Da Nang’s Ten Best Cafes and Coffee Shops (2020)

The coffee culture in Vietnam is strong (no pun intended!) and Da Nang is no exception boasting countless cafes and coffee shops to explore. So, when you visit Da Nang, make sure to leave some time to experience the laid back atmosphere and delicious food and cafe that these local establishments have to offer. There are the regular western favourites like cappuccinos, lattes, and Americanos. But you will also see some more interesting choices like coconut, egg, and avocado coffee as well as Bulletproof Coffee!

In addition to these unique coffee drinks, many cafes offer a variety of menu options so you’re not left hungry. Whether you are craving a breakfast burrito, banh mi, or even noodles, several Da Nang cafes provide fresh meals at great prices. Luckily for you, this article narrows down some of the best cafes Da Nang has to offer.  

Three layered Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk in a cafe in Da Nang
Three layered Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. Photo: Marissa Beth


No Cafe is the Same in Da Nang

If you search “cafe” or “coffee shop” in Da Nang from any internet browser, there are at least fifty options to choose from, which is a bit overwhelming. Since there are SO many options, Hidden has narrowed it down to our top ten must visit places, all unique for a different reason. We’ve explored each of these cafes ourselves, and found each of them worthy of a visit. Read on to see why. 

Le Petit Cafe – Best Coconut Coffee

Website – Address: 142 Chau Thi Vinh Te – Hours: Daily 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

The coconut coffee at Le Petit Cafe in Da Nang is likely to have you coming back for more than a day or two if you’re in Da Nang for a few days. It’s so delicious that it’s actually a bit difficult to describe! But our best attempt is that it’s a coconut and ice frappe with espresso poured over the top (and mixed in as you please). The caffeine definitely wakes you up and the refreshing nature of the drink leaves you wanting more. Priced at 65,000 VND (3 USD), this drink is well worth the money.

Le Petit Cafe moved into a new space on the 1st January 2020. The covered courtyard feels like sitting in a leafy greenhouse with hanging plants all around you. Inside is a also a very cosy space to catch up with friends, do some computer work, or simply read a book by yourself. There are many seating options available and each part of the cafe has a little bit of a different feel. Their food is pretty tasty as well. We especially recommend the smoothie bowls.

Coconut coffee - Cafe in Da Nang
The infamous coconut coffee at Le Petit Cafe. Photo: Marissa Beth

Mud Bistro – Best Vegan Coconut Coffee

Website – Address: 22 An Thượng 34Hours: Monday – Thursday 7.a.m – 10.p.m (Closed Tuesdays from 2.p.m – 4.p.m) / Friday – Sunday 7.a.m. – 12.a.m. 

What stands out most about Mud Bistro is how welcoming it is to all its customers. Regardless of whether they are Vietnamese locals, children or adults, ex-pats, travellers passing through, solo diners, or professionals holding business meetings. On top of its uniquely inviting atmosphere, Mud Bistro stands out for its vegan coconut coffee which has real fresco coconut, juice and flesh. (In fact many non-vegans actually prefer this vegan rendition). It is priced at 75,000 VND (3 USD). Mud Bistro Coffee Menu

Hidden Hint: Most other cafes in the area offer coconut coffee with condensed milk in it. Meaning… most coconut coffee drinks are not actually vegan.

Mud is also a great place to stop in for other coffee drinks or a smoothie, and if you’re hungry for a meal, there is no shortage of flavourful dishes here. This vegetarian/vegan restaurant predominantly uses locally sourced, organic ingredients, offering dishes from various cultural influences. We highly recommend the Summer Noodles – vermicelli rice noodles with savoury plant protein, fresh greens, bean sprouts and pickled vegetables with a side of tangy house summer sauce or sweet peanut sauce. Priced at 119,000 VND (5 USD). 

Welcome sign at Mud Bistro
Entrance to Mud Bistro. True to this sign, it really does welcome everyone! Photo: Marissa Beth

Golem Coffeeshop – Most Unique Coffee Drink

Website – Address: 27 Tran Quoc ToanHours: Daily 7.a.m. – 10.p.m.

Golem is situated near the Han River, not too far from the Dragon Bridge. It doesn’t look like much from the street, but once you step off the street and follow the sign to the cafe, you enter a lovely, green patio area, full of beautiful plants and trees. There’s an indoor seating area as well as a large outdoor garden area. Even on a rainy day, the outdoor seating is comfortable as it has solid covering. Sitting in the garden listening to the rain fall on the patio roof is quite cosy. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to order their signature drink, the Cà Phê Bẩn (“Dirty Coffee”). A creamy espresso drink, served at room temperature, topped with loads of whipped cream and chocolate. Yum! 

Golem also serves a variety of pizzas (65,000 VND each or 3 USD) and an assortment of waffle options, most notably the Waffle Golem plate. This includes three waffles, coconut ice cream, and fresh mango 45,000 VND (2 USD). Bahn mi sandwiches and baked goods are also available, so you will not go hungry if you choose to spend several hours here catching up with a friend, doing work, or simply enjoying the ambiance. Find the Golem Coffee Menu page 1, page 2 and page 3.

