Author : David and Suzanne

David Simmonds, a young-at-heart cyclist, gardener and cook with a taste for craft beer and eclectic music. When on my travels I love to immerse myself in local life, to celebrate those things that we all have in common and love nothing more than sharing a smile, a laugh or a beer with new friends made along the way. Born and bred in the north of England I have a self deprecating sense of humour (you may not agree) and am a loyal supporter of my local football team who have one major trophy in almost 145 triumphant years! My name is Suzanne and I come from England. I’m of mixed race heritage – English mother and Ghanaian father. Having lived in Ghana for seven years I understand their rich culture but see myself as English. Travel, culture, food and animals are my passions. I love nothing more than visiting new countries and getting to know the locals and their way of life. S E Asia is a particular favourite, the people are warm and friendly, the scenery stunning and the food is out of this world. Animals, well, I just LOVE animals! so much so that I feed the local dogs in our neighbourhood dog biscuits from a stash I keep in my coat pocket when on my way to and from work.