Top Ten Maps of Hoi An

Exploring new destinations comes with its own set of challenges and it can be difficult to find your bearings. That’s why Hidden has collected everything you need to know into one place with our top 10 maps of Hoi An. 

It’s easy to imagine the bustling trade of 16th to 18th Century Old Town. A place once filled with traders from Japan, China, India, and Europe all walking the waterfront. Here you still feel the remnants of these traveling merchants through the food, architecture and variety of well-preserved temples and buildings. As you meander the endless shops and relics make sure to refuel on some local Hoi An specialties like com ga and cao lau at the city’s riverside restaurants.  For quick bites sample the delicious street food found on nearly every corner of the city . Sample coffee all day long like the Vietnamese do from a variety of coffee shops tucked away in the alleys of the Old Town.

Just a ten minute drive west of the Old Town enjoy the world class beach of An Bang as well as its neighbouring beaches. Enjoy a day spa or relax with a drink in hand. When you’re done cycling through nearby farming communities layered in rice paddies and Vietnamese countryside. Watch as the sun sets over grazing water buffalo while the farmers work away the last remaining hours of daylight.


Hoi An – A Mix and Match Itinerary

Undoubtedly Hoi An is a one-stop-shop for a peaceful yet enriching holiday. Mix and match your itinerary by enjoying the beach in the morning then transport back in time exploring the Old Town in the afternoon. Finish a long day of cycling sampling some of the many culinary delights on offer followed by a cocktail in the best bars in town. This small town offers a little piece of heaven for everyone and with Hidden’s top ten maps we make it just that much easier to uncover.

Map 1: Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An earned a place on the map as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999. Preserving the 30 hectare area that makes up Hoi An’s Old Town. Our map lays out the Old Town area marking the main sites of interest, including Hoi An’s museums, temples and ancient family homes. These sites are accessible with a Hoi An Ancient Town ticket and are available on our map below. Read our full articles for more information on the Ancient Town and How to buy an Old Town ticket

The Old Town is made easily accessible to cycling and pedestrians due to restrictions on motorised vehicles between the hours of 8:30-11 a.m. and 3 p.m.- 9 p.m. Use these times as a guide to take in the beautiful riverfront setting.

Map 2: Hoi An Coffee Shops

Waking up in Hoi An, desiring a great cup of coffee leads to an overwhelming array of options. Every coffee shop in Hoi An uses its own blend and has a unique style of their own. Hidden has found the best coffee shops in town, freeing you up to make the most of your holiday. And to boot they are all on the map below! 

So whether you’re looking for the right ambiance or you are on the hunt for something one of a kind – we’ve got you covered. For all things coffee in Hoi An along with our detailed guide to the best coffee shops in town – read our full article here.

Map 3: Vegetarian Food in Hoi An

Hoi An stems from the lineage of the Champa people with a long tradition of Hindu and Buddhist roots. Given its heritage vegetarian cuisine is plentiful. Our maps point to some of the best places to enjoy this cruelty-free tradition. 

If you’re vegetarian then you’re probably exhausted of basic salad varieties offered at any given restaurant. Hoi An is host to some of the best meals designed for clientele who are looking for more creative approaches to vegetarian cuisine. With options this good you could even entice your meat-eating friends. Check out our full article on eating vegetarian in Hoi An.

Map 4: Where to Stay in Hoi An

Finding your ideal accommodation in a new place can be daunting. For one there is finding the accommodation to suit your needs and ensuring the location is ideal too. We have narrowed down some of the best hotels for every traveller,  and conveniently located them on the map below. 

Whether you are looking for budget, mid range or luxury we have you covered. And to top it off we have researched all those options in the Historic Old Town, along the beach and in rural Hoi An. To find the best hotel suited for you read our full length article here.

Map 5: Hoi An’s Best Restaurants  

Hoi An is home to an abundance of quality restaurants and global cuisine to please any palette. A pleasurable dining experience is imperative for any holiday. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Hoi An to appease all cravings. Not only have we done the research for you, but they are all on the map below too.

So whether you are eager to try some infamous Vietnamese street food or to experience culinary artistry at one of the fine dining restaurants – we’ve got it covered. For all your culinary curiosities check out our full article on the best restaurants in Hoi An here

Map 6: Vietnamese Food

There is no shortage of local cuisine within the town limits of Hoi An. From delectable com ga (chicken rice) to the cao lau noodle dish with no imitation. The noodles in this town are legendary – find out why by reading our full article on Hoi An’s specialities. At An Bang Beach you’ll find seafood restaurants selling flying fish, scallops, tuna, along other ocean variants. Hoi An is home to a bountiful seafood selection with many fresh fish sold daily. Even within the city centre it’s hard to find a menu that doesn’t include prawns. 

Below we provide a map to ease the search for some of Hoi An’s best Vietnamese food options. 

Map 7: Hoi An’s Beaches

Enjoy parasailing, jet skiing, or a simple swim. Hoi An isn’t renowned for the best surf but there are boards for rent and lucky breaks are known to happen. There is no shortage of refreshments lining the beach front with bars and restaurants awaiting your arrival. An Bang being the most popular beach flocks with tourists and residents alike. For tips on beating the crowds check out our full article on the best beaches in Hoi An.

For those feeling the call of the ocean, Hoi An offers the beaches necessary to escape the heat. The map below details the single sandy coastline broken up into sectors.

Map 8: Spas

What’s a holiday without a massage, or two? With spas on every corner enticing you to indulge, it’s hard to know for certain of their quality. Don’t feel overwhelmed as Hidden gives you a cheat sheet so relaxation can begin before entering the spa. Whether it’s a full luxurious spa treatment, a quality massage on a budget or even a unique one of a kind spa treatment. We have compiled it all for you. For all things spa related have a read through our full article here. We even conveniently mapped out our suggestions on the map below.

Map 9: Bars

Hoi An is popular with expats and travellers alike as a quiet easy-going part of Vietnam. This small town holds an ever-growing population of bars and clubs adding a bit of flair to the otherwise mellow tone. Have a drink in the Old Town’s most popular bars after a stroll down the waterfront or along An Bang Beach while relaxing in the sun. Keep in mind that many places quiet down around 11 p.m. but for ideas on prolonging the night read our full article on Hoi An’s best bars.

With a variety of pubs and bars ever-shifting we provide the map below necessary to traversing Hoi An’s best drinking establishments. 

Map 10: Hoi An Cycling Map

Undoubtedly cycling is one of the best ways to get around Hoi An. The town being so quaint and mostly flat makes cycling easily accessible to pretty much anyone. Whether you’re wanting to take in the historic sites of the Old Town or venture off the beaten path and explore the countryside, we have a route for you. For some tips on bicycle rentals and the best areas to explore have a peek at our full-length article here.

We have assembled a map of some of the best self-guided cycling tours to get the most out of your day below.