Six on Six – Best Bulletproof Coffee

Website – Address: 14 Luu Quang ThuanHours: Daily 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

This very clean and modern cafe in Da Nang is known for its Bullet Proof Coffee. This is comprised of double espresso, unsalted butter, and coconut oil. It is something very special on the Vietnam coffee scene! 

Hidden Hint: Make sure to use the address here when looking for Six on Six. They have just recently moved to this beautiful modern house complex.

Six on Six Cafe also offers delicious food options that are hard to pass up. We recommend the breakfast burrito, made with spicy chorizo, potatoes, and scrambled eggs. Six on Six does not skimp on portion size so come prepared with a big appetite. A burrito sets you back 130,000 VND (6 USD) and the Bullet Proof drink costs 95,000 VND (4 USD). All you can eat pancakes are also offered every Saturday for only 99,000 VND (4 USD). There is something on the Six on Six menu for everyone, making it a great family breakfast spot. In the afternoon, Six on Six also serves as a nice, mellow place to work or read. We spotted a handful of “digital nomads” here, looking quite content with their coffee drinks.  Six on Six menu page 1, page 2 and page 3

H Coffee – Best Avocado Coffee

Website – Address 1: 15-16 Phan Ton Street Address 2: 2 My Da Dong 8 Street Address 3: 136 Le Huu Trac StreetHours: Daily 7.a.m – 10.p.m

Yes, you read that correctly. “Avocado Coffee” is a relatively new trend in Da Nang and is definitely worth trying. H Coffee makes it by smoothly blending avocado, fresh milk, condensed milk, and ice together. They then pour espresso (made from robusta beans) over the top, serving it with a spoon and straw for just 32,000 VND (1 USD). Definitely a reasonable price to try something new and unique.

Hidden Hint: Since the Avocado Coffee is probably very different to any caffeinated beverage you’ve ever had, we recommend splitting it with friends. If everyone loves it, you can always order another!

However if experimenting with strange drinks like Avocado Coffee isn’t your thing, we recommend H Coffee for its mellow vibe, sweet staff, and GREAT prices. Their menu also includes more traditional coffee drinks (both Vietnamese and Western-style), smoothies, and fresh fruit juices. They are all priced around 20,000 VND (1 USD) Find the H Coffee drinks menu here. H Coffee offers a small selection of Vietnamese food as well, including banh mi, mi quang noodles, and a beef and egg dish for around 25,000 VND (1 USD).

43 Factory Coffee Roaster – Best Coffee near My Khe Beach

Website – Address: 422 Ngo Thi SyHours: Daily 8.a.m – 5.p.m.

This spacious cafe in Da Nang is modernly decorated in a minimalistic style with very high ceilings and pristine white countertops. Not only is the architecture of 43 Factory more advanced than other cafes in the area, the coffee itself is incredibly diverse, perfect for true coffee connoisseurs. They use only fresh arabica beans, which are harder to farm and have lower caffeine content. Which are actually healthier than the traditional robusta beans sold throughout Vietnam. They also switch out their coffee flavours every couple of days. So if you have a longer stay in Da Nang, this is a place you can easily return to. 

Hidden Hint: Make sure you don’t miss the koi fish in the ponds outside. How many cafes have live fish to marvel at?

Outside 43 Factory
Views from outside 43 Factory. Photo: Marissa Beth

43 Factory customers rave about the cold brew coffee, offered at 75,000 VND (3 USD). In addition, the hand-brewed coffee is something unique here. It’s made just about any way you choose (available options include Aeropress, French Press, Syphon, V60, Kalita, and Chemex). Add a delicious tropical smoothie bowl or grilled chicken panini to your order to round out your visit to this upscale coffee house 130,000 VND (6 USD). Prices are higher than nearby establishments, but you get what you pay for. This is a high calibre cafe! 

Urban Square Danang – Best Cafe for a Coffee Date in Da Nang

Website – Address: 75 Phan Liem Hours: Daily 8.a.m – 10.p.m

Urban Square has two floors and plenty of seating options, ranging from two person tables to cosy couches, akin to being in someone’s home. We found it a perfect atmosphere for conversation.  It’s very accommodating for those looking to get to know each other on a first date, connect with a travel partner, or simply enjoy your own company. 

Hidden Hint: Parking is especially easy here! Pull your bike up to the front and the security guard allocates you a spot. He will also cover the seat of your bike if it is in direct sunlight to keep it cool for you. 

The cafe offers most coffee drinks you can think of (including Vietnamese coffee, espresso, Americano, flat white, mocha, etc.) as well as fresh juices and smoothies. The food at Urban Square is delicious, especially the “Urban Eggs Benny” (poached eggs on toast) priced at 115,000 VND (5 USD). 

Cộng Cà Phê – Best Coffee Chain

Website – Address 1: 98-96 Bach Dang – Address 2: 39-41 Nguyễn Thai Học Address 3: 23 Ly Tu TrongHours: Daily 7.a.m – 11:30.p.m

This uniquely military themed cafe has a welcoming vibe, enjoyed by both locals and visitors. Especially popular with Korean travellers (so much so that there is now a Cong Ca Phe in Seoul!) 

