Da Nang’s Best Food Tours

The gentle calm of the sandy bay extends into the dense limestone mountains. The warm breeze whispers stories of old and new — a perfect blend of urban landscapes and the natural environment. Across the street, towers reach high above the clouds, reminding us of technological growth and the industrial age, which has influenced even the seemingly most far-off places. Vendors line the streets, tours trek through flea markets containing odds and ends, food carts serving fresh, Da Nang-inspired cuisine.  Motorcycles roam the streets — systematic chaos. Locals and visitors live in harmony, thriving in the bustling metropolitan hub of central Vietnam.


Da Nang’s Endless Array of Food Choices

Da Nang, a coastal city known for its sandy beaches and its history as a French colonial trading port, is quickly becoming the next big tourist destination. With its convenient location and easy access to Ba Na Hills, My Son Sanctuary, and the Marble Mountains, it’s no wonder it is the ideal home-base for many travellers wanting to experience the most during their trip to Vietnam. But beyond its’ accessible locale, Da Nang has some of the country’s top restaurant options. With an endless array of delicious and affordable choices, Michelin-star, fine dining experiences, and hole-in-the-wall gems, it can be challenging to narrow down the list. So which is the best option, according to Hidden? A food tour, of course!

So, follow Hidden as we take a look into our top choices for food tours in Da Nang.

Why do a Food Tour in Da Nang?

Food tours are enjoyable, family-friendly, and stress-free opportunities to go beyond the typical dining experience. It is the perfect chance to make instant friends with other travellers and locals alike. Professional, trained, and highly competent tour guides are available to answer any of your questions, whether it be food-related or otherwise. They are passionate individuals with extensive knowledge about their country, culture, and cuisine, and eager to share it all with you. Additionally, a food tour in Da Nang is a unique opportunity to learn about how the city’s melting pot of ethnic groups has influenced its restaurant-scene. All you have to do is show up, and a friendly local guide takes care of the rest.

If you are in the mood for something extra special, there are several different options for transportation between food stops. From transfer in a spacious, air-conditioned vehicle, to riding in style on the back of a motorcycle, or participating in a slow and steady walking tour. Each tour offers the chance to create enduring memories with friends, old and new. So, whether you’re on a solo adventure, a honeymoon, besties retreat, or family holiday, food tours are the ideal choice for a day, or night, out on the town. Read on to learn more about Hidden’s top picks for food tours in Da Nang.

Da Nang specialties shared at Summer Le's Fantastic Food Tour
Da Nang specialties shared amongst friends old and new at Summer Le’s Fantastic Food Tour. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

Summer Le’s Funtastic Da Nang Food Tour

Price: 1,039,000 VND (45 USD)/person

Duration: Lunch tour: 3 hours (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) or dinner tour: 4 hours (6 p.m. to 10 p.m.)

How to Book: www.summerle.com/foodtour

Includes: All food and drinks, and transportation in a spacious, air-conditioned vehicle

Founded by Summer Le, a Da Nang-based chef, entrepreneur, and food blogger.  Summer Le’s Funtastic Da Nang Food Tour is an all-inclusive, stand-out choice for an outing. Le first came into the food-scene in 2009, when she launched her Vietnamese cuisine-focused blog. Quickly, she gained momentum and popularity amongst food-lovers. Ultimately realising there was an opportunity to expose the area’s traditional cuisine to an international audience. Additionally, Da Nang is an up and coming metropolitan hub.  There are more and more businessmen and women, and travellers, passing through each year. Many of these individuals are interested in participating in fun and immersive dining experiences. So, Summer Le’s Funtastic Da Nang Food Tour was born.

Two Choices – Lunch or Dinner Tour

Guests can choose either the lunch tour, which runs for about three hours from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or the dinner tour, which runs for about four hours from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tours cost 1,040,000 VND (45 USD) per person. Guides take participants on a five-course Vietnamese food tour.  This includes about ten local specialties, drinks (beer too), and a delicious, locally inspired dessert. As a native of Da Nang, Le has hand-selected the oldest and most famous hole-in-the-wall restaurants across the city. After all, the cuisine is a critical part of the foundation for Vietnamese culture, and Le’s mission is to give guests an authentic experience.

Adding to the prestige, Le’s story, and her Funtastic Da Nang Food Tour, was featured in the NY Times and several Asia-based media outlets. Le’s personally trained, highly qualified tour guides tell you everything you need to know about each dish you sample.  This includes a brief history lesson, and, of course, how to eat them like the Vietnamese.

Hidden’s Insider Scoop

Summer Le’s Funtastic Da Nang Food Tour is the perfect choice for families and those looking for a more relaxed, all-inclusive experience. Tour guides are animated, interactive, and exceptionally well-trained in creating an enjoyable setting for every kind of participant. Have an open mind, ask your guide questions, and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

Da Nang Food Tour

Price: Morning Tour: 820,000 VND (35 USD)/person or Evening Tour: 1,000,000 VND (45 USD)/person

Duration: Morning tour: 2.5 hours (9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) or evening tour: 4 hours (5 p.m. to 9 p.m.)

How to Book: www.danangfoodtour.com

Includes: All food and drinks

Da Nang’s original food tour founded by Shaun Stevens, a Vietnam-based expat since 2009, Da Nang Food Tour is everything visitors could want from an authentic taste of local cuisine. Stevens and his expert team of tour guides have been intentional in choosing eateries that are amongst the best of the best. Also including hidden gems offered on no other tour in Da Nang.

