The Best Craft Beer Bars and Breweries in Hoi An

Tired of Tiger, Larue, Huda and Saigon? Wish to drink a more sophisticated beer with a local twist? Then you need to try one of Vietnam’s local craft beers in Hoi An. Luckily for you, feather-light lagers aren’t the only game in town anymore. 

There’s so much more to beer culture in Hoi An now than sipping Bia Hoi in the Old Town (fresh beer with 3% alcohol) and endless bottles of mass-produced beer by the streetside. So follow our detailed guide and find your way to the best Craft Beer in Hoi An. We took on the arduous task of trying them all, and are happy to mention our absolute favourite local craft beers, breweries and brewpubs you simply need to try in Hoi An! 


Hoi An’s Booming Craft Beer in Scene

The Vietnamese downed almost four billion litres of beer last year, making Vietnam the biggest market in Southeast Asia and one of the fastest-growing craft beer markets in the world! 

So when drinking with the Vietnamese raise your glass, wait for everyone to raise their own and all together cheer: 

Một, hai, ba, vô! (mote, hai, ba, yo) = 1,2,3 cheers

Then there’s Hai, ba, vô! (hai, ba, yo) = 2,3, cheers

Finally Hai, ba, uống! (hai, ba, uung!) = 2,3 drink! 

Remember don’t hold back, really go for it. You’ll be an instant hit with the group! 

Local Beer Culture - Craft Beer in Hoi An
A group of Vietnamese men enjoy a Tiger beer or three, one of Vietnam’s most popular lagers. Photo: Anna Jamieson

Cheap cans of Tiger, Saigon, Larue, Huda and Hanoi Lager are the beer of choice. However, thanks to the country’s rapid urbanisation the craft beer industry have really taken off and there’s now much more to Vietnam than this image. Therefore more and more Vietnamese are making a shift from 30 cent drafts of Bia Hoi and full crates of warm 50 cent Larue to $5 craft beers, changing their tastes, preferences and culture on beer. A testament to the country’s changing beer-culture. In the last four years alone Vietnam welcomed more than a dozen microbreweries.

Therefore as Vietnam’s booming craft beer scene continues to mature, more and more bars and eateries enrich their menus with a selection of popular Saigon and Hanoi breweries including Heart of Darkness, Pasteur Street, East West and Fuzzy Logic

A glass of beer in Hoi An
Mot, hai, ba, vo! Your way through a glass of beer in Hoi An. Photo: Anna Jamieson

Craft Beer in Hoi An Bars and Breweries

The craft beer scene in Hoi An is growing. So many of Hoi An’s bars and restaurants have craft beer on draft and in bottles as an addition to their menu to keep up with the growing trend. 

But there are now many bars dedicated to craft beer and even a small handful of its very own breweries. Therefore it’s never been easier to enjoy craft beer in and around Hoi An’s Old Town. So here’s where to start!

Hoi An Brewery

Website – Address: 10 Tuệ Tĩnh, Tân An – Hours: 3:30 p.m. – 11 p.m. Daily

The Hoi An Brewery is an impressive newcomer to the Hoi An craft beer scene. This great outdoors eatery serves a wide range of local beers on tap (7) and bottle (23) at great prices. Their 330ml craft beers start as low as 38.000 VND (1.65 USD). The place is owned by Le Quang Huy, a Hoi An local with a clear vision not only to become the ambassador for Vietnamese craft beer in Central Vietnam but also to start his own brewing in Hoi An. 

The Range of Craft Beer at Hoi An Brewery

The range on offer will keep any craft beer fan happy but if you are up for a big bad bold beer, the Independence Stout from East West microbrewery in Saigon separates the men from the boys. East West blends European, New American and Eastern brewing traditions arriving at the perfect balance of taste and aroma. Therefore exactly what they have accomplished with this intense dark ale. Therefore the malts, fruit esters, hops, and alcohol are harmoniously in balance. So if you can handle a 12% ABV, this beer is a must-try. 

Foodwise, Hoi An Brewery is all about the BBQ. In a country of noodles and stir fries, this is very refreshing. Not to mention very compatible to beer tasting. Their menu might be short but their meats are all American premium, tenderly barbequed in oakwood and coconut smoke for ten hours. 

Their location is a little bit out of the way, sitting between the city centre and beach. But it is worth the trip, even if only to take a few bottles back to your hotel! 

Mia Coffee

Website – Address: 20 Phan Bội Châu – Hours: 6 a.m. – 11 p.m. Daily

Yes, coffee shop by name but now too with an impressive lineup of craft beers–all sixteen of them. 

