Seven Romantic Things to Do in Hoi An

Hoi An’s charming atmosphere attracts many couples and honeymooners. Hoi An’s colourful lanterns, riverside location, and well-preserved architecture create the perfect setting for couples to enjoy romantic activities. It’s true that the entire city is steeped in its own romantic appeal and you don’t have to look hard to find it. However, we want you to have the type of trip that you can look back on together for many years to come. Which is why Hidden has selected our top seven romantic things to do in Hoi An. These recommendations are sure to make for an unforgettable trip for you and your special someone. 


Take a Romantic Cyclo Ride through Hoi An’s Old Town  in the Evening 

There’s nothing better than admiring the colourful lanterns of the Old Town with your significant other. After you’ve finished strolling, consider taking a ride in one of Hoi An’s popular cyclos. Being swept around by cyclo is both romantic and relaxing, especially after a long day of sightseeing. From the comfort of your cyclo, you can put all of your attention into simply taking in the colours, smells, and sights of the Old Town. You won’t have to work hard to find one of these cyclos drivers in the Old Town as they are literally everywhere. 

However, there’s nothing less romantic than having to haggle with a driver over prices. This may be standard, normal protocol in other parts of Vietnam. However, the cyclo ride business in Hoi An is unionised and the prices are pretty much fixed. So put your mind and feet at ease and just enjoy the ride! A 20-minute cyclo trip around the Old Town usually costs 200,000 VND (8.70 USD). Longer rides can be negotiated just be sure to agree on the price, duration and general route before setting off. 

The Cyclo Route

The route takes you along the waterfront so that you can enjoy the glimmering reflections of the lights from the lantern boats. If some quaint shop or photogenic street catches your fancy, you can always request to get off. You may as well take advantage of this professionally organised industry in Hoi An catering to visitors of the Old Town. Alternatively, you and your significant other may also choose to do an organised, daytime cyclo tour as one of those romantic things you can do in Hoi An. If this is the case, please refer to our complete activities guide here

Hidden Hint: Caught out in the rain with your significant other? While rain can definitely be romantic, consider taking a cyclo ride. They are all equipped with hoods and sturdy ponchos keeping you nice and dry while you get swept around and take in the ambience! 

Take a Romantic Lantern Boat Ride from Hoi An’s Old Town 

Venice is known as a popular destination for its romantic gondola rides. Hidden thinks that Hoi An’s lantern boat rides are quite underrated in comparison! Okay, you won’t be serenaded by a man in a striped shirt standing on your boat. However, Hoi An’s lantern boat rides truly are magical. The beautifully decorated boats with miniature lanterns and lights (some more than others) ensure you get wonderful photo opportunities from every angle! 

The other lantern boats on the river and their reflections on the water contribute to the romantic atmosphere. If you are lucky with the timing of your visit, you may also be surrounded by floating candle lit lanterns. The lanterns are part of the Full Moon Lantern Festival. Regardless of when you visit, the lantern boats are ready and waiting for you and your significant other on the banks of the Thu Bon River. This boat ride in the Old Town of Hoi An is sure to make for a very memorable romantic experience for you both and the good thing is that it can be a spontaneous decision.

Unlike the unionized cyclos, the prices of the lantern boats vary depending on the boat you choose, duration, and season. Expect to pay approximately 100,000 VND (4.40 USD) per person for a beautiful 30 minute ride down the river.

A couple romantic night in Hoi An
A couple release lanterns into the river during a row boat ride

Romantic Bicycle Ride through the Hoi An Rice Paddies 

There’s something so peaceful and idyllic about riding a bicycle through Hoi An’s rice paddies.  Away from the traffic and tourists, this is not only a romantic activity to do together but also a relaxing one.

Cycling around the rice paddies, you and your significant other will feel worlds away from the Old Town. It’s also a great way to get an insight into how traditionally some Vietnamese people still live. You’ll see a beautiful, simple way of life, very well-preserved here in Hoi An.

Hidden Hint: Go a few hours before sunset to get a glimpse of the changing sky reflected in the water of the rice paddies. However, make sure you are wearing lots of mosquito repellent and try to leave well before sunset as it gets very ‘buggy’.

Of course, the rice paddies are just one of the many locations to enjoy Hoi An by bike. For a complete guide to Hidden’s self-guided bicycle routes please click here.

Get a Couples Massage at Woosah Spa

Address: 39 Dao Duy Tu St – Hours: 9.a.m – 9.p.m – Email:  Facebook: @woosahspahoian

Woosah Spa is named for a breathing technique that brings calm to the mind. However, we think that you won’t need any special breathing technique to relax here!. The second you step into Woosah, their tranquil atmosphere washes over you. Pair that with one of their signature massages and you will leave feeling brand new.