Even better, the dining locations change often, meaning guests can return on future trips with the promise that they will continue to discover something new. Whether you are a bold and daring foodie interested in sampling fresh clams, squid, snails, or jellyfish, or a bit more traditional in favouring banh mi, pho, and stir fry, you’re covered. Guides are especially conscious of minding every age, palate, and preference.

Hidden Hint: Groups are capped at five guests, creating a more intimate experience and encouraging engagement and discussion with guides.

Da Nang Food Tour – Morning Tour

The morning food tour runs for about two and a half hours from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and costs 820,000 VND (35 USD) per person. It is an adventure that centres around tasty breakfast entrées.  Including noodle soups, such as pho, savoury rice rolls, such as classic spring rolls, and, of course, plenty of Vietnamese-style coffee. The final stop is for lunch or dessert – it’s your call. After the tour, you can continue exploring the city with recommendations from your guide or relax back at your accommodation.

Kem bo or avocado mousse ice cream is a popular dessert on food tours in Da Nang
Kem bo – a rich and creamy avocado mousse ice cream is a popular dessert amongst Da Nang locals. To properly indulge, blend the avocado and coconut ice cream, top it off with toasted coconut and enjoy! Photo: Maggie Kennedy

Da Nang Food Tour – Evening Tour

The evening food tour runs for about four hours from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., and costs1,000,000 (45 USD) per person. It is themed around having a classic night out on the town. After all, Da Nang is the metropolitan hub of central Vietnam.  No visit is complete without a walk around the iconic multicoloured bridges and luminous streets.

This tour includes a variety of stops, such as sharing appetizers in a local home to sampling rice paper rolls from a food cart to tasting fresh seafood at a sit-down establishment. There is a bounty of food, so prepare your stomach. Da Nang boasts some of the best, locally inspired desserts incorporating fresh fruits and coconut. So, to properly cap off the evening, tour guides offer guests a sweet treat.

Hidden Hint: For an authentic taste of local cuisine at all hours of the day, consider booking the morning and evening food tour package. Choose to spread the two tours throughout your trip or pack them into a single day.  Be sure to prepare your stomach for an overload of delectable dishes!

For guests participating in the Da Nang Evening Food Tour, note that the tour ends in a location convenient to the iconic Dragon Bridge.  A modern bridge that extends over the Han River and connects both sides of Da Nang city. If it is a Saturday or Sunday, we recommend taking a five-minute ride to the head of the dragon, where you can watch it breathe fire and water in an impressive display of lights and music.

The Dragon Bridge erupts water at night
The Dragon Bridge erupts in a stunning display of lights and water. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

Hidden’s Insider Scoop

Da Nang Food Tour Company is the ideal choice for business travellers, friends, and couples. But keep in mind, the tour does require a bit of walking, and mobility is necessary to participate. Tour guides are extremely competent, enthusiastic individuals. They encourage guests to step outside of their comfort zones and sample something new. Food tours are also incredibly generous in their portions, so make sure you come with an appetite.

Da Nang Motorcycle Food Tour

Price: 1,130,000 VND (49 USD)

Duration: 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. (five hours)

How to Book: info@hoianfoodtour.com 

Includes: All food and drinks

This next food tour is something truly remarkable.  Meant for travellers looking for impactful connections with local students. Hoi An Food Tour Company offers a diverse array of unique experiences during your stay in Vietnam. From cooking classes to boat rides, market visits, and motorcycle tours. If you want an all-inclusive company with enjoyable, energetic guides, then look no further.

Their Da Nang Motorcycle Food Tour is a particular crowd favourite.  It offers guests the opportunity to sample dishes from some of the city’s best local hangouts. In addition guests are paired with an English-speaking university student and have a private tour of the city from the back of a motorcycle.  An authentic part of the daily culture here. Cruise down the hectic, frenzied streets of Da Nang, safe and free to enjoy the scenery, as you are in the hands of an experienced local. Above all the guides are competent and eager to share their unique food offerings, insight, and anecdotes on food, culture, and local traditions.

The afternoon lunch tour runs for about five hours from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tours cost 1,130,000 VND or (49 USD) per person. Guides take participants on a five-course Vietnamese food tour.  This includes about ten local specialties, drinks (beer, too), and also a couple of stops for photos at iconic landmarks around the city, including the one and only Dragon Bridge.

Hidden Hint: Bear in mind, participants must be able to ride unaccompanied on the back of a motorcycle.  So for children and elderly participants, it might be better to choose another tour.

Hidden’s Insider Scoop

The Da Nang Motorcycle Food Tour is a good option for solo travellers or travellers with teenagers. Most importantly the university students/tour guides are lively, engaging, and incredibly welcoming. This is a unique exchange, in that they get the opportunity to practice their English with a native speaker.  While you get to experience Da Nang through their eye.   Eating where they eat, exchanging stories and perspectives, and creating lasting memories.

a woman and her grandmother prepares traditional Vietnamese food for those on tours in Da Nang
A local woman and her grandmother prepare traditional, Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches. A traditional Vietnamese breakfast option which includes a baguette filled with savoury ingredients.

Hidden’s Thoughts

Overall, food tours are an excellent way to sample authentic, local cuisine, discover unique, hole-in-the-wall locations, and make new friends. Whether you are a solo traveller, or in a group, tour guides are open-minded, courteous, and expertly trained encouraging camaraderie amongst participants. Of course, be prepared for a surplus of outstanding appetizers, entrées, and desserts inspired by Vietnamese culture and tradition. So whichever tour you decide upon, expect to have an enjoyable evening and come away with new friends, lasting memories, and a full belly.