Sister company to the aforementioned Hoi An Brewery, Mia Coffee is Hoi An’s newest entry into the craft beer market. Both locations are the work of owner Le Quang Huy who has what you want in a beer host: a love and passion for the amber liquid. Mia Coffee began serving craft beer on tap early July 2019 with a healthy selection of ales, lagers, darks, stouts, and IPAs. The most popular of that bunch, he says, is the bitter, but with a very refreshing citrus flavour, Summer Ale, and the Oktoberfest Lager, which is malty, and full-bodied with aromatic hops. They’re priced from 39,000 – 62,000 VND (1.70 – 2.65 USD), respectively.

What’s unique at Mia Coffee is guests have the choice of two glass sizes–260 or 390ml–as well as being able to sample any, or all, of the sixteen varieties before settling on one, or two; like you’d do in an ice cream parlour. Also on offer is a Beer Flight with four, six, eight, or ten types of craft beer in a tidy package of 50ml glasses from 140,000 – 350, 000 VND (6.05 – 15.05 USD). Plus, since it’s a coffee shop and not a pub, you can have them any time; not that beer for breakfast is an ideal start to the day.

Mia Coffee
The exterior of Mia Coffee on Phan Boi Chau street. Photo: Anna Jamieson 

A Unique Craft Beer at Mia Coffee

Looking for something unique and need guidance on what to choose? Le Quang Huy recommends the Coffee Vanilla Porter (39,000 – 49,000 VND (1.70 – 2.10 USD)) which is a deep, rich blend of beer and coffee with bittersweet cocoa, nuts, and a hint of caramel.

Mia Coffee will expand on many fronts in the near future, including happy hour specials and brewing its own beer. But until then, take a seat at this leafy street corner in the Old Town and savour the smells and flavours of everything it has to offer–beer, coffee, cakes, and burgers, among them. Try them downstairs to be amidst the buzz or on its spacious, upstairs outdoor terrace where the bougainvillea provides an ounce of privacy and peace from the busy street below.  

The Beer House Hoi An

WebsiteAddress: 21 Nguyen Phuc ChuHours: 9:00 a.m. – 12 a.m. Daily 

Situated along the Thu Bon River and just over the Lantern Bridge, this craft beer bar boasts great views paired with some of Vietnam’s finest brews. Thanks to its cosy outdoor seating and live music, The Beer House is the perfect venue to watch the nightly excitement of the Thu Bon River unfold. 

Due to its prime location expect to pay a premium, even for a macro beer. But the views and friendly staff more than make up for the cost. With 18 craft beers on draft from breweries including Pasteur Street and East West and another 50 beers in bottles from all over the world, there is something for even the pickiest of beer enthusiasts. The Beer House is a recent addition to the Hoi An craft beer scene but we can see this establishment being part of the riverfront landscape for a long time coming. 

Hidden Hint: Happy hour ‘buy 2 get 1’ free runs from 4 p.m  -7 p.m. Only selected drinks are included so be sure that what you want is part of the offer. 

Beers here start at 45,000 VND (2 USD) for local brews like Larue. However if you are looking for a good pairing, the Coffee Vanilla Porter from East West Brewing would surely hit the spot anytime of the day. It will set you back 130,000 VND (5.50 USD) for a 330ml bottle. It pairs well with smoked meats, barbecue, sausages and bacon. On their menu you can find smoky barbecue pork ribs for 600,000 VND (26 USD) for 500g or 1,000,000 VND (43 USD) for 1000g.

Hoi An bar
Outside The Beer House in Hoi An

Hoi An Brewing Company

Website – Address: 161 Nguyễn Duy Hiệu – Hours: 3:30 p.m. – 11 p.m. Daily

This intimate brewpub is the place to be for any craft-beer fanatic. Along with six taps of popular Vietnamese craft beer, the Hoi An Brewing Company also features two of its own house beers on draft. This makes it one of the only places in the ‘city of lanterns’ where Hoi-An-brewed craft beer is readily available.  

The owner, Ryan Leatham, first started experimenting with homebrewing in his hometown in California 20 years ago. His years of experience and passion for beer-making translate into some of the best tasting craft beers in Hoi An.

Hoi An Brewery CO
Barrels of Hoi An Brewing Company craft beer ready for sale. Photo: Anna Jamieson

The brewing company’s two beers, that are changed every couple of weeks, can be anything from pale ales and IPAs to hoppers and stouts. We tried the Märzen – style Oktoberfest (beautiful copper colour, malty aroma, slight hop bitterness) and the Belgian Wit (orange peel, coriander, light hop spiciness). 

Hidden Hint: Feel like hearing something different? Ask Ryan if you can pick the next song. He is more than happy to let you do it! 

Fancy a small, cosy pub with alternative rock music where you can have a unique, well-crafted beer while learning about its brewing process? Then pay Ryan a visit. He’s there pretty much every night, chatting to his regulars. 

