The Best Burgers in Hoi An

Hoi An is setting itself up to be one of the top cities in the country for cuisine, providing an extensive list of food choices. We have explored the best you can find in Hoi An in terms of local food, but this time, Hidden has the ‘laborious’ task (we joke) of taste testing the best burgers this town has to offer. 

In this article we uncover the best burgers in Hoi An, offering quality meat together with malty, aromatic craft beers. Because a good hamburger deserves a pint of cold refreshing beer.


Finding the Best Burgers in Hoi An

There are going to be times when the delicious local food will not be enough for you.  Then your body starts to look for alternatives. Suddenly we burger lovers, end up having a kind of overwhelming desire for a juicy burger. Hence the curation of this list of the best burgers in Hoi An. Complete with all their specialties, unique details, different types of meats and so on. Hoi An definitely provides burgers to curb all cravings.

Yummy burger in Hoi An
Follow our guide to find the best burgers in Hoi An

Hoi An’s Best Craft Beer and Burger Combo: Burger Craft

Website – Location:  639 Hai Ba TrungOpening hours: 11.a.m – 10.p.m., Daily – Price range: Prices starts at 150,000 VND (6,5 USD) for a combo meal which includes a classic or cheese burger, fries, soft drink or San Miguel beer

It is hard to look past Burger Craft when thinking of grabbing a burger in Hoi An. Burger Craft, is a top notch burger bar serving amazing burgers and pizzas, locally made ice creams and Vietnamese craft beers. 

Burger Craft features a great concept (each burger is named after a country and incorporates a piece of their culinary culture) as well as some truly fantastic ingredients and a long list of craft beers. Fancy a more Mediterranean taste together with some nachos? The Nacho Libre Burger has everything you dream: Doritos tortilla chips, double cheese, black olives, pickled chillis and crispy rosemary. Super tasty! Missing your Korean BBQ aroma? The Seoul Burger takes you back to your country with its bulgogi bbq sauce and kimchi mayo.

The best burger can be found at Burger Craft
Find Hoi An Burger Craft at An Bang Beach and in Hoi An town.

Burger Craft has a large variety of burgers, and soon as you taste one you realise that the owner is definitely a “burger man”. He has tried all these combinations a hundred times over until he got them just right. All burgers are freshly made on site using imported Australian beef.  We recommend trying the Oh La La Burger if you love truffle oil and can’t live without brie cheese. We’re talking caramelized onion, truffle oil, dijon mayo together with an Australian tender patty giving your palate an unforgettable treat.  

Burger Craft’s Two Locations

Burger Craft has two locations: the main one is located near the Old Town, while the other one is a smaller joint perfectly situated near An Bang Beach. It has a lovely, friendly atmosphere with comfortable seating. Great for taking a break from your market shopping, or tour around Hoi An while appreciating some of the best burgers in town. They also serve very refreshing varieties of ice cream – perfect for the midday heat! 

Suitable for every type of traveller wanting a taste of their home country while abroad. Ideal for sports lovers too, gather here to watch your favourite team and make new friends over beer and burgers! Just like at home. 



Best Innovative Burger in Hoi An: Chef Burger

Website – Address: 10/14 Bach Dang – Opening hours: 11a.m. – 9p.m., Daily – Price range: Average of 140,000 VND  (6 USD) 

Everyone knows a classic burger is nothing without the beef. But we’ve been eating classic or cheeseburgers all week and have recognised the value of changing it up and making it a bit more local. Hence our visit to Chef Burger to try the Pho Burger. If you’re torn between succumbing to your western cravings and staying true to eating only delicious Vietnamese food, you have to try it! It’s absolutely divine and the perfect half way point – full of Vietnamese flavours yet still with a juicy beef patty and western burger taste. The delicious salad comes with a tasty sesame dressing. The pho beef is cooked with traditional herbs and spices, the noodles are fried and shaped into a bun and served with sauces, herbs and pho soup. It’s a far lighter take on the traditionally hefty hamburger and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The Menu at Chef Burger

Their menu offers endless choices including delicious vegan/vegetarian options. The portions are big and the quality of their burgers is excellent. They serve hand cut chips and also make homemade ice-cream. Besides their tasty burgers, the shining side of this colourful place is their staff.  They really go out of their way to make customers feel comfortable and well taken care of. 

