Da Nang’s Best Restaurants

Da Nang, a central city that marks the halfway point between the capital of Hanoi in the north and Ho Chi Minh City in the south, is the fourth largest city in Vietnam. It is the commercial and educational hub of Central Vietnam and, thanks to its convenient location to many of the area’s popular tourist destinations, such as My Son Sanctuary, the Imperial City of Hue, and the Old Town of Hoi An, it is flourishing. Since 2005, the population has been steadily climbing at a rate of up to 3%. With the influx of people, businesses, and tourism, Da Nang boasts some of the country’s best restaurants. From classy, fine dining experiences, to vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, to Western, Korean, and, of course, Vietnamese cuisine. There is something to satisfy every kind of food-lover.

So, follow Hidden as we take a tour around the city and share out pick of the best restaurants in Da Nang.


Finding the Best Restaurants in Da Nang

Any expert foodie will tell you that a restaurant experience hinges on two things.  Firstly the actual quality of the dishes and secondly the ambience. By ambience, we mean all things related to your senses.  We are talking the music, the staff, lighting, furniture, and even those with whom you are dining. One might be an outstanding success. But without the support of the other, usually, the restaurant will fall short of our expectations. So, when Hidden comprised this list of the best restaurants in Da Nang, we took both of these components into consideration. Whether you are after a more authentic, Vietnamese experience – tiny plastic chairs and all.  Or you crave something that reminds you of home – with burgers, pizza, and outstanding cocktails.  Da Nang’s best restaurants have got you covered.

It can be challenging to find the time to navigate online reviews.  In addition, often, those highly rated restaurants have unideal wait times, especially during peak mealtime hours. Fortunately for you, Hidden’s top choices take into account these things too. Carefully balancing outstanding cuisine, with top-quality service.  Along with a small-town, local feel even in the hustle and bustle of the big city. We’ve also taken into consideration the varying price point of travellers.  So have no fear, Hidden is here and bursting with the knowledge to help you relax and enjoy your meal.

Waterfront Restaurant and Bar is one of the best restaurants in Da Nang
Waterfront Restaurant and Bar has several quiet co-working spaces with a stunning open-air design allowing for natural lighting. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

Fine Dining in Da Nang

While Da Nang, as far as major cities go, is still considered to be quite young, it is thriving. In fact, over the past decade, the city has experienced continuous and stable economic growth, and an increased standard of living. What does this mean for Da Nang’s restaurant scene? There are more niche and fine dining options available. In fact, the prestige behind Da Nang’s cuisine is growing so much that in 2019, the city hosted its first-ever Da Nang International Food Festival. World-class chefs from Australia, China, India, Germany, Sweden, the United States, and several other countries, came together for five days of food, fun, and celebration. The event drew thousands of domestic and international guests and will make a return in 2020.

In terms of fine dining restaurants, while it is still up and coming, Da Nang boasts some of the best. After all, as the saying goes, it is truly about quality over quantity. Trailblazers, such as Waterfront Restaurant and Bar, serve imaginative cuisine.  Such as home-smoked duck rice paper rolls (120,000 VND or 5.20 USD).  A smoked duck breast served with local herbs, bun noodles, lettuce, and chili sauce. They serve locally inspired cocktails, such as Basil Smash (130,000 VND or 5.65 USD).  It’s a blend of gin, Maraschino liqueur, apple juice, and fresh basil leaves. Daring food-lovers are sure to find something that piques their interest.

Another fan-favourite is Nen Restaurant – the first major venture for the well-known local, Chef Summer Le. The restaurant represents her mission in life – to share delectable dishes that emphasize the beauty in the otherwise unpopular and overlooked ingredients and techniques in traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Entrance at Nen Restaurant and is one of the best restaurants in Da Nang
Nen Restaurant is the first major venture for the well-known local, Chef Summer Le. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

Best Fine Dining: Nen Restaurant

Website Address: 16 My Da Tay 2, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang Hours: Monday – Closed, Tuesday to Sunday – 5:30 p.m. until 9 p.m.

Summer Le was around long before the major development of Da Nang city. Before the massive towers soared over the cloud-line and tourists flooded the tranquil beaches along the coast.  Before the busy rush of morning traffic and development of a major airport, she was learning how to cook from her mother and grandmother. Her passion and creativity continued to come alive in her teens.

