My Khe Beach – A complete Travelers Guide to Da Nang’s Iconic Beach

My Khe Beach, Da Nang is one of the area’s most popular beaches, swarming with people, restaurants, cafes, and endless opportunities to unwind. The most trafficked part of the beach stretches approximately three kilometres and is known for its lovely white sand and temperate clear water. My Khe’s relaxing atmosphere makes it the perfect place to bring your friends and family or to enjoy as a solo traveller.  

There is no shortage of things to do when you visit My Khe Beach. Whether you like to swim, make sandcastles, enjoy water sports like surfing and parasailing, explore on a motorbike, try new restaurants and coffee shops, eat fresh seafood, or simply find a mellow place to read, you can do it all at My Khe. The only disappointment that you may endure is when it’s time to go home!

Because My Khe has rapidly developed over the last 15 years, you are likely to get a bit of information overload when you search for places to stay or things to do here. To mitigate “analysis paralysis” Hidden have explored the area ourselves, creating the best insider guide for you to get the most out of your visit to My Khe Beach.


History of My Khe “China Beach”

During the American War, U.S. soldiers were able to use My Khe Beach as a recreational space to rest and play among the atrocities of war. They were granted reprieve here and for some reason, nicknamed it “China Beach”. However, you will seldom see “China Beach” in any literature nowadays; it is predominantly known as My Khe Beach. 

As recently as 2004, there was only one international resort on the My Khe Beachfront, and it wasn’t anything that holiday makers marvelled at. However, the last 15 years have brought about tremendous development. As a result, My Khe has evolved into a very lively, enjoyable vacation destination for those in need of a relaxing and recharging beach vacation.   

Hidden Hint: Watch your step when walking around the sidewalks of My Khe Beach area.  Because of the massive amounts of construction going on, it can be easy to trip on uneven paving. 


surfers entering the waves at My Khe Beach
Surfers enter the water off Da Nang. Photo: Marissa Beth

My Khe Beach Accommodation

Because of the vast recent development, there is absolutely no shortage of places to stay near My Khe Beach. The size of your party and your budget will likely influence your options but do not worry, there is something for everyone here. However as with most beach areas around the world, closer proximity to the shore carries a higher price tag. But there is also loads of accommodation within walking distance of the beach that offer great lower-priced alternatives.

Tourists taking photos in front of beachfront hotels
My Khe beachfront hotels. Photo: Marissa Beth

Budget Accommodation

There is an abundance of hostels, budget hotels, and Airbnbs within walking distance of the beach. They range from 184,000VND (8 USD) to 690,000 (30 USD) for private rooms – and under 115,000VND (5 USD) for a bed in the hostel dorms! If you have some flexibility and an adventurous spirit, try negotiating prices when you arrive or through Facebook messenger beforehand. Mostly all of the hostels and budget hotels in Da Nang have Facebook pages; therefore we found sending a message on that platform to be a great way to contact them. 

Hidden Hint: Most hostel accommodation is cash only, which sometimes frustrates travellers. However, ATMs are VERY easy to find in this area – they are located on just about every block near My Khe Beach.

Hidden enjoyed staying at Ten To Ten Da Nang Hostel. It is a bit further from the beach than some of the other hostels, giving it a mellow atmosphere. The 8-10 minute walk to the water is enjoyable, as you pass several fun eateries and cafes along the way. The staff here are so friendly, welcoming, and helpful when it comes to exploring My Khe Beach and also the surrounding areas of Da Nang. The facilities are clean and safe (the front door is locked after 11 p.m.). Plus, the food on the ground floor is delicious and reasonably priced.

tropical breakfast at Ten to Ten Hostel
The refreshing tropical smoothie bowl at Ten to Ten Hostel. (60,000 VND or 3 USD) Photo: Marissa Beth

Airbnb in Da Nang

Airbnb also has some good options for budget accommodation. Using the search term “My Khe Beach” returns a plethora of choices. To help you figure out how to choose the Airbnb that best suits you for your Vietnam stay, have a look at our article here

Airbnb rental for $15 per night
Hidden rented an apartment through Airbnb in this building for under 350,000 VND (15 USD) per night. Photo: Marissa Beth

Mid-Range Accommodation

My Khe Beach has a vast amount of high-quality mid-range hotels priced between 1,150,000 – 2,315,000 VND (50 – 100 USD) per night on average for two guests. But we couldn’t possibly name all of the positively reviewed hotels in one article as there are hundreds of options. However, Monarque Hotel stands out amongst other 4-star hotels for its extremely friendly and enthusiastic staff, delicious breakfast food (included), and refreshing welcome drink. Guests remark on the cleanliness of their rooms and the comfort of their beds, not to mention the spectacular views. Monarque is located right in the middle of everything at My Khe Beach, near several eateries and beachside hangouts. A stay here allows you to truly enjoy all the area has to offer. A standard room starts from 1,150,000 VND (50 USD)

Hidden Hint: Prices fluctuate drastically depending on the time of year you visit, the duration of your holiday, and if you are flexible with room type. Be sure to check out hotel discount sites and compare options before booking. 

