Ba Na Hills Hotels: Mercure Danang French Village & Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort

Since its inception in 2009, the Ba Na Hills has continued to make headlines as one of Vietnam’s most exciting tourist attractions. Millions travel from all over the world to visit the ‘Disneyland of Vietnam’, concealed in the Trường Sơn Mountains, west of the city of Da Nang. Sun World, the innovative entertainment group behind the development of the attraction, has been praised for their contributions to the stature of domestic tourism in Vietnam. From a bird’s eye view, the mountaintop ‘recreational complex’ takes the shape of a mystical medieval kingdom. Here lie a number of activities within the grounds of the Ba Na Hills theme park, including hotel accommodation. 

The family-friendly resort is a perfect day trip for all ages.  However, due to the lengthy cable car distance and amount of walking required to explore the entirety of the resort, many visitors opt to stay in the comfortable confines of a hotel. Hidden delves deeper into the accommodation options for spending a night in the Ba Na Hills, and why it can prove advantageous for a number of reasons.


Why Stay in a Hotel at the Ba Na Hills? 

Launching in 2009, the Ba Na-Suoi Mo cable car route transformed the Ba Na Hills.  Making it far more easily accessible for those intending to catch a glimpse of the elevated spectacle dwelling high above the clouds. 

Staying in a hotel 1,500m above sea level is almost unique selling point in itself. For many domestic visitors, residing overnight in a French colonial castle in the misty mountains is probably the Asian substitute for winter in Paris! In addition, with upscale, gourmet European fare and 11 different restaurants, bars and coffee shops , overnight guests are spoilt for choice.  So staying overnight temporarily transports you to the quaint, cobbled streets of a French village. 

The Perks of Staying in a Hotel at the Ba Na Hills

Early Access to Key Sites –  Golden Bridge

The launch of the iconic Cau Vang, or Golden Bridge, in 2018, put the Ba Na Hills on the map.  TIME Magazine recognised the Golden Bridge as one of “The World’s 100 Greatest Places of 2018”. Also in July 2019, the Ba Na Hills qualified for the Top 5 Best Tourist and Recreational Complexes of Vietnam, for the fifth consecutive year in a row.  So head over to Hidden’s Complete Guide to Visiting Ba Na Hills for all the reasons why.

Gaining early access to key sites like the Golden Bridge is by far the biggest draw of an overnight stay at Ba Na Hills hotel. Due to the fact that visiting park attractions outside of public access hours (7 a.m – 10 p.m) means the only people present are other hotel guests and queues are a lot shorter. Therefore soaking in the sun as it slowly rises over the giant stone hands as the park gradually opens for the day, is a much more intimate encounter with the award-worthy structure than those who visit Ba Na Hills just for the day. 

The Golden Hand Bridge
A quiet moment on the Golden Hand Bridge. Photo: Kristen Wells

Avoiding Cable Car Queues

The influx of both foreign and domestic tourism saw an increased demand for additional cable car routes, which were eventually introduced in 2013 and 2017. The Toc Tien Waterfall-Indochine cable car line, which opened in March 2013, broke four Guinness World Records.  This included the record for longest one-line car cable in the world, at 5,801m. Therefore with more cable cars came the introduction of accommodation, bringing forth the idea of a Ba Na Hills Hotel. 

Tickets for the cable cars aren’t included in the room price at the Mercure Ba Na Hills Hotel.  However the queues for the cable car are far less hectic first thing in the morning, before thousands of members of the public descend on the park. 

Furthermore, if you experience unfortunate weather during your visit, waking up to a fresh new morning presents you with a second chance of experiencing the sites at a different time, under better conditions. In addition to the added incentive of being able to rest your head after a busy day of tourist activities.  Thus meaning not having to face the long drive home.  Therefore staying overnight at Ba Na Hills seems like a no-brainer. 

The Mercure Danang French Village Ba Na Hills

Book Now  – Rating: 4 Star – Address: Ba Na Hills Resort – Price: Ranging from 3,110,900 VND (135 USD) for a standard king size room to 5,429,800 VND (236 USD) for a family suite, *Price dependent on seasonal demand* 

Opened in 2014, the Mercure Danang French Village Ba Na Hills is a 4-star rated resort with 460 rooms. It accommodates all parties, from romantic getaways to group bookings and family vacations. Inspired by 19th Century gothic architecture, elegant French colonial flair appears across all interior design efforts. A perfect hybrid of quintessential European-style merged with the tropical mountainous surroundings. 

Ba Na Hills on a busy day
The main square of Ba Na Hills packed with visitors.

Mercure Hotel Ba Na Hills – Rooms 

There are nine categories of hotel rooms on offer.  These range from the standard king, to the executive suite, to family bunks. All rooms are tastefully furnished, charismatically in keeping with the French colonial aesthetic. Equipped with both air conditioning and electric heating for altitude affected low temperatures.  All rooms have high speed WiFi and a 32 inch HD TV. Therefore ensuring a cosy and comfortable overnight stay after a long day of exploring the fantasyland outside. 

In addition to the prices detailed above, hotel rooms are also available for day use, from 435,000 VND (18.75 USD). Available if you are lookingfor a place to escape the busy crowds and rest your head.  Many use them for a unique European-Esque backdrop for a romantic photoshoot! More information on day rate used can be found on their website.