Today, Le’s genuine love for food is evident in her tasty, signature dishes at Nen Restaurant. Entrées inspired by family tradition maintain the true essence of Vietnamese cuisine – freshness and a perfect balance of flavours. In fact, Nen Restaurant takes such pride in their ingredients, that they seek to produce as many of them as possible in-house. The herbs, fruits, vegetables, and edible flowers have been grown in the restaurant’s rooftop garden. Other ingredients are sourced from the local market in downtown Da Nang or are homemade, such as fish sauce, pickles, chili sauce, and certain liquors.

The Food Experience at Nen Restaurant

The food experience at Nen Restaurant is unparalleled. Instead of choosing amongst pages of appetizers and entrées, guests embark on either an Excursion – which includes a 5-course set menu for 993,000 VND (43 USD), with the option of adding a wine pairing for 875,000 VND (38 USD)/person, or a Journey – which includes an 8-course set menu for 1,485,000 VND (65 USD), with the option of adding a wine pairing for 1,200,000 VND (52 USD)/person.

For our vegetarian friends, have no fear, there is also a special ‘chay’ option.  This includes either a 5-course set menu for 993,000 VND (43 USD) or an 8-course set menu for 1,485,000 VND (65 USD)/person. Whether you are looking to impress on a date, wanting a fine dining option with family, or simply in the mood for an excellent meal in a cosy restaurant far outside the craze of the city, Nen Restaurant is a top-of-the-line option.

Seafood Restaurants in Da Nang

It’s no secret that Da Nang is a culinary paradise. With long stretches of coastline that extend into the horizon, the city boasts a constant stream of fresh seafood available throughout the entire year. Historically, a large portion of Da Nang’s populace was in the fishing industry. Today, 17% of Vietnam’s population continues to earn a living in agriculture, with fishing being one of the main avenues.

So, it’s only right that a visit to Da Nang must include a stop at one of the top local seafood restaurants. Hai San Be Man is one such fantastic choice – an Asian and Vietnamese-inspired restaurant serving up fresh, locally sourced seafood, such as red snapper and crustaceans. The two-storey restaurant edges up to the golden sand of the beach.  So this is the perfect place to watch fishers tend to their boats in the morning or surfers catch a wave in the afternoon.

Hidden Hint: Keep in mind that prices at Han San Be Man, and numerous other seafood restaurants, may vary based on the weight of the fish – signs around the restaurant show the price/kilogram for the fresh catch of the day.

Hidden’s top choice for the seafood restaurant category, however, is located much farther down the coast in a quiet French-inspired neighborhood – Chuyen Nang Dau.

Best Seafood Restaurant: Chuyen Nang Dau Restaurant

Website – Address –  45 An Thuong 4 Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang Hours – Monday to Sunday – 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. until 10 p.m.

For those who appreciate the sentiment, this next recommendation is one for you. Step inside Chuyen Nang Dau and friendly staff share a smile, welcoming you home. The décor is from local antique shops – vintage radios, telephones, and family photographs of the owners and their ancestors cover the walls. Family-style tables featuring warm, wooden tones and comfortable seating fill the main dining area. Ornate vases filled with fresh flowers line the tabletops. At Chuyen Nang Dau, it is easy to get lost in your memories.

The food follows the home-style theme, with seafood dishes such as the ca nhu kho thom – braised tuna fish with pineapple for 85,000 VND (3.70 USD), and the tom chien sa for 85,000 VND (3.70 USD) – fried shrimp with lemongrass. For more adventurous eaters, try the ech xao sa ot – stir-fried frog with lemongrass and chili for 75,000 VND (3.25 USD).

Drinks at Chuyen Nang Dau Restaurant

To drink, Chuyen Nang Dau boasts a long list of imported wines, signature cocktails, and spirits. To pair with a homely entrée, try the Silk Road for 89,000 VND (3.85 USD). Opt for red label with Benedictine, pineapple, cinnamon, and ginger.   Or the Green Field for 89,000 VND (3.85 USD) – white rum with coconut, ginseng, and pineapple. For those wanting a non-alcoholic beverage, there are plenty of delicious locally sourced smoothies and blends. These include nuoc dau tam for 39,000 (1.70 USD) – a mulberry cooler, or the tra cam gung que for 39,000 (1.70 USD) – a ginger cooler. So, if you are looking for delicious seafood in a pleasant, home-inspired atmosphere, Chuyen Nang Dau is a perfect choice.

