rental bike business operate “Vietnamese bike store owners are scared tourists may damage their bike so offer poor quality cheap bikes – it makes sense to them but not me” says Mike. Our philosophy is that new or nearly new bikes make sense. “A perfect condition bike means that if anything happens you are safe, and that means I feel relaxed”. All Hoi An Bike Rental bikes are under warranty.

It’s clear throughout the interview that Mike’s goal is to put everything in place to provide the customer with a relaxed rental so they can get the most out of their stay in Hoi An.

Minh, owner of Hoi An Bike Rental
The owner of Hoi An Bike Rental, Mike, with one of his bikes

What Sets Hoi An Bike Rental Apart?

As well as your safety we are delighted to hear how far their customer service extends – providing quality motorbike helmets, ponchos to come to your aid if the weather changes,first aid kits and more, much more. During our interview Mike’s passion shone like a beacon; going the extra mile for his customers is what makes Hoi An Bike Rental so different. Our pick of the included extras you will receive are:

Free Delivery and Pickup

The convenience of delivery to any location in Hoi An is available or you can simply pop down to view and consider the range of bikes and pick up on site. Whichever option you choose the team provides advice and support before and during your travels in and around Hoi An. Hours are also convenient as they can pick up or deliver as late as 10pm.

Hoi An Bike Rental Easy for Deposit

Hoi An Bike Rental offers straightforward ways to leave your deposit. You can choose either to leave your driver’s licence, personal ID card, credit card, original passport or a cash deposit (2 mil. VND for Standard / Standard+ Bike, 4 mil. VND for Premium Bike or Motorbike).

Hoi An Bike Rental 24/7 Roadside Assistance

With Hoi An Bike Rental’s 24/7 road assistance you will never be worried about breaking down or losing your route. Their priority is that you have a safe and relaxing trip so 24/7 roadside assistance comes as standard.  For your added assurance they even provide a topped-up mobile phone in the bike’s storage compartment.

First aid kid and phone together with the bike rental
A first aid kit and prepaid phone are included in all rentals.

Mike’s Maps

Many hours on a bike rental riding new routes around Hoi An and extensive web research have provided Mike with the ultimate added extra for his customers. Mike provides customised Google Maps with an extensive list of the best local rides in and around Hoi An (handily the bike is equipped with a mobile phone holder on the handlebars). Mike’s maps lead you away from heavy traffic, across swaying paddy fields and interlaced with hidden gems, those special points of interest where villagers will expect you to drop in and you can help the artisans weaving reed boats and you will taste real local food in a truly natural environment. There are even rides to remote villages where foreigners are still a rarity – treat yourself before others follow. Mike researches these routes himself, searching for the best roads for customers to follow, avoiding highways and busy roads in favour of safer paths and more scenic roads.

Motorbikes Available for Rental in Hoi An

Kymco Like 50cc

The fully automatic, 50cc Kymco Like is an ideal town runaround. The scooter is incredibly easy to ride, therefore perfect for a novice.  However it is not suitable for longer distances or regularly carrying two. As it is 50cc you have the added bonus of not requiring a driving license. What is there not to like?

Honda Air Blade 110

The automatic Air Blade is incredibly popular in Vietnam and rightly so. The combination of great handling and 110cc engine means you have sufficient power to carry a passenger smoothly around town, or on your adventure into Hoi An’s countryside. Yes, there are more exciting motorbikes, but there is actually no need to get anything bigger or more powerful than the Air Blade.

Honda Air Blade 125

Sometimes you have it all but you just want more. Closely related to the Air Blade 110cc and equally balanced combination of great handling and reliability, but with a 125cc engine.  This bike provides that  little extra oomph to get you and your passenger where you need to go. The Air Blade bikes have a good size trunk and are a comfortable ride for passengers.

Honda PCX

The PCX is the Air Blade’s sporty big brother. Delivering great fuel efficiency and a fully automatic 125cc engine. There’s great under-seat storage – enough for a full-face helmet.  The bright LED lights and new LCD display dial up the safety and style. You will enjoy a smooth, confident ride due to its combination of lighter wheels, increased tyre size and improved grip. It also boasts improved ABS front brake and longer-travel rear suspension. Some do complain that the passenger seat is less comfortable than the Air Blade. Therefore we suggest testing it out if you will be regularly riding with two.

Yamaha NVX

You’ll be riding a sportier premier scooter with the Yamaha NVX 155cc.  This is the most powerful automatic scooter in Vietnam. A “riders ride” that will satisfy your need for speed whilst fat tyres provide confidence through corners and traffic. Some scooters feel “flighty” at the front due to their smaller wheels.  But instead, the NVX glides around the highways of Vietnam.

Yamaha FZ150i

The Yamaha FZ150i is a great entrance to geared motorcycles. Looking and handling like a “real” bike. The bike has a masculine and cool design and a powerful 5 gear 150cc engine. 

Yamaha R15

There are many reasons why the full manual Yamaha YZF-R15 is popular. It’s not just the race looks, which it has in abundance, it also provides a decent top end so you’ll soon be chasing the horizon. All powered by its 150cc engine and blessed with lovely road manners. It’s a great step up bike as not too powerful to be intimidating. Howeverit packs the performance which will be welcomed by riders upgrading the level of exhilaration.

Yamaha R3

The R3 is the most powerful bike that Hoi An Bike Rental offers. At 300cc this is not one for an amateur rider. Both lightweight and powerful, it’s at it’s best when it can be opened up so this is one for a real adventure. A day on the R3 proves you with everything you’ll want to tackle Vietnam’s highways, remote glory roads, and everything in between. 

Hidden’s Thoughts

Motorcycling is a fantastic way of getting around Hoi An and seeing hidden parts of Vietnam. There are a plethora of options when choosing a bike rental. This can make it difficult to choose especially, if like lots of travellers, you are not a regular biker. 

What type of bike you choose is dependent on your experience and budget. But what type of operator should always be decided by your safety and a high level of customer focus. With bike rental in Hoi An the most affordable option is definitely not always the best. 

For a safe and relaxed yet thrilling experience, Hoi An Bike Rental has the options that meet your every need. Regardless of which bike you choose and how many days you hire, you certainly won’t regret your visit to Hoi An’s premier bike rental. Here there are simply no compromises on satisfaction.