Hyden Restaurant

Situated at the foot of the Cam Nam Bridge and overlooking the Thu Bon River, Hyden Restaurant is making waves across Hoi An’s food scene. Upon entering the eatery, it’s easy to see why. The picturesque location, family-style seating, and spacious layout make guests feel right at home. Their staff are quick to welcome you inside, sharing a friendly smile and greeting you with a warm hello.

At Hyden Restaurant, guests are free to choose their table. Whether you’d prefer a spot on the elegant outdoor patio, upstairs in the tranquil dining room, or in the main area near the kitchen and bar. Guest satisfaction is the number one priority. The iconic, sunset-yellow tones of a historic Hoi An house, combined with the wooden furniture and thoughtful décor of plants, and handmade wall-art, create a pleasant, cosy atmosphere.

Just outside, fishers pass by in their multicolored boats, delivering their latest catch to the Central Market, conveniently located just next door. During golden hour, the sunbeams hit the water. They cast a unique display of light along the walls. If this is your first visit or fifteenth, it is easy to see why many consider Hoi An their second home.  Hidden delves in to one of one of Hoi An’s gems, Hyden Restaurant.

Hyden Restaurant

Address:  57 Hoang Dieu, Cam Chau, Hoi An

Hours: Monday through Sunday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Price: $$-$$$

Cuisine: Asian, Vietnamese, Western

The upstairs open-style dining room complete with traditional lanterns and plants. Photo: Maggie Kennedy
The Hyden Restaurant’s special wrap, which includes five different kinds of spring rolls. Photo: Maggie Kennedy
The upstairs dining room has a classic, Vietnamese-style sunlight overlooking over the bar area. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

The Classic Menu at Hyden Restaurant

Whether you are in the mood for a coffee, brunch, dinner, or a local brew, Hyden Restaurant has you covered. For guests looking to experience an authentic taste of Vietnamese cuisine, try something off  the Chef’s Special Menu. Their banh xeo 69,000 VND  (3 USD) is a particular crowd favourite. Consisting of a Vietnamese pancake, shrimp, pork, fresh vegetables, and bean sprouts.  All rolled in rice paper and then served with house-made peanut sauce.

For a sharable starter, Hidden recommends Hyden Restaurant’s special wrap 189,000 VND  (8.25 USD).  This includes five different kinds of spring rolls. If you want something sweeter, try the berry sunset smoothie bowl 55,000 VND  (2.25 USD).  It’s a delicious blend of frozen red dragon fruit, mangoes, and strawberries, topped with fresh coconut, chia seeds, and raisins. Other options include western favourites, such as caesar salad, margherita pizza, and a classic beef burger.   Asian favourites, include items such as grilled fish and stuffed calamari.  In addition there are plenty of locally inspired desserts. These all range in price from 105,000 to 220,000 VND (4.40 – 9.50 USD),

Hidden Hint: Looking for somewhere to eat during Tet?  Have no fear, Hyden Restaurant is  open for business from Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m!

An assortment of stand-out hits from the Hyden Restaurant Chef’s Special Menu. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

Hidden’s Thoughts

So, whether you’re looking to sample the local flavours, or craving something that reminds you of home. Hyden Restaurant is the perfect choice for morning coffee, lunch, and dinner. With a stunning locale and friendly service, there is no question that Hyden Restaurant has set its sails to be the front runner for top-notch dining in Hoi An.