Papa's Chicken is a well-known restaurant in Da Nang
Papa’s Chicken is a well-known, casual eatery serving a unique take on traditional fried chicken. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

Korean Restaurants in Da Nang

With the recent increase of Korean tourists and expats, Korean establishments are thriving in Vietnam. One comfort-food favourite is Papa’s Chicken – a casual-style restaurant with an innovative take on many classic southern dishes. From the fan-favourite ga sot gia vi – sweet and sour chicken for 160,000 VND (7 USD).  Through to the classic ga ran chien xu – classic fried chicken for 160,000 VND (7 USD). There’s the adventurous chan ga chien xu for 160,000 VND (7 USD) – fried chicken feet, the options are endless. 

For those who have a hankering for something other than chicken, Papa’s Chicken has plenty of alternatives, such as their sup kim chi for 130,000 VND (5.65 USD) – kimchi stew.  There’s their mi carbonara for 130,000 VND (5.65 USD) – spaghetti carbonara, and their pizza vi nam truffle for 160,000 VND (7 USD) – truffle and mushroom pizza. Besides their outstanding cuisine, the interior of the restaurant is clean and comfortable with private, colourful ‘chicken-coops’ and an open-seating dining room.

Hidden’s number one pick for a Korean restaurant in Da Nang, however, goes to Veteran Restaurant – a modern-style establishment located right in the heart of the city.

Entrance to one of the best restaurants in Da Nang, Veteran Restaurant
Veteran Restaurant is a modern-style eatery that boasts some of the best Korean-inspired cuisine in Da Nang city. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

Best Korean Restaurant in Da Nang – Veteran Restaurant

Website – Address – 09 Duong Dinh Nghe, Da Nang Hours –  Monday to Sunday – 5 p.m. until 10 p.m.

From the exterior, Veteran Restaurant is both elegant and inviting. With its clean, brick exterior, large windows, and fresh, neutral color palette, the ambiance is unmatched. Whether you are interested in a gathering with friends, a spot for date night, or a place to relax and get some work done, there is enough space for everyone.

On the street side, there is a spacious front patio embellished with live plants, cosy seating, and Western-inspired archways. Just inside, there are a plethora of hidden gems, including an upstairs hideaway featuring floor to ceiling windows, locally sourced artwork, and a stunning view of the Han River. Family-style seating in the main dining room encourages community amongst friends, old and new. As for their menu, Veteran Restaurant is hands-down, one of the best options for Korean food in Da Nang.

Crowd Favourites at Veteran Restaurant

Crowd favourites include the pork belly with kimchi for 180,000 VND (8 USD), the prime boneless short ribs for 700,000 VND (30 USD), and the braised beef short ribs for 370,000 (16 USD). Grilled dishes include tofu soup, kimchi soup with pork, and a steamed egg.  An aromatic and flavourful combination that perfectly complements the main entrée. Stand-out drink choices include an assortment of house-made juices, such as fresh guava juice, passion fruit juice, or pineapple Juice, all for 50,000 (2 USD). Of course, for the adults, there is also an ample selection of imported wine, local brews, and fruit-infused cocktails. Whatever the occasion, Veteran Restaurant has you covered. Be prepared by coming with an empty stomach and an open mind to try something new.

Hidden Hint: For something truly memorable, Hidden recommends the waygu tenderloin for 1,300,000 (56 USD).

Da Nang’s Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Our next category is something tiered towards our plant-based, environmentally-conscious friends – the best vegetarian restaurant in Da Nang. For those wanting a lively, populous feel, Madame Lan is a great choice. Situated just off of Bach Dang St., its charming architecture and traditional, warm yellow walls, and golden, red décor remind you of an authentic Vietnamese house. The staff are friendly and welcoming, greeting you at the door, and giving you your choice of table. The restaurant is primarily open-air, with a removable roof over the central portion, and red umbrellas to provide guests with shade.

The stand-out dish is the bun bo Hue for 88,000 VND (3.80 USD) – a traditional trotter noodle soup infused with lemongrass and served with fresh bean sprouts, herbs, and chilli. Or try the com chay mo hanh for 78,000 VND (3.40 USD) – crispy fried rice with onion, and the bong cai xanh xao toi for 55,000 VND (2.40 USD) – fried broccoli with garlic.