Palapa tiki umbrellas on a hot midday
Midday at My Khe Beach. Photo: Marissa Beth

Luxury Accommodation

There are several 5-star, luxury hotels to choose from at My Khe Beach. TMS Hotel, which has been in operation just over a year (as of October 2019), stood out amongst the others for its absolutely stunning 25th-floor infinity pool and trendy, newly built facilities. TMS has several dining options within the hotel such as the Sweet Bakery & Bistro, the Savour Restaurant, and the Magic Lounge as well as in-room dining options, if you choose to stay in and eat in your spacious room. Guests rave about the large rooms and views that are to die for; no regrets staying here. A Premier Suite Twin Ocean view room (breakfast included) sets you back about 3,200,000 VND (138 USD). Money well spent! 

Activities at My Khe Beach During the Day


There are many places to rent surfboards at My Khe Beach, and it is likely your hotel or hostel has them available. For a seasoned surfer, My Khe waves might not be challenging enough. But for beginners and those just looking to have fun in the ocean, My Khe Beach is a great place to dive in with a board. 

However if you are brand new to surfing, take advantage of the surf schools along the beach. Private lessons are two hours and typically cost around 1,040,000 VND (45 USD) for one person and 1,850,000 VND (80 USD) for two people. In some cases, you can even book online. Da Nang Outdoor Activities is a great place to start; they are very responsive to inquiries through Facebook messenger or their website. They provide surf lessons, kayaking, snorkelling tours, and even team building activities on land. 

Hidden Hint: The waves are best for surfing from September to March at My Khe Beach. Take a look at the local surf forecast here for more information.  

Parasailing and Jet Skiing

Parasailing and jet skiing are also available at My Khe Beach. Your hotel may have recommendations for companies to use, but Da Nang Beach Club is a good place to start when exploring the idea. Check out their Facebook page here. Parasailing for one person costs 500,000 VND (22 USD) and a 20 minute jetski session costs 1,840,000 VND (80 USD). However prices vary depending on which company you use and the time of year you visit My Khe Beach, so make sure to confirm the price before you set off. 

A beautiful day to do parasailing
Parasailing on a beautifully clear day at My Khe Beach. Photo: Marissa Beth

My Khe Beach Activities at Night

The night time energy in My Khe is strong. There are several popular bars to explore in the evening around My Khe Beach, and opportunities to meet new people, enjoy great views, and have some delicious drinks! 


You must try the delicious draught beer and tasty cocktails at Cohibar Bar Lounge & Restaurant. In addition this place also has a nice vibe at night; the space itself is laid out well with comfortable outdoor seating to enjoy some hookah if that’s your thing. Above all, no one looked to be having a bad time here! We recommend the fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream if you have a late-night sweet tooth. 

Sky 21 Bar

Similarly for another awesome rooftop experience, head to Sky 21 Bar, located on the 21st floor of the Belle Maison Hotel. It has an amazing view and daily entertainment programs, including fire dancing and music. Furthermore every Friday and Saturday, they have live music. 

Apocalypse Beach Club

The Apocalypse Beach Club is the best party place for all different tastes. It stays open until 2.a.m, allowing plenty of time to chill with good music and tasty cocktails. If you are looking to enjoy drinks and live music at the beach (in the sand!), this is the place to go. Depending on the time you go, there might be a DJ instead of live music, but the vibe is always good and the music creates a great atmosphere.

Wanderlust Coffee & Cocktail Bar

Wanderlust Coffee & Cocktail Bar is a couple of blocks away from the beach. There is no neon lighting or pool tables here; it has a classy and fun ambiance. Their cocktails are made with care and are creative as well. Try the lotus cocktail when you visit! 

night to party at My Khe nightclub
Party the night away at a My Khe nightclub

Where to Eat at My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach has a wide range of options of places to eat; you could easily try a new place every day if you wish. Of course, restaurants closer to the water will likely cost a bit more, so it might be worth your while to mix it up each day.

Hidden Hint: If you choose to eat at some of the less touristy restaurants then bring along your google translate app. We found it helps with any language barrier that might arise.

Budget Food Options

Head to Da Nang An Thuong Night Market for a great collection of food vendors. You can get almost anything here! Order pizza, thai curry or noodles, American burgers, poke bowls, ice cream, beer and cocktails, Mexican tacos, fresh sugar cane drinks, and more. Great for families or travellers on a budget. 

Hidden Hint: The Green Curry from the Tuk Tuk stall was every bit as good as the curry we have had in Thailand! This dish costs 90,000 VND (4 USD).

If you’d like more of a sit-down restaurant feel and enjoy Indian food, head to Family Indian Halal Restaurant. The food here rivals some of the best Indian Restaurants in India and also in the UK. The family that runs it is very friendly and provides great service. Portions are big and priced very well; the average dish sets you back about 100,000 VND (4 USD). When you come here, make sure to order the garlic naan! 