While Woosah Spa offers a wide range of services, their couples massage is a popular option. The spacious couple treatment rooms accommodate you and your significant other while you enjoy your respective treatments.

Hidden Hint: If a single treatment is just not enough for the two of you, then consider their special ‘Three Day Spa Moment’ package. This package includes three consecutive days of pampering and is available to couples

Woosah Spa is, on occasion, able to accommodate last minute bookings. So feel free to stop by to speak with them or send them an email. However, if you want to be sure you are both able to get services then, send them a specific enquiry in advance. Visit our complete guide to Woosah Spa for our experience with them here.

A couple getting a massage at Woosah Spa
Woosah Spa offers premium spa services right in the heart of Hoi An

Enjoy Cocktails in a Beautiful Atmosphere

The Old Town is filled with many charming restaurants and bars to sip cocktails while taking in the surrounding atmosphere. However, there are some cocktail bars that truly stand out.  Hidden wants to share these with you for your romantic evening out on the town of Hoi An. After all, if you only have limited time in town, you should enjoy the best cocktails and a perfect atmosphere!

The Quiet American Cafe and Bar

Website – Address: 68 Bach Dang – Opening hours: 9 a.m. – 10:30.p.m

Set in a wooden house that is over 200 years old, The Quiet American Cafe and Bar is modelled after a 1950’s movie set. Both the title and the interior pay homage to the fact that the movie, The Quiet American, with Michael Caine was filmed in the historic building. This movie is a remake of an older movie about a young American who falls in love with a Vietnamese girl who is dating an English reporter. 

Regardless of whether you have seen the movie, you can immerse yourself in the cinematic 1950’s decor while enjoying your cocktails together. Or you could choose to sit in the quaint courtyard garden. Either way, there’s an extensive cocktail menu to choose from! In addition to their classic cocktail selection which includes the usual suspects like margaritas and mojitos, they also have a signature cocktail list. The movie as well as the scene that was filmed in the historic wooden house inspire their signature cocktail list.

92 Station Restaurant and Cafe

Website – Address: 92 Tran Phu – Opening hours: 6:30.a.m – 10.p.m

92 Station Restaurant and Cafe is a hidden gem for cocktails. Their delicious drinks are made with herbs from an organic farm and their cocktails are attractively presented. 

Hidden Hint: 92 Station Restaurant and Cafe serves its cocktails with complimentary canapes, or small bites, making it a great choice for pre-dinner cocktails! 

You can enjoy their cocktails from their rooftop patio overlooking Old Town. Hidden are all about experiencing Old Town from different places and perspectives. Therefore sipping on a hand-crafted cocktail while admiring Old Town from above, away from the hustle and bustle of the streets, is definitely one of them! 

Mango Rooms

Website Address: 111 Nguyen Thai Hoc Opening hours: 9.a.m. 10.p.m.

Mango Rooms is a popular destination for cocktails because of its lively ambience, riverside location, and Latin-inspired menu offerings. Customers love their strong, fruit-forward cocktail menu offerings. 

Hidden Hint: You can get 50% off of all their cocktails and local beers before 7.p.m 

You may very well want to go a little earlier not just for happy hour, but also to enjoy the view of the sun setting over the river from their upstairs balcony. The balcony isn’t huge so there’s limited seating. You sit side by side facing the river which isn’t ideal for larger groups. However, it’s perfect for your romantic evening out in Hoi An. You can also sit downstairs in their spacious dining area with latin music playing and vibrant, colourful decor. Read more about Mango Rooms in our dedicated article.

Find a place on Mango Rooms balcony and enjoy one of Hoi An’s best riverside views

Have a Romantic Dinner Out in Hoi An

The variety of dining options in Hoi An is quite extraordinary for a city its size. There are plenty of different types of cuisine to choose from. Sometimes the options can be quite overwhelming, especially when all you want to do is have a romantic meal in Hoi An without too much brainwork! There is nothing romantic about sitting around combing through dozens of reviews on TripAdvisor. So Hidden present you with the following three diverse dining options for your meal out together in Hoi An.