Hidden’s first choice for a vegetarian restaurant in Da Nang, however, is Bep Cuon – a classic Vietnamese-style restaurant with an expansive menu and dishes tailored to every kind of food-lover.

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Da Nang – Bep Cuon

Website – Address –  54 Nguyen Van Thoai Nhu Hanh Son, Da Nang Hours –  Monday to Sunday – 10:30 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Located in a beautiful, European-inspired neighbourhood just off of My Khe Beach, Bep Cuon has a comfortable, gardenesque landscape. With hand-painted murals of traditional rice farmers, standard-sized wooden tables and chairs, and inviting young staff.  You can feel confident that the folks at Be Cuon take the utmost care in the assembly of their food and drinks. For guests who would prefer a more intimate restaurant setting, there is a closed upstairs dining space complete with an outdoor patio overlooking the entire courtyard. Live plants, string lights, and thoughtful embellishments, such as family photographs, have been added to transport this once city-space into a countryside villa. Gentle music plays in the background, encouraging light conversations with friends and family over a warm meal.

The Menu at Bep Cuon Restaurant

The menu is chock full of delicious options, from sundry shared platters to satiating entrées, and tempting desserts.Hidden recommends you start with the banh xeo nam for 79,000 VND (3.40 USD) – a rice pancake with mushrooms, fresh vegetables and bean sprouts, wrapped in a rice-paper roll, and served with a mixed garden salad. Next, sample the com chien trung toi for 99,000 VND (4.30 USD) – Vietnamese fried rice with eggs and garlic, the rau muong xao toi for 59,000 VND (2.60 USD) – stir-fried morning glory with garlic, and the nam bao ngu chien gion for 69,000 VND (3 USD) – deep-fried abalone mushrooms, served with sesame sauce.

Bep Cuon also has a broad drinks menu. For something extraordinary, try the thuc uang coc biet cua bep cuon for 39,000 VND (USD) – Bep Cuon’s signature virgin mojito with your choice of lime or passion fruit. From the fun and cosy atmosphere to the music and top-notch service, Bep Cuon is a stand-out choice for a vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Da Nang.

Vietnamese Restaurants in Da Nang

No Da Nang-based guide to the best restaurants would be complete without a Vietnamese option. After all, Vietnamese cuisine is truly and globally loved. It is one of the main reasons Vietnam has seen such an influx of tourists over the last decade. With well-known classics, such as pho – a soup containing of broth, rice noodles, fresh herbs, and meat. To banh mi – a French-inspired baguette filled with savoury ingredients, such as cucumber, carrots, egg, fresh herbs, and chili sauce.  Along with spring rolls – a rice-paper wrap consisting of pork, prawns, fresh vegetables, and herbs, and served with peanut sauce. Iindividuals around the globe are inspired by the clean, organically-sourced, and mouth-watering ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine.

Highly Recommended: Mom Since 1995 Restaurant

One such restaurant has been serving up their dishes ‘Mom’s way since 1995.’ Mom Since 1995 is a home-inspired, hole-in-the-wall restaurant located in Da Nang’s Chau District. With budget-friendly options, such as their cha gio ram for 20,000 VND (<1 USD) – fried spring rolls with fresh pork, herbs, and vegetables, and their bo xao for 35,000 VND (1.50 USD). You can find comfort knowing that you will find something tasty and affordable to satisfy your stomach.

Their restaurant is tucked away in a quiet side-street, far from the blaring horns and commotion of city-life. The walls have inspiring quotes about the importance of family and friendship, and photographs of Mom herself cooking up some of her delicious food. To add to the fun, Mom Since 1995 also has a special dessert menu with ca phe trung for 35,000 VND (1.50 USD) – Vietnamese egg coffee, and kem plan for 15,000 VND (<1 USD) – homemade egg pudding.

Hidden’s top choice for Vietnamese restaurants in Da Nang, however, goes to Son Tra Retreat – located at the foot of Son Tra Mountain. The Retreat is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Best Vietnamese Restaurant: Son Tra Retreat

WebsiteAddress: 11 Le Van Luong, Da Nang– Hours: Monday to Sunday – 8 a.m. until 11:30 p.m.

