Beachside Restaurants in Hoi An: Where to eat in An Bang and Cua Dai Beach

Many of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations are surrounded by cities or mountains.  Therefore making the idyllic coastline of Hoi An quite a novelty for those travelling around Vietnam. The chance to kick back and watch the ocean, cocktail in hand, at picturesque Hoi An beach restaurants is a dreamy prospect for most holidaymakers.

It is no surprise that Hoi An frequently tops the “Best Beach Destinations in Vietnam” lists.  There are several stunning seaside spots to choose from. The city’s array of beach restaurants are spread out. From the popular tourist beach village of An Bang in the north to the quieter Cua Dai Beach preferred by locals, in the south. Each beach has its own charm and unique selling point. There are plenty of exciting eateries to accommodate visiting tourists, as well as Hoi An’s year-round residents. To get a better understanding of the geography of these sandy shores, take a look at Hidden’s Complete Guide to Hoi An Beaches, here

The number of food and beverage establishments in the area differ.  All have varying menus and price ranges. As An Bang Beach is more of a tourist spot and Cua Dai more popular with locals, the aesthetic and asking price of each eatery reflects the regular customer demographic. With such a variety of beach restaurants in Hoi An, picking where to go can be tricky. So it’s for this reason that Hidden has put together a list of the Best Beachside Restaurants, to simplify your decision making. 

Enjoying the day at the beach


What is there to Eat at the Beach?

Your hotel by the beach might have a restaurant.  However it is important to note that there are other options beyond these resorts and expanding your horizon sure pays off. If you are staying further inland, Hidden recommends venturing to the beach for a meal par la mer. 

Local taxis to the beach from the Old Town are inexpensive, with prices starting at around 80-100,000 VND (3.5-4.5 USD) and motorbikes costing approximately 140-250,000 VND (6-10.90 USD) per day. Cycling to the beach is an even more cost-effective option, at around 50,000 VND per day (2.15 USD). Hidden encourages all visitors to get down to the beach for at least one day of sun-soaked menu sampling. 

In the interest of whittling down the best of the bunch, Hidden has carefully handpicked the finest Hoi An Beach Restaurants, dividing them into popular categories for your convenience.

Best Beachside Seafood Restaurants in Hoi An: Hon Restaurant

WebsiteAddress: 9 Lac Long Quan Street – Hours: Open Sunday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The abundance of seafood available in Hoi An is impressive. Just what you’d expect from a coastal city home to a host of historical fishing villages. Local fishermen can still be found implementing their successful age-old fishing method of netting.  They continue providing a plethora of seafood for the people of Hoi An. 

Of the many seafood establishments, Hon Restaurant is consistently rated the freshest and tastiest by locals and holidaymakers alike. Their first-rate service, paired with breathtaking scenery, makes it a must-try seafood spot. Another drawcard of Hon Restaurant is its location, slightly further out at the southernmost side of Cua Dai Beach.  Therefore away from the many other tourist favourites at busier An Bang Beach. Seated at Hon’s, the waves lapping the shore by your side, you are reminded how fresh the seafood is. 

Hidden Hint:  This is the place to go for an all out seafood feast!  The grilled lobster with garlic and butter is a timeless classic that Hon Restaurant execute perfectly.

The menu is vast, with enough options for all members of your group. The fine seafood on offer includes crispy squid – a dream sharing plate for 180,000 VND (7.80 USD). Worth trying are local favourite, steamed clams in lemongrass and chilli, 100,000 VND (4.30 USD). Or try the grilled whole red snapper, 200,000 VND (8.60 USD).  These chefs really know how to augment the flavours of every fish dish. 

Best Vegetarian Beach Restaurant in Hoi An: The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant 

Website – Address: Beach front, Block 8 An Bang Beach – Hours: Open Sunday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

In light of the large Buddhist following a vegetarian lifestyle in Quang Nam, eating “toi an chay” does not prove problematic in Hoi An. The community is accommodating when it comes to vegetarianism, many even observing vegetarianism as part of the monthly Full Moon Lantern Festival. It is more popularly accommodated for here than in other, more meat-orientated parts of the country. Check out Hidden’s Vegetarian and Vegan Guide which showcases the large selection of options available. 

Our pick for the best beachside vegetarian restaurant had to be The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant on An Bang Beach. Some consider this laidback bean bag beach bar hard to find. Therefore the owners recommend locating it by heading through Hai Ba Trung Street, then turning right at the end of the street and continuing down a small path until reaching the restaurant on your left. 

The Fisherman Restaurant Concept

The concept for The Fisherman was born out of the owner’s desire to create an alternative plant-based menu for his restaurant, thus lowering the demand for fish in an already seafood obsessed city. As a result, what has emerged is a hippie-haven adorned with ornate beach knick knacks and ocean decor.  All this creates the feeling you are grazing among marine life. 