Burger Craft

Website – Address: 639 Hai Ba Trung An Bang Beach Hours: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Daily

Fancy a specially-selected craft beer to sip along with a juicy burger? Then this is the place for you. Along with a great selection of food, Burger Craft offers a full range of IPAs, pale ales, pilsners and more from some of Vietnam’s best breweries. 

The draft and bottled offering from Saigon’s East West, Heart of Darkness and Pasteur Street are all fairly priced between 85,000 and 90,000 VND ($3.70 – $3.90USD). Their selection also includes Belgian and German-style beers along with full-flavoured fruity beers – making it every craft lover’s dream. 

Craft beer and burger
Craft Beer and burger combo at Burger Craft Hoi An

Burger Craft’s Two Locations

An Bang’s favourite burger and beer bar opened a second venue just a stone’s throw away from Hoi An’s Old Town, in May 2019. Therefore this larger location boasts a more extensive menu and relaxed vibe complete with cool artwork and trendy decor. 

While Pasteur Street’s Jasmine IPA is Burger Craft’s best-seller, our standout was the Passion Fruit Wheat from the same award-winning Vietnamese craft brewery. For instance, the tangy, light and crisp flavours make for a perfect refreshing treat on a hot and humid day. We paired ours with their signature ‘Oh La La’ burger, featuring brie, caramelized onion and crispy rosemary. This classic burger and beer combination was made into something greater with Burger Craft’s flair for mouth-watering flavours. 

Hidden hint: Canadian co-owner Scott’s favourite craft beer is the Loose Rivet New England IPA from Heart of Darkness. At 7.5% ABV, sneakily undetectable behind its smooth and well-rounded flavour, it packs a real punch. 

Pasteur Street Tap Room

Website – Address: 100 Bạch Đằng – Hours: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. Daily

Pasteur Street Brewing Company has been leading the craft beer scene in Vietnam since 2014. Founded on Saigon’s Pasteur Street (hence the name), they have been steadily expanding across Vietnam. Their latest tap house opened in Hoi An’s Ancient town on June 2019 and is the first dedicated craft beer bar inside Hoi An’s Unesco walking streets. 

Their prime location on Bach Dang Street, overlooking the river and lantern bridge, makes Pasteur Street Tap Room a destination for both great beer and great people watching. Take a seat upstairs on the balcony, at the bar or street-side with a breathtaking view of the river lit up with lanterns. 

Pasteur Street Brewing Co
Hoi An craft beer’s new tap house from Pasteur Street Brewing Co.

Pasteur Street has a big focus on ensuring that as many as possible of their ingredients are locally sourced throughout Vietnam. Their beers go from anywhere between 65,000 VND (2.70 USD) to 150,000 VND (6.40 USD). Alternatively, you can get the 6 Flight Beer taster for 265.000 VND (11.40 USD). It’s a great way to sample the wide range of beers they have been perfecting since 2014. 

Hidden Hint: The Cyclo Imperial Chocolate Stout was awarded the best chocolate beer in the world! Just be wary of its 13% ABV.

The Go-To Draft Craft Beer at Pasteur Street

Pasteur Street Jasmine IPA has become the go-to draft craft beer across Vietnam. A light and refreshing beer, perfect for a hot Hoi An afternoon. However, delve deeper into their beers and be rewarded with bolder flavours. The Passion Fruit Wheat Ale, the bartenders favourite, buzzes with citrus tones and a pleasant wheat beer zest. 

Every craft beer enthusiast should stop by the river at this beautiful spot for a beer or two – you won’t be disappointed.

Pasteur TapHouse
The Pasteur Street Brewing Co. tap house is located right in the heart of Hoi An’s old town

7 Bridges Brewing Co

Website – Address (Tap House): 493 Đường Trần Hưng Đạo, Da Nang – Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 12 a.m. Daily

Not located in Hoi An, but at just 30km north in Danang, the main taproom definitely still deserves a mention. 7 Bridges is the first and biggest craft brewery in Central Vietnam offering around 18 of their own brews at any one time. Ranging from the lighter end of the colour spectrum right through to the darkest of the dark. 

You would expect them to take pride that they can satiate everyone in this thirsty country. But they see themselves as much more than a beer company. For them, it is not only what they brew, but also what they do. And they do a lot for the community. They organise beach, mountain and marathon race cleanups, help charities raise money and supply farms with high-quality spent grain. Allowing them to raise healthier animals. 

7 Bridges craft beers - Craft Beer in Hoi An
Each of 7 Bridges craft beers is themed around a famous bridge. Try the Sakura, inspired by Hoi An’s Japanese Bridge.