The atmosphere here is pleasant, colourful at night due to its convenient Old Town location. Sitting outside the many lanterns decorating the Old Town are enchanting. All of them lit up at night making it a fantastic spot to observe life around the old streets of Hoi An.

We recommend Chef Burger for those gourmets who love burgers made with culinary art and the best imported meat from Australia. Just make sure you wash your hands before eating at Chef Burger because you will be licking your fingers afterwards! 

burger, fries and salad at Chef Burger
Burger with fries and side salad from Chef Burger Hoi An. Photo: Chaf Burger

Best Hoi An Late Night Burger: Pizza Boom

Website – Address: 110 Tran Nhan Tong – Hours: 11 a.m. – 10.30.p.m. Monday to Friday. 11.a.m. – 2.a.m. Saturday and Sunday – Price Reference: Margherita Pizza is 129,000 VND (5.50 USD)      

Who doesn’t crave a burger after a fun night at the club? “Pizza Boom” is a family-run restaurant with a quaint and friendly atmosphere. They not only serve pizza and Italian pasta, but also local food and burgers. 

At Pizza Boom there are burgers for all levels of late-night hunger: from the usual size Classic Burger to the extra-large Exploding Cheese Burger, with its 240grams of beef. All burgers come with fries and they also have a Vegetable Burger for vegetarians.

Pizza Boom has reasonable prices and good quality for all the types of food they provide. The cosy, and attentive care of the staff give you a sense of “the door’s always open for anybody at anytime”. Convenient for solo travellers or families, as their service is really quick – you’ll never get into a “hangry” mood here!  

Hidden Hint: Boom also deliver late at night. So if you wake up hungry in the middle of the night dreaming of burgers, well… now you know who to message! 

Best Vegetarian Burger in Hoi An: Nourish Eatery

Facebook – Location:  220 Nguyen Duy Hieu – Opening hours: 9.a.m. – 4.p.m., Tuesday  to Sunday – Price range: 110,000 VND (4,80 USD) / Wauw Burger

This is a lovely spot, chosen for its atmosphere and its healthy food choices, visiting ‘Nourish Eatery’ is a must.  

As mentioned in our Hoi An Best Breakfast and Brunch article, Nourish Eatery is typically known for providing healthy food for breakfast. However, those in the know also rate their vegetarian burger there and we can vouch for it too! 

The Wauw Burger certainly has its name right! Veggie patty (rice, black beans, roasted beetroot, mushroom, pumpkin seeds and rosemary), roasted tomatoes, veggies, tahini mango chutney on rye, with veggie crisps and vegan mayo. After our first bite, all we said was “wow”. Vegetarian or not, the Wauw Burger is something to try.

Best Beachside Burgers in Hoi An: The Deckhouse

Facebook – Location: An Bang Beach, Hoi An – Opening hours: 7.a.m. – 11.30.p.m., Daily Price range: prices start at 160,000 VND (7 USD), till 220,000 VND (9,5 USD)

Our mission reaches the beach! Yes, we found the best beachside burgers in Hoi An and you’ll find them at “The Deckhouse”. Right on An Bang Beach – recently voted one of the top 100 beaches in the world by CNN.

The Deck House stands out in relation to the other more established restaurants at An Bang. They have an open kitchen, so you can watch your order being prepared. This premium spot offers three types of burgers: Vegetarian, Old Fashioned Beef Burger (with crispy bacon), and the Mahi Mahi Burger (grilled mahi-mahi and avocado). All burgers come with fries. 