Even though it is a chain, each location has its own character and the atmosphere is very lively. Many people come to this cafe to connect with their friends and enjoy a coffee drink, not to work on a laptop or smartphone. We especially enjoyed the Han River location (98-96 Bach Dang); the view on second floor allows you to see some beautiful greenery as well as the river beyond it. Even though the cafe was jam-packed, we had no trouble finding a place to sit, and the staff were very attentive.

Staff at Cộng Cà Phê welcomes guests
Friendly staff at Cong Cafe near the Han River. Photo: Marissa Beth

Cong Cafe Drinks Menu

Cong Cafe is known for their signature blended drinks; most popular is the coconut milk with coffee, priced at 45,000 VND (2 USD) for a small and 59,000 VND (3 USD) for a large. Their menu also includes most coffee drinks you can think of, including both Western style (espresso, Americanos, cappuccinos, lattes) and Vietnamese style (black coffee, coffee with condensed milk, coffee with coconut milk, coffee with ginger cream).  They range in price from 25,000 to 49,000 VND (1 to 2 USD). Their non caffeinated drinks include a variety of teas, hot/iced chocolate, and mango or avocado smoothies, priced between 25,000 and 60,000 VND (1 to 3 USD).

The drinks at Cộng Cà Phê do fill you up, but they do serve some snacks here if you fancy something to eat. The noodles with egg, roasted peanuts, and croissants with sweetened condensed milk set you back just 25,000 VND each (1 USD). They also offer a nice fresh fruit platter, priced at 89,000 VND (4 USD). Because there is such variety in the drinks that are served and the snacks are readily available, this place is bustling with happy customers! 

The Hideout Cafe – Best for the Digital Nomad in Da Nang

Website – Address: 72-24 Nguyen Van ThoaiHours: Daily 7:30.a.m – 9.p.m

The Hideout Cafe in Da Nang is a little bit removed from the busy streets of Da Nang, providing a mellow, quiet working environment with very quick WiFi. The soft lighting and unobtrusive background music make for a very nice ambience. 

The Hideout has every caffeinated beverage you would expect to see at a cafe of this calibre. Espresso made from arabica beans, black coffee made from robusta beans, cold brew, coconut coffee, and a wide variety of teas. The Hideout’s coconut coffee is also very popular here.  Drinks range in price from 29,000 to 59,000 VND (1 to 3 USD). 

From 8.a.m to 3.p.m, this cafe offers a robust Western breakfast menu, including several egg dishes with veggies and/or bacon as well as granola, pancakes, oatmeal, and a nice grilled cheese and mushroom sandwich. For lunch, from 10.a.m to 3.p.m, the Hideout serves a variety of sophisticated spaghetti dishes like the Aglio e Olio Spaghetti (olive oil, garlic, chilli, sun dried tomatoes, and shrimp) and the Romesco with Italian Sausage (red bell peppers, almonds, tomatoes, and sausage). Prices range from 65,000 to 110,000 VND (3 to 5 USD).

The Windsor Tea House (TWTH) – Hidden Gem

Website – Address: 45 An Thuong 33Hours: Daily 9.a.m – 10.p.m

Created by Jan from Windsor UK and his Vietnamese wife Hien. Combining her experience as a patisserie chef and his very British love of tea.  As a child, Jan remembers his granddad taking him to Victorian tea houses, for afternoon tea and scrumptious cakes and sandwiches. Tea drinking became Jan’s obsession and his childhood dream was to one day own and run a Victorian Tea House. 

This dream came true in Vietnam, here in Da Nang.  With its large expat community, its relaxed atmosphere and of-course the proximity to beautiful beaches, making it the perfect location in An Thuong 33. 

An Authentic British Tea House

After finding the perfect location, Jan and Hien decided that they were not just going to open any-old tea house. It had to be an authentic, true to life British tea house. So, the wheels were set in motion. Multiple trips to the UK began, collecting artifacts for their tea house. Including ordering beautiful bone china crockery/cutlery and custom designed tables and chairs. They have successfully renovated the location to resemble a true British tea house – complete with fireplace!

The Windsor Tea House (TWTH), serves more than 30 different flavours of green, oolong and black teas. The teas are sourced worldwide. From northern Thailand (an organic tea farm, with tea bushes growing in the wild), South Africa (Rooibos), India (Darjeeling / Assam), and China (Fujian green and white teas).

Hidden Hint: Hidden recommend you try the Malaysian Chai – it’s divinely fragrant and comforting

TWTH, also serves authentic British scones, with cream and jam every weekend. They do high tea also, complete with finger sandwiches and delicious pastries/cakes/scones. All the patisserie products are baked in-house (daily), by Hien and her assistants.

Keep an eye out – a Moroccan-themed tea room and a Japanese-themed tea room are coming soon!

Hidden’s Thoughts

A visit to Da Nang is not complete without visiting at least one or two of the cafes on this list (or more if time allows!). They are all great places to meet other visitors or connect with locals and balance out a day of sightseeing with time to recharge. The unique coffee choices, delicious menu options, and relaxing atmosphere at these joints will not disappoint. Enjoy!

Map of Da Nang’s Best Cafes