How to Pick the Best Tailor in Hoi An

Caveat emptor, the old Latin phrase is better known as ‘let the buyer beware,’ has long been a warning for consumers far and wide. Sadly though, too often it’s ignored. However, it’s particularly relevant when selecting a tailor in Hoi An that’s right for you. Picking the best tailor in Hoi An requires research, questions, answers, and investigation.

Simply entering ‘Hoi An tailor reviews’ into your search engine is easy.  That is, lazy, but don’t expect much from your new outfit if that’s all the effort you’re prepared to invest. In this guide, Hidden sets out how, if you take the time, finding a good tailor isn’t difficult.  It can actually be fun, educational, and rewarding especially when you look like a million dollars in your new threads.


Research the Best Tailor in Hoi An First

The best way to pick the right tailor is to do your research. Understand exactly what tailoring in Hoi An is and what services the local tailors provide. Researching tailors prior to your arrival cuts downtime wasted wandering from store to store. Therefore allowing you to maximize your holiday time without worrying where your garment is getting made.  

Start by looking at specific tailors in the Hoi An area and decide how well they suit your needs.

Some travellers don’t realise they want a garment made until they’ve arrived. Meaning they need to move as quickly as possible to pick a tailor so that the store has time to create a quality finished product. Of course, Googling “tailoring in Hoi An” is a great start. But be wary of the 3 or 4 paid adverts at the top of the page. Instead, look at the independent articles after the paid links (those marked with “AD” next to them).

There are multiple other ways to find the information you’re searching for about Hoi An tailoring. What are those places and how can you best interpret them?

Tailor Review Sites

What once were the crystal clear waters of the internet have rapidly turned murky—we’re talking review sites. Review sites, when used with caution, can provide insight from travellers who have used a service. Navigating the ins and outs of reviews can be tricky but we’ll detail the various options to help you find good information about how to pick the best tailor in Hoi An for you. 

The Hidden team has also done their own independent research. So if you want to make a quick, confident decision then read our full article on the best tailors in Hoi An here.

Hidden Hint: If you are gathering information from a review site, take the time to read both the good and bad reviews for a more balanced perspective.

Understanding the critiques that may exist for a business simply isn’t possible if you only read the superior experiences people have had. Some review site feedback is definitely valid and valuable to you as a potential customer. However, feedback left in a moment of anger, without a clear explanation of the circumstances surrounding the experience is often just plain unhelpful. There is a distinct difference between a review and a rant. Keep that in mind when you begin sifting through the internet using Hoi An tailor reviews.

Tailors working at Bebe Shirts
Tailors at work in Hoi An

Finding the Best Tailor in Hoi An Using TripAdvisor Reviews

TripAdvisor – the most popular review site for businesses and, when used correctly, a good site to research businesses. It tends to be a standard source of information for travellers worldwide, and it’s not hard to see why. TripAdvisor compiles thousands of user reviews. However, the overall rankings of businesses in Hoi An, particularly in regards to tailoring, is of no use. TripAdvisor changes this algorithm regularly and one-day business is number one and the next week it is number 99. Look for actual written reviews left by real customers.

It is quite easy when reading TripAdvisor reviews to decipher which are authentic and which are not. You can often tell from a first glance which reviews have been paid for or created using fake accounts by the businesses themselves or outside companies selling reviews. These reviews are usually only two or three lines long. Typically, they do not sound like a real experience and are incredibly brief. Many of the top-ranked tailors in Hoi An gather 90% of their reviews from first-time or second-time reviewers, which is just not feasible. Once again, ignore the overall ranking and, instead, focus on what is written in the reviews themselves.

Hidden Hint: To find genuine reviews from TripAdvisor, check out reviewers with long histories of reviewing businesses. The fraudsters don’t have the time to write 20 “historic reviews” before planting their fake ones.

Look for the Tailor’s Response to Reviews

It’s also a good sign if the business owners or the management of a tailoring shop respond to the reviews.  This shows in the simplest way that they care about what the customer has to say about their services. Conversely, not responding is almost as poor-form as reading reviews and seeing that the management copies and pastes their responses to each review. It is amusing to the Hidden team when we see a one-star review blasting an establishment and the owners have copied and pasted their generic, “glad you had such a good time….”

Customer getting his measurement
Choose your tailor based on real-life reviews from past customers

Picking the Best Tailor in Hoi An Via Facebook Reviews

Reviews on Facebook are growing fast compared to TripAdvisor. The biggest and most obvious benefit of a Facebook review is that you can be almost 100% sure that those reviews are coming from real, breathing people. Facebook has made it nearly impossible to create a fake account. So there’s less smoke and mirrors when doing your research.

Like TripAdvisor, it can be very telling of a business if the shop doesn’t bother to thank their customers for leaving a review. Or does not respond to comments. Looking for replies from Hoi An tailors is a good indication of the level of customer service they offer. And if they care about their clients after they’ve paid their money.

Unlike TripAdvisor reviews, Facebook reviews can be replied to more than once and a discussion can take place between the shop and customer. You can learn a lot by reading these discussions. Was the tailor brief? Did they answer questions or encourage customers to reach out privately? Conversation threads allow you to see the kind of rapport a shop has with its clients, giving you a giant clue as to what kind of atmosphere and customer service the tailor provides.

It also provides a look at how the shop handles critique. Did the owner only respond to positive reviews? Did the tailor offer solutions to customers experiencing problems? Little details say big things about a business, especially when it comes to how to pick the best tailor in Hoi An.