The Deckhouse is also home to a finely tuned cocktail bar and an upper rooftop deck; all overlooking An Bang Beach. Prices are a bit higher than usual, but the place with its stunning view and great atmosphere is more than worthy. The cushions on the sofas are so comfortable that the kids can enjoy a nap there too. Perfect for families, couples and digital nomads. The perfect combination of taste, view and atmosphere makes it a priceless experience. You will want to come here again and again, like we do.

Best Cheeseburger: Jim’s Burgers

Facebook – Location: 552 Hai Ba Trung Opening hours: 11.a.m – 9.p.m, Tuesday to Sunday. – Price range: Start at 65,000 VND (3 USD) to 89,000 VND (4 USD) for single burgers. Average of 150,000 VND (7 USD) for a combo meal

We are cheese lover people, therefore we needed to find the best cheeseburger in town. And we found it at Jim’s Burgers.

Located not far from the Old Town, owned by an Australian, Jim, this place is perfect if you want a break from Vietnamese food. With its super tasty Australian meat, we suggest trying one of Jim’s cheese burgers: the Camembert, Blue Cheese or Feta Burger. All of them fit so well with the Australian beef patty that the flavour is just out of this world. Additionally, the amount of cheese on top of the burger is very generous. It exceeded our expectations. 

Hidden Hint: Fries are not included in any of the single burger prices so order separately or else, go for a combo which includes fries and a soft drink

Jim’s has a laid-back atmosphere, cosy and decorated with a fun American theme. The menu also has a good variety of local craft beers from Seven Bridges Brewing Co.  As well as beers from Belgium and the Netherlands. Located streetside, with seats outside, Jim’s Burgers is always ready to welcome passerbys. Suitable for all types of traveller, anybody can enjoy their desired burger even if you’re on a budget. In fact, this is the cheapest place in town for high quality burgers! 

Best Hidden Gem: Circle Café

Facebook – Location: 317, Cua Dai, Hoi An  – Opening hours: 12p.m. – 9.p.m., closed Wednesdays. Price range: Start at 100,000 VND (4.5 USD), reaching up to 165, 000 VND (7 USD) 

Last but not least, our Hidden Gem Burger Joint choice is Circle Café, where the owner gives homage to the original Juicy Lucy from Minneapolis in the United States. 100% beef patty, house-ground, filled with cheddar cheese joins other tasty stuff to form a burger unique in Hoi An and all of Vietnam.

The burger is prepared by putting cheese between two patties of meat.  Then sealing both patties around the cheese to create a single patty with a cheese core. As the burger cooks, the cheese inside melts. This has the effect of keeping the meat near the centre of the burger very juicy. It also separates the cheese from the bun, resulting in a slightly different texture than the usual cheeseburger. Burger toppings such as condiments, onions, and pickles, added if you wish. All burgers come with crispy and plentiful servings of fries.

The Real American Juicy Luicy Taste

If you want to to try the real American Juicy Lucy taste, well.. this place is for you. Circle Café offers a great selection of burgers, we suggest indulging in their best-selling Peanut Butter Burger – a satay lover’s dream. Noteworthy mentions too to the Avocado Bean Burger, The Aussie Lot Juicy Lucy (it has fried pineapple inside too), and the Veggie Burger, which comes with broccoli, avocado, mushrooms and capsicum. 

Hidden Hint: Circle recently added the Burger Bowl to their salads menu. Original Juicy Lucy patty (no bun, no fries)!  Served with avocado, sweet corn, red cabbage, carrot, lettuce and tomato. mustard-olive oil dressing on the side. Well worth a try! 

Circle is really a delight: The music and ambience are fabulous, the restaurant is super clean and the staff are friendly and attentive. They even have a stash of old-school games to keep impatient children (or adults!) occupied.

Hidden’s Thoughts

Juicy meat, cheese, avocado or plain, pickles or just good old lettuce we’ve covered it all. Whichever way you desire it, there’s nothing more satisfying than finding the best burger place. We think our Hoi An list does just that. Just one bite into a perfect burger and you’ll get that home away from home feeling sated. Then you’ll be back to the local favourites discovering all this wonderful city has to offer.