While this spot is by no means the cheapest, fans of The Fisherman agree the food is great value for money.  Due to the fact that the portions are big and they use fresh garden ingredients. For breakfast they have smoothie bowls, 70,000 – 90,000 VND (3-4 USD).  After that there’s comforting Western-inspired mains like pumpkin gnocchi, 95,000 VND (4 USD). Or perhaps a vegan sandwich with sweet potato fries, 120,000VND (5.20 USD). Let the salty sea air breeze over you as you sip an ‘Oh My Coconut’ smoothie, 65,000 VND (2.80 USD) and snack on avocado toast, 60,000 VND (2.60 USD).

The Fisherman has an incredible vegan menu and is known beach restaurant in Hoi An
The Fisherman boasts an incredible all-natural, vegan menu, fully-stocked bar, and beach-inspired decor. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

Hoi An Best Romantic Beach Restaurants: Shore Club 

Website – Address: An Bang Beach – Hours: Open Sunday to Saturday 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.As far as cities go, Hoi An is pretty damn romantic. Whether it’s strolling along the lantern-lit Thu Bon River hand in hand, or heading for a couples massage at one of the many local spas. Dining at Shore Club is our pick for best romantic beachside restaurant.  Our reasons for this choice are immediately apparent as soon as you cross the palm tree threshold.

Shore Club’s trademark sea-scape shades of blue and white stand out from the beach. This restaurant specialises in upscale dining.  It’s an ideal spot for lovebirds looking to wind down after a busy day of sightseeing. 

Hidden Hint: Curl up in one of the VIP cabanas overlooking the ocean and order from their premium international wine list. Minimum spend of 1,000,000 VND (43 USD). But if you intend on lounging poolside for a while, it is definitely worth it.

For dinner, the seafood platter for two, 970,000 VND (42.00 USD) – seasoned to perfection and served on banana leaves – is a must. Other favourites include the seared ocean tuna steak, 229,000 VND (9.95 USD), and the Mahi Mahi burger, 179,000 (7.80 USD). Enjoy your feast as the sun sets overhead.

Hoi An Best Premium Beach Restaurants: The H’mong Sisters

Website – Address: Lot 7, An Bang Beach – Hours: Open Tuesdays to Sundays 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Closed on Mondays

The H’mong Sisters Restaurant has it all. Cutting edge Mediterranean menu with an Asian twist. Panoramic views of the sea. The international wine list and superb signature cocktails. The setting of this fusion bar is a great spot for all kinds of special occasions.  They vary from family affairs to cocktails with friends to an intimate dinner for two.

Born out of a desire to bring Mediterranean food to Vietnam, the first instalment of The H’mong Sisters was established in Sapa in 2011, after the owners were inspired by the community of Indochinese living traditionally in the isolated mountain villages. The restaurant relocated to An Bang Beach in December 2015. Having traded the Mediterranean with the East Vietnam Sea, this popular premium beachside restaurant continues to thrive.  Expat locals are thrilled to see European fare brought to their doorstep. 

An Authentic Representation of H’mong Life

The H’mong Sisters ensure an authentic representation of H’mong life.  They do this by incorporating genuine embroideries and handicrafts into their decor and table settings. Today The H’mong Sisters serve up Mediterranean staples such as Spanish croquetas, 190,000 VND (8.20 USD). Along with homemade chorizo sausage, 200,000 VND (8.65 USD). The Australian wagyu tomahawk steak is a noted show stopper among customers, at 1,850,000 VND (79 USD) per kg. Served with splendid, well-seasoned side dishes of red cabbage salad, crispy mashed potatoes, and fava bean pesto. The tomahawk, intended for parties of two to four patrons, is a revered H’mong Sisters staple.

Hidden Hint: The buy one get one free incentive on the freshly made Mojitos and Daiquiris is reason enough to head here!

Best Budget Friendly Beach Food Stall: Coconut Beach

Location: Coconut Beach Hours: Open every day 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. 

The term restaurant is used very loosely here. It is more like a food cart with a tool shed connected to it. Not exactly a destination worth travelling to for the food alone; it is the atmosphere and affordability that keeps us coming back. For less than 1 USD (20,000 VND) you can rent a lounge chair for the day and have lunch delivered to your front-row view of the sea. 

The menu is comprised of a little bit of everything, from burgers to seafood, and traditional Vietnamese fare. Don’t expect gourmet, just a variety of fairly priced bites to keep you satisfied for your day on the beach. Pair your lunch with a large bottle of Saigon for 20,000 VND (.86 USD), or a selection of cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.  

The woman that runs this stand always has a smile on her face and is quick to assist you with your needs. There is no fancy Wi-Fi available but just past her cart sits a covered bathroom stall in the woods. The stand also provides a small outdoor shower to rinse off after playing in the sea and sand. Overall, it is the perfect choice for a laid-back and budget-friendly day on the beach with everything you could need or ask for availability at your fingertips. Except for Wi-Fi – just enjoy the views! 

Hidden’s Thoughts

With plenty of beach restaurants in Hoi An to cover, it is helpful to do some research ahead of your trip to the beach. You’ve done your bit reading this article so now you have plenty of enticing options for beachside dining! 

We would specifically recommend Chez Cesar, Shore Club and The H’mong Sisters to couples or smaller groups with a bigger budget. For families and bigger groups, Hon Restaurant and The Fisherman are definitely more lively, have more menu options and a laid-back beach vibe, catering to larger parties.