If you are craving pasta, pizza, and/or Spanish Tapas, head to My Casa Italian Restaurant. The prices are a little higher here than other budget eateries (most pizza and pastas are around 190,000 VND or 8 USD), but it is a fantastic experience! The staff here are really welcoming and the atmosphere is very warm and cosy. A gem of a restaurant known for its authentic Italian pasta and refreshing drinks, especially the beer, mojitos, and daiquiris. 

Luxury Dining Options

If you are looking for a fine dining experience with top-quality seafood, try Nem Restaurant. It has a spectacular view and is located right on the beach within the beautiful Belle Maison Hotel. Try the seafood platter and enjoy the lovely atmosphere.

Similarly, Hai San Pho Seafood is another very popular option on the beach (tables in the sand!) with delicious fresh seafood, especially the prawns in chilli sauce and seasoned salmon. Hai San Restaurant is a few minutes walk from Apocalypse Beach Club so enjoy a lovely beachside dinner and then head for some live music at the beach club.

Sunset and Sunrise at My Khe Beach


If you arrive at My Khe Beach in the middle of the day, you will probably be surprised by the lack of crowds. It seems like there is no one around and you might think to yourself, “Wait a minute, I thought this was the popular beach?” Hidden’s experience was exactly that! Until we ventured down to the beach at sunrise.

Visiting My Khe Beach at sunrise is very very popular! Masses of local people meet up for beachside exercise classes, ocean swims and runs, and morning coffees. You would not believe that it is the same beach when it becomes so quiet just a few hours later. Even if you are not a morning person, it is worth visiting the beach between 5.a.m and 7.a.m at least once during your visit here. The energy is unrivalled.


Similar to sunrise, people flock to My Khe Beach at sunset, after the day’s peak heat has passed. Since the beach faces east, you don’t actually have a view of the sun disappearing over the ocean’s horizon, but you get to enjoy the “golden hour”. At this time of day, everything is illuminated in a soft glow and the temperature is perfect. In addition, many Vietnamese and tourists alike visit the beach for their daily exercise or just to enjoy each other’s company. 

When is the Best Time to Visit My Khe Beach?

Mornings and evenings definitely have the most foot traffic at My Khe Beach. In contrast, you will be surprised by the quietness of midday. The midday direct sunlight can be unbearable at certain times of the year, but we enjoyed the shade of the beach loungers and a cool beverage on our visit between 12.p.m – 3.p.m. However, for a long walk on the beach or to hang out near the water’s edge, we recommend morning or evening hours. 

When planning your visit to My Khe Beach, bear in mind that October through January is considered the “Wet Season”, averaging between 13 and 21 rainy days. February and March are lovely “shoulder season” months to visit, as are August and September. April through to July is “Dry Season”, which can be hotter than some people enjoy with peak heat in June, July, and August. Check out our Da Nang weather article for more information.

Hidden Hint: Visiting during the wet season still allows plenty of opportunities for fun, and accommodations/activities are considerably less expensive. But be warned: You’ll need a good rain poncho and sense of humour if you choose to go in the rainy season October – January.  

My Khe Beach Location

My Khe Beach is very conveniently located; about a fifteen-minute taxi ride from Da Nang International Airport (6 kilometres). The cab ride shouldn’t cost more than 150,000 VND (6.5 USD) for four people. 

If you have an extra day or two, then it is definitely worth visiting Hoi An, one of Vietnam’s most historic cities. The trip from My Khe will take about an hour, as it is around 26 kilometres away. For transportation information, read our article, How to Get from Da Nang to Hoi An (& Vice Versa).

If you are keen to rent a motorbike or join some day tours, you can also enjoy several other attractions within reach of My Khe Beach. Popular day-trips include Marble Mountain, Ba Na Hills, Lady Buddha, the historical Banyan Tree, and the area’s famous Hai Van Pass. To read more about the city, read Hidden’s Da Nang City Guide

Parking at My Khe Beach

Parking your motorbike costs between 4,000 to 10,000 VND for the day (less than 1 USD). Even though there are spaces you might be able to find that you don’t have to pay, we strongly recommend parking your bike in a designated space. It is not fun tracking down your bike if it gets moved!

Hidden Hint: If your bike is not in the same place that you parked it, then chances are you disobeyed some unmarked parking restriction and it has been moved. So the best way to avoid this is to pay for parking or confirm with your hotel.

Hidden’s Thoughts

Hidden fell in love with My Khe after just a couple of days here. There is so much to see and do at and around My Khe Beach. But our favourite activity was sitting with a good book on a lounger for 40,000 VND (less than 2 USD), alternating easily between the shade and the sun throughout most of the day. Then when we started sweating from the midday heat, we took a refreshing swim in the water and came right back to our coconut water and book. 

There were also several families enjoying the beach together, the children laughing and running around with the delight of being at the beach, playing in the soft white sand. Similarly, the atmosphere allowed for new friends to connect and share good conversation. Above all, there aren’t many unhappy people at My Khe Beach, which makes for a very pleasant vacation. Therefore we highly recommend taking the time to visit this little piece of heaven.

My Khe Beach Map