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Hoi An is a photographer’s dream location. A town full of history, colour, culture, and life – it is impossible to walk the streets and not find exciting opportunities at every turn. This page is a celebration and showcase of the best photography in Hoi An, along with the story behind each image. Be sure to check back for regular updates.

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Dragon Bridge at night
Da Nang Dragon bridge at night. Photo: Fergus Vinnels


Dragon Bridge of Da Nang – by Fergus Vinnels

If you take a short drive North of Hoi An you will find yourself in the city of Da Nang, where life is much more hectic than the tranquillity of Hoi An. During the day you may not even notice the uniqueness of the bridge but come night time it is impossible to miss! The dragon is lit up, changing colours and at 9.p.m. sharp on Saturdays and Sundays puts on a fire breathing spectacle.

About the photographer

Fergus is a British student with a passion for photography and travel. Once he completes his mathematics degree he hope to be able to spend more time travelling and taking photos.  @damsonart

Hoi An Riverfront at night
Hoi An river lit by lanterns at night. Photo: Catalin Chitu

Hoi An Golden Town – by Catalin Chitu

Every visit it’s a unique experience even on a rainy day. Yes, it’s touristy, but if you wake up at 5:00am and you are on the streets right when the sun is up the old town is surprisingly and creates a dreamy atmosphere. You can even experience authentic local’s life. In one of my trips a local lady told me about her experience being shot 3 times, during Vietnam War.

When the sun sets and the yellow houses along Thu Bồn River are illuminated, Hội An becomes a “golden town”.

About the photographer

Catalin Chitu is a Romanian with a big passion for photography. He is living and working in Ho Chi Minh City but makes time to visit Hoi An once a year. Find him on Instagram  @catalin_chitu_22

Vietnamese farmer

Worker at Tra Que Vegetable Village – by Jules Murphy

The peaceful Tra Que is not to be missed, on an island surrounded by the De Vong River and Tra Que Lagoon, the land is 300 years old. It is a great experience to visit the vast green vegetable gardens and see how the local farmers work their land.
This image was taken just as the sun was going down, using Canon 80D, this hardworking lady was happily getting her work done. Her smile is a true reflection of the village workers genuine friendliness.

About the photographer

Jules studied Editorial Photography in Bristol UK then worked as a family photographer in the UK and Australia. Having traveled throughout her life, she is now living and working in Hoi An with her family, enjoying being able to dedicate time to her passion of photography.
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Street Food Vendor by Casaba Csury

Hoi An is an exceptionally photogenic little city. Its old town is a well-preserved example of a Southeast Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century. Many of the buildings here are painted yellow providing not only a pleasant atmosphere but also some unique backdrops for street photography. On an early morning, wandering around the Ancient Town, we saw this lady coming from the local market with some flowers and fresh bananas in baskets hanging from a carrying pole on her shoulder. She was one of the street food vendors of Hoi An selling fruits or other small meals to locals as well as to visitors.

About the photographer

Csaba Csury is a self-taught photographer from Hungary, currently living in Munich, Germany. Csaba is a passionate traveller who visited 40+ countries so far, his favourite destinations are in Southeast Asia. During his travels he is keen on capturing nature, local people and culture. View more of Csaba’s work on Instagram @csabacsury or at


Hoi An Cyclo

‘The Cyclo’ by Clare Nash

The cyclo is a favourite form of transport in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An, and offers great photo opportunities when stood against the stark yellow of the ancient city’s buildings. This shot was taken around 7am, when the city was quiet, and the first sunrays of the day were dappling through the trees. Read about Cyclo tours in Hidden’s guide to Hoi An activities

About the photographer

Clare has resided in Hoi An for the past four months, after spending a year travelling around SE Asia. A keen hobbyist photographer, she loves to show people the world as she sees it through her lens. View more of Clare’s work on Facebook: clarenashphotography Instagram: @clarenashphotography

Hammock seller Hoi An

The Intrepid Entrepreneur by Sarah Comber

Hoi An’s Old Town is a bustling economic centre. It’s famed golden buildings framing the Thu Bon River act as a hub of activity for shopkeepers, restauranteurs, boat charters, fisherman, hawkers and all manner of entrepreneurs. From tourist trinkets to artisan goods, fresh produce to pastries, one can discover all manner of items within the UNESCO World Heritage site’s streets. For instance, this man was patrolling the river promenade whilst selling ropes to captains and fishermen docked along the water’s edge. Read more in Hidden’s Hoi An’s Old Town Guide

About the Photographer

Sarah Comber is a Canadian photojournalist and writer. An avid traveller, her greatest passion is discovering new places, exploring different cultures and capturing the people and moments she observes through her lens. View more of Sarah’s work at, or on Instagram @capturecultura.

Hoi An basket boat

Basket Boat by Sean Webb

The ubiquitous basket boats of central Vietnam leave many tourists wondering how such an odd craft came to be, given their circular shape, the untrained paddler will invariably send themselves in circles. The story goes that during the French occupation, they taxed boat owners heavily and many of the local Vietnamese couldn’t afford it so they invented these, arguing they were not boats, but baskets. Apparently, it worked and still holds true today as a unique yet ingenious way for the common fisherman to provide for his family.

About the photographer

Sean is a travel photographer and wanders around the world in search of incredible landscapes, people, and culture, as well as photographing real estate, hotels and tours worldwide. He can be contacted via Instagram @windowofwebb and his website

lady eating breakfast - Hoi An's markets

Hoi An Market by Antonia Lira

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to buy or what kind of traveller you are, there’s something for everyone inside Hoi An’s markets: the photographer in you will be like a kid in a candy store. This image captures a stallholder tucking into her breakfast.  Read more in Hidden’s Hoi An’s Market Guide

About the photographer

Antonia has been on the road for two years and shares her self-discovery journey on social media, for Spanish speakers around the world. Her films, writing and photography focus on deep traveling, environmental awareness and spirituality. Instagram: @antolira

The Cham Islands by Kristen  Wells

Just 15 kilometres off Hoi An’s stunning coastline rise the Cham Islands. Their turquoise waters provide visitors with snorkelling, diving, and fishing opportunities, along with many beautiful beaches to choose from. If you’re after a slice of local life, staying the night and watching the sun sink behind the mainland is a highly recommended way to unplug. Discover Hidden’s article about The Cham Islands.

About the photographer

Canadian photographer Kristen Wells is one half of the travel blogging couple known as heandshetravels. Her work can be found on Instagram at @kristenwells_


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