Location of the Mercure Hotel Ba Na Hills 

The hotel itself is located within the huge stone castle walls in what seems like its very own French Village. The masterfully executed architecture creates a real feeling of a faraway fantasyland, a colonial kingdom high up on the hills. With many of the hotel’s rooms offering a spectacular view of the spawning jungle below, the location of this castle in the sky is rather dreamy. 

a couple walking on the Golden Hand Bridge
Avoid the crowds and wander the grounds when staying at the Ba Na Hills Hotel. Photo: @Sandynapasorn @Wayfarercouple

Mercure Hotel Ba Na Hills – Facilities

The Mercure Hotel has an abundance of special offers and facilities to make use of during your time at the Ba Na Hills. There is a fitness centre with a state of the art gym and swimming pool.  In addition, there are a number of high-end spas offering sauna and jacuzzi services, plus luxury treatments such as full-body massages and facials. 

Experts of sentimental moments, the Mercure group offer couples a wide range of hotel packages. . Consider the Pre-Wedding Package which includes an international buffet lunch and a superior room for two.  Priced at 2,500,000 to 3,100,000 VND (107.90 to 133.80 USD).  Or alternatively the Mon Amour Package – two nights stay and couple spa treatments.  Priced at 8,115,000 VND (350 USD).

Hidden Hint: Get engaged at the Mercure Ba Na Hills Hotel and receive a free nights stay. Check out the “Will You Marry Me Package” before you pop the question! 

Ba Na Hills Hotel Entertainment

The Mercure Hotel offers several options for guests, as the rest of the Ba Na Hills resort settles down for the night. Popular eateries in the hotel include the Roi Tapas Bar, with daily live music, to the Asian market at La Côte D’Azur, open for breakfast and dinner. Other entertainment includes the child-friendly game room complete with table tennis, foosball and mini-golf. 

For those looking for more of a lively ‘pub vibe’ Hidden recommends La Taverne Bar.  It is a cosy wood and stone cellar bar.  La Taverne boasts an impressive selection of international beers, free karaoke and live sporting events on their TVs.

Hidden Hint: Unwind after a busy day of sightseeing on La Grange’s outdoor terrace. Have a nightcap alongside a sparkling sky full of stars.

But after that, don’t forget to head outside for a moonlit stroll. On a clear night, the aerial view of the lights of Da Nang are a one of a kind experience. Even when immersed in clouds, admiring the mountain mist as it descends over Ba Na Hills is pretty remarkable. 

aerial shot of Ba Na Hills Hotel at night
Looking down onto Ba Na Hills Hotel at night.

Reviews of the Ba Na Hills Mercure Hotel 

Previous guests of the Mercure Ba Na Hills Hotel comment on the first-rate customer service they received during their stay. The staff regularly praised by guests with remarks on their excellent customer care and attention to detail. Reviews online also remark on how different the resort is at night, once the tourists have gone for the day. 

While some guests embrace the remote feeling, negative reviews online have made mention of the fact everything closes by 10 p.m. Meaning there is a lot less to do during the night in comparison to the infinite daytime activities. The cable cars stop running at 10 p.m. too.  Therefore previous guests of the hotel have felt a little stranded once they were at the top of the Ba Na Hills. Noteworthy before you visit, thus avoiding feeling like you’ve been left high and dry. 

The grounds at Ba Na Hills Hotel
The Ba Na Hills Hotel grounds include fountains, statues and gardens. Photo: @Sandynapasorn @Wayfarercouple

MGallery Hotel Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort

A new hotel is due to open at Ba Na Hills as the leading hospitality franchise, Accor Group, continue to develop their latest project in Central Vietnam. Architectural drawings of the new MGallery Hotel – the Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort were uploaded on Facebook in 2016.  They give the impression of a Hogwarts style fortress, complete with turrets and grand windows. This hotel is expected to reach the 5-star international standards of their other hotels in the country.  One of which is labelled “the most luxurious hotel in Vietnam.” 

Still shrouded in mystery, following recent construction changes, more details about the MGallery hotel are due for release early 2020.  Hidden will update you from here on the ground as it happens…

An artist impression of Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort MGallery Hotel
An artist’s impression shows the new Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort MGallery Hotel, top right of image.

Hidden’s Thoughts

The facilities and functions of the Ba Na Hills French-themed hotel are ideal for big groups and couples in search of a romantic getaway. Above all, the Mercure Ba Na Hills Hotel expertly caters to families and larger groups with many of their online packages and group deals.  In addition the majority of their entertainment and cuisine perfectly tailored to groups.  However for couples, this romantic French village is a wonderful alpine retreat for newlyweds and loved-up pairs in search of adventure and a bit of R&R. 

But for budget backpackers or time-conscious travellers with an interest in simply glimpsing the famous Golden Bridge before heading back down the mountain, staying overnight in a hotel in the Ba Na Hills is not for you.

Overall as a complex, the Ba Na Hills is continually growing and transforming.  Therefore it is worth keeping an eye on the latest exciting news direct from Sun World Group. To learn more about the latest offers and packages at the Mercure Danang French Village Ba Na Hills, follow them on Facebook.


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