Tailoring consultation in Hoi An
Discussing colours and styles at a tailoring consultation in Hoi An

Choosing a Tailor Based on Google Reviews

Hoi An tailor reviews on Google are sometimes very hit and miss. One of the biggest problems with them is that Google allows users to leave a star review without having to write anything. Therefore making it easy for anyone to leave a review–including fake accounts and those who haven’t actually been customers. To find Google reviews on how to pick the best tailor in Hoi An that will be useful and informative, don’t settle for a certain number of stars. Instead, search for the reviews that have something to say. 

Picking the Best Tailor in Hoi An Via Travel blog, Vlog, TV shows

Travel blogs are a great place to find firsthand accounts from those who have already been to Hoi An and had custom pieces tailored.

One of the main benefits of reading travel blogs is their independent perspective. Bloggers gain credibility by writing honest reviews for their audience. They want to have a good reputation with their readers so they’re likely to only share positive Hoi An tailor reviews if they have had a good time with a particular tailor. 

Blogs are, at least in most cases, long and informative, sharing personal accounts of their time in Hoi An and their tailoring experiences. They’ll give you the full insider scoop on what working with a tailor to create a customised piece is like. Helping you answer the ‘how to pick the best tailor’ question. Travel blogs are much more entertaining to read than normal reviews. They often provide tips and tricks picked up by the writer during their experience. Blogs are also typically written by experienced (or semi-experienced writers).

Hidden Hint: The biggest perk of travel blogs is that they are picture heavy. Photos on a blog allow you to see what a tailor shop actually looks like before you even set foot in Hoi An. Pictures of finished garments provide an idea about the level of quality a customer receives.

TV Travel Show Reviews

Hoi An has become a major tourism destination and TV travel shows are now coming here to spread the word. The TV stations obviously do a huge amount of research into what will feature in their programs and this is a very good pointer as to a reliable and popular tailor.

A happy customer wearing Ao Dai
A happy customer poses for photos in her new clothes

Picking the Best Tailor in Hoi An Via Their Own Webpage

Most tailors will have their own webpage just like Bebe. But while doing your due diligence, look at the sites to see if they offer anything specific to their customers.

A website is the modern equivalent of a store window, showcasing the best of what a shop offers. Ask yourself whether the company has made the effort to show itself off. If they can’t be bothered to display their services and products, how bothered will they be about the lining of your trousers being just right? You should also consider whether the website actually tells you any relevant and specific information about what they do and how they do it. 

Tailor websites with high-quality photos are fantastic resources. They show you what they store and its skilled staff can create. Even better are tailor websites with videos of the shop and customer testimonials. Photos from customers’ social media accounts shared on a tailor’s website are great. If people feel proud showing off what they’ve had made, it’s a sure sign they’ve had a positive experience.

Start a Conversation with a Tailor Via their Website

It’s not just a matter of a Hoi An tailor having a website, but having one that works properly. The functionality of a tailor’s website says a lot about them as a business. Here’s what we mean: if you get to a tailor’s website and the contact page doesn’t work or the services listed on the website are outdated, it’s a pretty clear sign that the business as a whole pays little attention to detail… like the attention to detail associated with making clothes.

What sets this tailor apart? Will they come to your accommodation for measurements and fittings? What are their general prices? You’ll find the most detailed information about what a local tailor can provide from their own website. Since their aim is to sell you on their services. These sites will be more biased as they exist to advertise. But they do provide the most comprehensive information about the specific tailor brand and what it offers you the potential customer.

Also, the websites usually provide contact details or online live chat. This allows customers to get in touch with the staff directly. You can then ask specific questions regarding the overall experience and the garment you want. If there isn’t attention to detail on the tailor’s own webpage, how much attention to detail will they pay to your dress? 

Word of Mouth Recommendations from Trusted Friends

Hoi An tailor reviews from people you don’t know are one thing. But if you have a friend with a previous tailoring experience here, you have been handed the best possible review! As tourism grows in Hoi An so do the chances of someone you know having been here already. That’s what friends are for!

Local Recommendations

Be very wary of recommendations on how to pick the best tailor from hotel receptionists, tour guides and bell boys, etc. Many Hoi An tailors still have commission deals with them. Tailoring is big business for Hoi An, and everyone is keen to cash in. Cab drivers, homestays, and restaurants also benefit from kickbacks. That doesn’t mean the tailor your accommodation promotes isn’t a quality tailor. Just be aware that your “new best friend” may well have a vested interest in you going to a particular tailor.

HIdden Hint: Feel free to listen to locals for advice on where to go, but always follow this up with your own independent research.

Mr Xe busy at his tailorshop
Mr Xe, one of Hoi An’s original tailors at work in his shop.

Hidden’s Thoughts

Online media and websites really should be your first stop when researching tailors in Hoi An. Do search google for “tailoring in Hoi An”.  Also, check out non-paid independent articles covering the tailoring experience in Hoi An. 

Do your homework before you come, visit their websites and chat live or drop them a line. Read the reviews with our Hidden hints and tips in mind. Those with a large number of positive reviews should give you a very good idea of who the best tailors in Hoi An are from a customer point of view.  

Look for a responsive tailor. If you as a customer have taken the time to write a review then, of course, the establishment should respond.  Review sites, when reading properly, are really just global word-of-mouth recommendations. This is the reason why a good tailor takes the time and effort engaging with their reviews. 

A tailor’s website should provide future customers with a transparent view of who they are and what they do. The best ones will give you a feel of who they are and what to expect in the shop. How does their work look? Is it authentic photos or just a collection of stock images?

If you invest time beforehand to do the research, you’ll have a much more pleasant and successful experience creating your new custom made wardrobe with a Hoi An tailor.

Our final advice is – get in touch with the tailor you choose before arriving. So then you get a feel for if they are a good fit (pun intended) for what you want. Failing that, we here at Hidden did a huge research job recently and our results are here Tailoring in Hoi An – We find the best.

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