Try the Anantara’s ‘Dining by Design” dinner experience, perfect for  couples. Tailor-make the menu and ambience with their chef and relax beside the river for the ultimate gastronomic evening. Plus get a complimentary one-night stay at the resort, all for just VND 2,800,000 per couple (120 USD)

Wakaku Restaurant

Website Address: 39 Dao Duy Tu Opening hours: 6.p.m 10.p.m

The presence of Wakaku, a fine dining Japanese restaurant, is a welcome deviation from the expected Vietnamese and Western fare for both visitors and locals alike. If you find yourself craving quality sushi, Wakaku in Hoi An is the perfect place for your romantic meal out. After all, both Wakaku’s name and concept are rooted in Hoi An’s oldest known love story. 

During the 16th to 18th Century, Hoi An enjoyed trading relationships with many international partners, including Japan. Its relationship with Japan brought Japanese architecture and cuisine to Hoi An as well as economic prosperity. The name “Wakaku” actually pays homage to a love story that took place during this time.  

According to the 17th Century tale, a wealthy Japanese silk merchant, Araki Sotaro, fell in love with and wed the adopted daughter of the King of An Nam, a region known as Wakaku in Japanese. After their wedding, Sotaro’s wife became known as Princess Wakaku in Japan.

Wakaku pays tribute to both the love story between Sotaru and his Princess Wakaku as well as the historical entanglement of their two cultures. The Wakaku’s menu has an impressive selection of fresh sushi and sashimi. However, there are other traditional Japanese such as tempura and robatayaki. You are sure to enjoy their quiet, romantic location just outside of the Old Town in Hoi An and its impeccable Japanese aesthetic. For more information about the Wakaku Restaurant and their unique concept, read our full article here

delicious Japanese food served at Wakaku Restaurant
Premium Japanese food on offer at Wakaku Restaurant.

ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill + Bar

Website Address: 37 Phan Boi Chau Opening hours: Mon – Thurs: 4.p.m– 11.p.m; Fri – Sat: 11:30.a.m – 2:30.p.m and 4.p.m – 12 a.m. Sun: 11:30.a.m – 2:30.p.m and 4.p.m – 11 p.m.

In the mood for a diverse, modern Western food menu?  Then ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill + Bar is an excellent choice. ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill + Bar is a fine dining restaurant with an eclectic menu of steaks, meat and vegetarian entrees, and local seafood.

Their imported steak selection menu features four premium cuts with accompanying Marble Scores. If steaks don’t pique your interest, there are other meat, vegetarian and seafood entrees to choose from such as Coconut Suckling Pig and Wild Tiger Prawns. 

ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill + Bar’s menu with varied appetizers, meat, and seafood is perfect for couples with different preferences or cravings. You can enjoy your romantic meal inside or outside on their lovely riverside patio in Hoi An. Choose from an extensive international wine list to compliment your meal. With their glowing reviews, ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill + Bar is sure to make for a special meal out that you will not forget. For our experience at ThirtySeven please read our full article here.

Morning Glory Restaurant (Morning Glory Original)

Website Address: 106 Nguyen Thai Hoc Opening hours: 10.a.m. 11.p.m.

Morning Glory may be priced higher than your average Vietnamese restaurant, but for a good reason. The restaurant dedicates itself to high-quality and is a crowd-pleaser with glowing reviews. The owner, Ms Vy, is a chef and restaurateur involved in several other ventures including Vy’s Market Restaurant and Cooking School. 

For your romantic evening out in Hoi An, reserve seating on their upstairs balcony overlooking the Old Town street below. However, sitting on the ground floor near their open kitchen has its own unique charm too.

Morning Glory is named after a Vietnamese plant, also known as water spinach, a very popular Asian vegetable dish. However, their menu extends far beyond vegetable side dishes. Some customer favourites include Morning Glory’s beef wrapped in betel leaf and pork stuffed squid. Check out Morning Glory if you want to enjoy a meal out with your special someone while still experiencing authentic Vietnamese flavours and ingredients.

authentic Vietnamese dining at Morning Glory Restaurant
Ms Vy’s Morning Glory Restaurant serves up authentic Vietnamese cuisine in a refined setting.

Hidden’s Thoughts

France has Paris and Italy has Venice. Vietnam has Hoi An. Hidden thinks that even with the steady stream of honeymooners and couples Hoi An receives, Hoi An is still an underrated romantic holiday destination. 

Hoi An’s architecture, lanterns, and winding streets create a natural setting for romance. The slower pace of life in Hoi An compared to other Vietnamese cities is perfect for unwinding and taking time to enjoy each other’s company.

We hope that you make time to enjoy these romantic things to do in Hoi An together. Regardless of whether you do all the romantic activities on this list or just one, you and your significant other are sure to enjoy a memorable time that you will look back on for years to come!

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