Boasting flavourful Asian and European-inspired cuisine, and revitalising cocktails, Son Tra Retreat is the ideal place to unwind and immerse yourself in the natural landscapes of Vietnam. From the modern, geometrically inspired exterior, to the thoughtful embellishments of live plants, colourful hand-painted dragonflies, and magical, Disneyesque lighting.  Guests are encouraged to relax and make themselves feel right at home.

Hidden recommends their Chef’s Special Menu, with unique entrées.  Such as their burger bo bong dem for 169,000 VND (7.35 USD). A squid-ink beef burger served with fries. Their uc vit phap ap chao for 299,000 VND (13 USD). Pan-fried duck breast with sweet potato mash and orange ginger sauce.  Finally their pizza bong dem sot tom yum for 259,000 VND (11.25 USD). Black seafood pizza with tom yum sauce.

With the private alcoves, modern, European-inspired fountains, and an impressive, fully stocked bar and cocktail menu, Son Tra Retreat is the perfect location to host a get-together or special event. They have an extensive selection of local brews and over 30 imported wines and hundreds of cocktail combinations. For the kids, have no fear, there are plenty of non-alcoholic, locally sourced juices and smoothies to choose from, too.

Western Restaurants in Da Nang

Our final category is for those craving comfort food. That’s right – we’re talking about the best western restaurants in Da Nang. There are several options in Da Nang that are just as good, if not better than home. From classic hamburgers to paninis, pizza, and pasta, there is something to satisfy every homesick craving.

One stand-out choice is Monsieur Crepes. A French-inspired food experience centered around the delicious and world-famous crepe. Try their bacon, gouda cheese, and egg crepe for 115,000 VND (5 USD). Or their chocolate and banana crepe for 55,000 VND (2.40 USD).  There are sweet and savoury choices to satisfy every kind of breakfast food-lover. The restaurant is quaint and comfortable, with loveseat chairs, comical paintings done by a local artist, and an outdoor patio. To add to the theme of the restaurant, members of the staff are both local Vietnamese and expat French.  Therefore bringing together two unique cultures in a beautiful and fun way.

Hidden’s number one pick for the Western-style restaurant category, however, goes to a place a bit more elegant, Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse. A waterfront restaurant with a New York-inspired design and menu.

Best Western Restaurant: Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse

Website – Address –  5050 Tran Hung Dao, Son Tra, Da Nang Hours – Monday – Closed, Tuesday to Sunday – 5:30 p.m. until 9 p.m.

At Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse, their claim to fame and source of unprecedented, world-class flavour is their wood-fired grill. With a premium selection of imported beef, delicious pork, chicken, and seafood.  There is a surplus of delectable entrées to go around. Stand-out dishes include their New Orleans’s style cajun sausage. Homemade pork sausage with cajun seasoning for 155,000 VND (6.75 USD). The grilled BBQ chicken for 165,000 VND (7 USD). Wings served with fresh carrots, celery sticks, and blue cheese dipping sauce.  Then the Australian-sourced, premium marbled filet. It comes in three sizes 250g for 1,085,000 VND (47 USD).  350g for 1,495,000 VND (65 USD). Or 500g for 2,100,000 VND (91 USD).

On the outside, the restaurant is uniquely styled, with separate cube-shaped rooms stacked on top of each other. Inside, Western-sized wooden tables fill the space, which also features classy, mood lighting, and fun, colourful décor. The service is outstanding. Waiters are friendly, fluent in English, and quick to offer recommendations.

Drinks at Olivia’s

If you’re in the mood for some drinks, Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse has one of the best collections of any restaurant in Da Nang. From imported wine from over eight countries to dozens of drink combinations, and local brews. So you are in for a real treat. Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse is the perfect place for date night. For the perfect wine pairing for your mouth-watering steak, Hidden recommends a bottle of the Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve for 1,590,000 VND (68 USD) It’s a cabernet sauvignon from Sonoma, California. Another great choice is the Santa Cristina for 850,000 VND (37 USD) – a sangiovese/merlot from Tuscany, Italy.

Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse entrance
Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse vaguely resembles a spacious New York City apartment and boasts an incredible array of wood-fired entrees. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

Hidden’s Thoughts

Above all, Da Nang is home to an incredibly diverse array of world-class cuisine. Thanks to its strong roots in preserving traditional Vietnamese culture, but open-mind and multicultural influences, there is something to satisfy every food craving. Whether you are in town on business and want to sample the local flavours or a long-term resident who desires something that reminds you of home.  You can rest assured that there is something delicious hidden just around the corner.

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