Dine overlooking the famous Dragon Bridge

Besides tap and bottled beers, they offer a great rooftop dining experience, overlooking the famous Dragon Bridge. Try their signature beer – Imperial Double IPA, but don’t get carried away by its smooth and slightly sweet taste. With 9% ABV, this one will have you plastered before you finish the night. We quickly changed to Yuzu, made from Japanese citrus. Light and refreshing, we absolutely loved it. 

For reduced prices on beers, head there before 7 p.m. and if it’s a Friday or Saturday night, stay through to 9 p.m. for an excellent view of Da Nang’s fire-breathing bridge.

Hidden Hint: Try their pizza! Their dough is made from brewing spent grains. Super delicious and nutritious! 

Drinking beer overlooking Da Nang
Da Nang craft beer is led by the team at 7 Bridges Brewing Co.

Bungalow Beach Bar

Website – Address: 101 Nguyễn Phan Vinh – Hours: 12 p.m. – 12 a.m. Daily

This low-key spot offers Hoi An’s largest selection of craft beer. However with 20 beers on tap and an extensive bottle list featuring a mixture of popular and harder to find Vietnamese brews, it might take you some time to decide which one(s) you’re having.

The extensive draft menu features a whole variety of beers from Heart Of Darkness, Pasteur Street and Fuzzy Logic. As well as the lesser-known Furbrew, Winking Seal Beer Co., LAC Brewing Co. and Tê Tê Craft Beer. Hoi An’s own Pomello IPA from Hoi An Artisan Brewery also features on the menu. 

An Bang Beach craft beer
An Bang Beach craft beer hot-spot, Bungalow Beach Bar.

For something more unique, the An Bang Beach Beer is an exclusive IPA made specially for Bungalow Beach Bar by Furbrew. But still can’t decide? Then indecisive guests can opt for a flight of six tasters for 225,000 VND (9.60 USD). 

Hidden Hint: Check their Facebook page for events. They usually host great solo performers twice a week.

Hunger pangs? The bungalow also serves great Mexican food. For a more sociable experience, sit by their bar and chat with other travellers and locals. Above all, this rustic bar has an unpretentious, friendly vibe and excellent service. It truly gets all of the important things right. 

A man holding 2 craft beers
An Bang Beach craft beer


Website – Address: 03 Phan Chu Trinh – Hours: 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Another great bar in Hoi An dedicated to Vietnam’s growing craft beer industry is the Taphouse, with its location closest to the main action of the Old Town. The Taphouse offers a generous selection of 17 craft beers on tap and 11 in bottles.

So for something a little different, try Pasteur Street’s red and tangy Dragon Fruit Gose. For an extra hoppy beer (not for the faint-hearted) try Heart of Darkness’ Kurtz’s Insane IPA. The craft beers cost between 80,000 VND and 115,000 VND (3.40 – 4.90 USD) and a selection of an eight tastings is 280,000 VND (12 USD). 

It may not have the most character, but the Taphouse does offer a selection of cheese and cold cuts platters – a perfect accompaniment to craft beer.

Hoi An Artisan Brewery

This is currently the only other Hoi-An-based brewery. Established in 2017, the Artisan Brewery brews its craft beers in a small shack in Hoi An’s rice paddies. 

The Mango Chili Pale Ale is light and refreshing with a hot punch. The Pomello IPA is an easy-drinking citrusy delight and the Lemongrass Pilsner is a full-flavoured beer using traditional Czech Saaz hops but possibly a little too much lemongrass. Expect strong flavouring from what is essentially still a home-brew setup.

Bungalow Beach Bar stocks some of their beer. With the full menu available at Mai Fish Restaurant, in the heart of the Old Town. The bar at Mai Fish also offers a great selection of craft on tap from Vietnamese favourites East West, Heart of Darkness and Pasteur Street.

Local flavours of Artisan Brewery beer - Craft Beer in Hoi An
Local flavours brewed into a glass of Hoi An Artisan Brewery beer.

Hidden’s Thoughts

In conclusion, beer in Vietnam is serious business. The country is experiencing incredible growth and the beer market is moving really fast. So one thing catches the next and the preferences of Vietnamese consumers change and evolve to more sophisticated tastes.

Today, local breweries like Heart of Darkness, Pasteur, 7 Bridges and Platinum provide world class beers and a real alternative to the mass-produced brands like Tiger and Larue. Therefore in a country where four billion litres of beer are consumed every year, it would be a great omission to not taste their local products.

In Hoi An, craft beer is more accessible than ever. With its own local breweries, and craft beer being offered in dedicated pubs as well as other bars and eateries, it’s obvious to see the growth in the city’s craft beer scene. 

Hoi An Craft Beer Map

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